I am seeing an old deserted mine on a rather bare hillside somewhere. The shaft is sunk into the mountainside and I see a long metal channel leading from the shaft down to the ground, which would have carried all the mud and dirt etc down from inside the mine. On the left side of the shaft a fence made of fence posts and wire comes down the hillside marking the mine boundary or something.

I am seeing various forms of bird life, small birds and large birds of prey, indicating difficulties encountered by the bird life due to the mine’s operation. This scene reminds me of the Zorro movie where they have all these captives working in the mine as slaves. The focus I am getting is the need for a hero to ride to the rescue.

Now I see a log boom and the sky above the log boom is full of northern lights, flashing and dancing in the sky. For some reason.

Now there is a circular shaped elevator which took men up and down the mine shaft. I see a slide has occurred inside the mine. There are signs of a slide right near the elevator shaft.

I am outside looking up at a high cliff. Mesa is the word that comes and over top of the mesa comes shooting through the sky,a shooting star or else a flare.

I see a man with a pickaxe beside him, sitting in the mine near the slide area. He is a rugged looking guy, sitting among the dust and rubble of the slide, coughing. He wears muddy trousers, covered in mud, and an old checked shirt, twisted around on his torso and the collar hanging open toward his left shoulder.

And there is an old fashioned train on a track which runs cross-ways from the front of the mine, some distance from the shaft and the train is waiting there, got one of those old boiler stacks or something, on top of the locomotive, waiting for a load or someone, or something.

Foul weather. Sky is overcast, high winds, lashing rain.

I am seeing inside the shaft, the man sitting there with his breath heaving, he is exhausted, one of his legs is possibly broken, he sits with one knee bent up and the other is straight out. He is either exhausted or in pain, can’t tell which.

I can see down the tunnels, I can see there is a little track inside where the trolley comes and goes to deliver the “stuff” they have mined up to the shaft.

Does the mine have a name I ask? All I get is the word Lea.

There is a bit of light where he is, I think the lamp on his hardhat is still working. He is aware that someone is with him, namely me, but he seems to be drifting into unconsciousness, struggling to remain awake.

I see a flying horse come out of his dreams, his mind, a horse with wings, a beauty, it has flowers braided into its mane. In the darkness of his mind, it stands beside him on the floor of the shaft.

He is looking at this horse, thinks it is the horse he had as a boy, come to get him. He tries to get up but can’t because of his leg and I watch as he just rises out of his body, leaving a shell behind. He stands by the horse in spirit, so happy to see this horse, talking to it, he gets on the horse and they just streak off and I am with them to see what happens.

Looking at his body left behind in the mine, which has still got some life force left in it, and his eyes are shut, he breathes with difficulty, I think his ribs are broken, his body is failing fast now.

I see he has died, his body has died.

I see the mine shaft, resembling a tomb with a gravestone rolled in front of it.

And now there is a fire in the mine shaft, clouds of black dirty smoke pour out, it is a real fire in the mine.

I would like to know where the miner has gone on the horse.

The miner has taken on the form of the boy he once was, riding his horse once again, chosen this age immediately to be the boy riding his beloved horse again. I am with them, want to see where they go.

They are galloping around a globe of the world in a miniature sense, like the horse is a carousel horse and in the middle of the carousel is a big globe of the world, looking at the continents and cities as they go, in his imagination, when he was a boy he used to dream he was riding his wonderful horse all around the world. He is reliving that fun.

Here is a cottage. Nice little house. Got a little creek running in front of it, a wooden bucket there by the ditch/creek. You have to walk across a little bridge to get in the front gate, and it is all well and solidly made of stone, a good solid fence in front of the house and a vegetable garden, some sort of granite or stone in the fence posts at the gate, a little paved walk to the front door.

I see there is this gleam of blue white light in the house now, the miner in spirit in his house, no longer with the horse, horse has vanished, he is in the house, His children are asleep in their beds, he goes into their rooms and looks at them, I feel the warmth and orderly coziness of this house, he goes into their bedroom and watches his wife asleep in their bed, he thinks of their wedding night and the start of their lives together and how much they love each other, grappling with the sadness of having to leave them. I see an image of a white envelope on the bedside table with a red wax seal on it, he has put it there, an image or symbol, like a certificate inside it, that they did well, that they lived well and did good things and had a good life together. I see an indication also that there are some sort of benefits coming to her.

I see him looking at the house wondering what she can get for it on the market. He is just standing there. I see a bright light approaching him from the wall by the window, a bright light, he thinks about the diamond ring she wears, he thinks of the diamond and that it is forever, and he thinks of the diamond itself, and he looks at the light and thinks, I am going into a diamond, I am going into forever, and he hears the room full of music, coming from where the light is by the window, he is moving into a tunnel, a light tunnel, being swallowed up by the light.

And his memories of the mine and the mine shaft float through his thoughts as he moves into the tunnel of light, and he thinks of how dark the mine was, and how bright this is, a different kind of tunnel and he is comparing the two, and thinking about his horse, and I see him now on the other side, he is in a green, soft beautiful valley, with rising hills all around, he is up on one of the hills overlooking the valley on a horse, black and white patches, horse stands switching its tail contentedly, he is looking at the valley at the world he has created in the valley, a beautiful place and it strikes me how immensely courageous we are that we move out of all the hard work we have done with our lives here on earth and move cheerfully and readily into a new world and find ways to accept the past is the past and others must go on without us, and we wish to create something new and we go forward with our hearts in it, and we put our hearts in it, and

Wherever you go, Go with all your heart, and that is what he is thinking as he looks at his valley, and you must go forward with all your heart and without resentment and without arguing, and he is contemplating how easy it is when we move forward without fighting or arguing over what we must leave behind and how hard it is when we fight and argue and fight for the past to come back and that Life is not Meant to be a Struggle, and we are meant to move forward to betterment and more expansion all the time and it is the nature of things. And the tape ran out..

And this miner was/is a real philosopher…must have been a reader, a thinker in this life. Regret I did not try harder to get more of a name.

(After completing this retrieval, it struck me how often horses seem to play a part in The Afterlife and the fact that I have never seen an automobile or any gas-powered engine there yet. Wondering about that.)


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