Beginning my retrieval session, I settled down quietly, closed my eyes and moved into Focus 10, then 12, then 15. I offered to assist any Guide who could use my help with any deceased and “stuck” person.

after a long time, I finally was flying over a vast forest, I felt scared, it was really, really wild country and far from any place I knew. Then I saw and “felt” that I was scrambling for balance on the very edge of a cliff, the edge of the cliff was giving way, I couldn’t get my balance, I sort of tripped or something, and then I was a long way from the cliff and watching as someone fell and fell and fell, the mountain side was sheer and thousands of feet to the bottom. There was snow, it was wintry. I floundered around there in the air far above the scene for a few minutes, blocked by something, could not move downward, but struggled against the block and suddenly I was actually already down on the ground looking at a frozen figure, cloaked entirely in ice. It was sitting upright, its arms around its knees, its head half down, dejected and lost, very bewildered and very very cold. The ice was so thick it felt like I could not get through to the person but I approached and said, “Hello” and spoke very firmly and said they should get up, get to their feet, I would help them up.

The figure got up and suddenly the ice was gone and I could see the person, it was a woman dressed for the mountains, a young woman, perhaps in her thirties, she said her name was Kathy. Kathy Carreira. She was blonde with green eyes. I told her she had passed out of her body (hard to lie under the circumstances) and she flashed a furious look at me, she was very hard, this girl, athletic hard I mean, solid as a rock, very fit and healthy and very smart and no-nonsense. A lot of confidence, beyond my own experience.

She had on some sort of brown outfit, warm and expensive and made for adventures in rough places. The outfit also had leather belts, like around her waist, a wide heavy leather belt, a heavy leather strap going up over her shoulder, and so on, I don’t know the purpose of the leather strapping she wore. She was quite beautiful in fact and definitely an intimidating woman, used to power. I tried to behave confidently (ho ho) and kept hold of her arm and guided her out of the woods and took her to The Park. At this point I don’t know any place else to take people. She was indignant but didn’t know what to do but obey me. She was a bit confused but not about to take any crap from anyone either. I moved quickly because I knew if I fiddled around and tried to persuade her much, she would refuse to go with me.

I got her into The Park and, to try to help her understand she was dead, but in fact, still alive in a new but real sense, I asked her to stop for a moment and I lifted a rose branch toward her. “Smell these roses”, I said. “They’re great.” They were white, heavy, old fashioned roses. She smelled them and said, astonished, “They smell wonderful.”

We moved toward the Picnic Area and as we moved down the path to the benches and the people, a man stood out from the crowd, a dark man with a mustache, handsome and again, definitely a dominant, confident type, but very gracious, and moved toward us and said “Kathy!” She immediately moved away from me toward him, saying “Uncle Fargas!” (A name I have never heard in my life). I left her in his care and as I turned around and hurried away back down the path, I heard him say “Tell me what happened”.

If I had to extrapolate further on the experience of meeting her, I’d say my “sense” of Cathy was that she was some sort of police person, like FBI or something and was working when she fell. That is just a sense, and probably because she was a powerful young woman in herself and accustomed to being in control of things.

What I didn’t say was that as I flew over that forest and felt like it would go on forever, and felt a bit scared, I was relieved to catch sight of a wide clearing in the forest and a cabin away off in the distance, and then suddenly I was in that body trying to get my balance on the cliff edge, and my feeling is she had been staying in that cabin.


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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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