RETRIEVALS: The Art of Rescuing Stuck Pilgrims



You may be wondering, What is a Retrieval??

My first intro to this aspect of Afterlife Knowledge came during the Gateway Program at The Monroe Institute. One of the teaching tools is a tape made during a Retrieval which has become famous world-wide. It is called The Patrick Tape.

Patrick was a ship-wrecked crew member from a long-forgotten sailing ship. This ship had gone down in a storm hundreds of years ago. He had been clinging to a broken piece of the ship all that time, with no sense of time having passed, and gave his name as “Patrick”. He did not realize he had died.

The tape is deeply moving and makes the purpose of retrievals vividly clear.

Not realizing we have died is a surprisingly common phenomenon. That’s an important concept. Usually, when we die, we quickly and easily move on to whatever area of the Afterlife we expect to go to. Our Guides are able to contact us without any trouble and can assist us.

But sometimes, when we slip out of our physical body for the last time, we find ourselves in a second body, of which were previously unaware. We perceive everything around us as the same…so we don’t realize we have died.

If our Guides cannot get our attention, we may continue like that, sitting in a rocking chair somewhere, or clinging to a bit of board on the open sea, or hanging around our family shouting at them, trying to get their attention, not knowing they can’t see or hear us.

The problem is that our spiritual friends and guides cannot always just tap us on the shoulder or holler in our ear and tell us we have died, it’s time to move on.

We often tune them out and just don’t hear them. This can go on for a long “time” in our sense of the word. But of course, Time is not noticeably passing for that person. Time has been halted and they don’t notice it.

These situations call for the presence of a human who is still in the physical, to learn the Art of Retrieval…the ability to move out of the physical body via the Mind and get the attention of the deceased person. Sometimes, it works best not to tell them they have died because, since their perceptions are all very clear, they will not believe that news. They will think you are nuts.

Instead of just telling them, “You’re dead, chum, time to move on, let’s go!” it works better to pretend to be someone else, to “take on” the form or clothing of a specific role to take them to a special place they are familiar with, for example.

Usually, most deceased people will agree to go with you to such a place for a specific reason, and then the Guides can, at last, intervene and whisk them off to wherever they most need to be…perhaps a “hospital” in the nonphysical, which looks like a real hospital to them. Sometimes, if they are badly traumatized by their method of death, they do in fact need a genuine non-physical hospital to care for them till they recover. Whatever they need is provided.

For untold generations, deceased humans have been working to provide beautiful places to live and Be, when we enter the non-physical. Once out of these burdensome bodies, and once away from the world of money and limited resources – the overarching reality most of us live under here in the physical – then we can create simply with thought and intent.

When I first visited The Park, under the tutelage of The Monroe Institute, I was amazed to find my Dad there, living in a simple but lovely, comfortable rancher he had built, with a barbecue in the back yard and two dogs to lie in front of the hearth beside him in the evenings.

By the time my other family members passed, I had developed the skill needed to guide them to The Park and hand them over to Guides or family, whoever appeared first to take care of them.

I had also learned to approach my family and friends when they were PRE-transition, in sick and dying bodies, and discreetly whisk them off for short visits to The Park to meet relatives who were there waiting for them.

A terminally ill person will often choose to leave their bodies a bit earlier than they would otherwise, knowing what good things await and what loving hearts will be there to greet them.

There are other “built-up” areas of Space, besides The Park, where humans have created little or large oases.

When I began all this traveling, my mother and daughter were living in an area I found by literally turning left at a curve in the wormhole (tunnel) that is always available to me when I close my eyes and go into my Third Eye area.

As you travel down that long, long tunnel, there are eventually “avenues” that go off to the right or left. You can explore as you wish, or as you have time.

The Monroe Institute teaches us to travel via “Focus levels”, accessing different areas of the Afterlife by learning to shift our consciousness from one “radio station frequency” to another at will.

This world, the physical, is called C1 – (Consciousness 1.) This is followed by Focus levels 10, 12 and 15. As we progress through these levels, awareness of body and mind changes.

Focus 22 is the residence of those who are in comas or under the influence of certain drugs or of alcohol.

Focus 23 follows, a stage where we find those who have died and do not realize it. As I mentioned, they are often confused, unaware of any passage of time, and are sometimes upset that their friends and family seem to be ignoring them. This is commonly a level where Retrievals are performed.

In Levels 24, 25 and 26 we find the Belief System Territories, where those who believed in a certain type of Heaven or Hell, while in the Physical, have arrived and continue to have residence there until such time as they sense the artificial nature of those constructs and begin to be curious about other modes of existence.

These levels, like all the levels, can be easily accessed and relatives visited. It just takes practice.

Focus 27 is where most people reside. Here you will find full, thriving communities and everything that goes with them. Poets, artists, technicians, PhD’s, nurses, doctors, scientists, spiritual Guides, all kinds of ordinary people, you will find them leading full and enthusiastic lives. Many do not work, but many do.

Again, accessing this level is quite easy to learn and performance improves with practice.

While moving through these focus levels one day, I found my daughter, my mom and my dog, Paddy, who used to walk the moors with me in Scotland.

After that, for a while, I searched for them in vain. They did not seem to be accessible to me in The Park. But as my adventures visiting my family went on, and once my brother had been given large responsibilities with a herd of horses, my mom and daughter began to spend a lot of time in The Park themselves.

My mom teaches other adults and spends time at Steve’s “ranch”, riding horseback, and my daughter primarily, it seems, for the purposes of work, which she seems to be obsessed with. She retrieves people from catastrophic situations, works with fallen soldiers as a non-physical nurse among other activities.

My sister Anna has a lot of fun since she went nonphysical. Recently when I went In looking for her, I found her in the middle of a beach party somewhere on the shores of the ocean (could have been a large lake too, I never thought of that before) in The Park, laughing and joking around with a large group of friends.

There’s a lot of exploring to be done around, in and under The Park as well as the other areas I have not yet gotten to know. After Anna passed over and I guided her to Dad’s home in The Park, I found her one day exploring the subterranean caverns, which I’d had no idea about before. The ocean itself is massive, I have no idea what might lie beyond its distant horizon. I did a retrieval once in which a man created a sailboat and sailed away across that ocean.

In addition, all sorts of building, creating, planning can be done by anyone who has learned how to travel in the nonphysical. Many people still alive in this world have created for themselves gorgeous homes over There with private lakes and mountain ranges. They can enjoy their home There and visit loved ones. They can also chat with workers who manage things in that area of the Afterlife, and then return easily to their bodies here in the Physical.

By the way, when we go “visiting” like that, our physical bodies are still perfectly alive and well. We leave and return pretty well unnoticed by others. We can return in the blink of an eye if the body is uncomfortable for any reason.

My dad has a terrific view of mountain ranges in the distance, which he himself created. My brother built for himself a huge forest, complete with all the things he wanted in that forest, when he first passed over. Then a bit later, he built his home, a type of structure suited uniquely to his personal tastes.

Many creatures pass over in great trauma and need help when they arrive in the non physical. So that is one area we can work in when we leave this particular edition of Earth.

The skills involved in all this develop as we use them and practice.

I invite my readers to dive into this new, nonreligious, but highly ethical, Afterlife Knowledge activity, and begin a life filled with more than just Hope and Faith…

but with pure, undiluted, first hand Knowledge.

I look forward to meeting you on the shores of The Park, probably somewhere around the picnic tables.

The ice cream is terrific. Any flavor you want to create.

And, best of all…no calories!!!

Following are details of a few retrievals I was fortunate enough to participate in. Any names or descriptions of people are not intentional, but are what I was “given” as I experienced the events.

If there are resemblances in these notes, to any person who is living or dead, it is not intentional. I have given the information as closely as possible to what I observed and heard during the Retrieval. Often, research will turn up information on real people who have passed away and who seem to match the retrieval experience described. Indeed, such research can bring confirmation of many things in this kind of work.


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