I intended to go to the Australian fires or Oklahoma tornado or something obvious, but upon asking where I might be of help, I found myself standing in a used car lot somewhere, could see the rows of cars and the plastic pennants flying in the wind.

Then suddenly I was looking out the back window of a quite-nice car, and we had just exited a tunnel somewhere in a big city, it felt like. As I watched, the tunnel receded into the distance very quickly and I felt the car was just flying along at great speed, much too fast, but very smoothly. I knew I was a young person.

Then I saw the back end of the car upside down on the roadside and knew we had crashed, not surprisingly. I saw a young man’s body with legs hanging out of the back side window and I was inside the etheric body of an adolescent boy looking at the mess and at my body.

I thought with anguish, Oh no, I had so many plans. I was going to do so much. There is so much to do…I have to get back somehow. Then a great light expanded down from the sky and he looked at it, and was enveloped in it and was drawn gently up into a bright place.

But the awareness that he had lost his chance to do so much drove him back, and he turned and “fell” back to the earth, beside the crashed car. He made a conscious decision to go back to his school, where he had friends, all of whom were working together on some valuable project.

First of all, we were in the Chem Lab. He stood looking around at the empty classroom (weekend) helplessly. The he moved to a different room, forget which one it was. He was so frustrated and a very, very intelligent kid. He just wanted to work, to make something wonderful with his intellect and his huge motivation. Now it was all lost, all over. He was anguished. He thought about his friends who would need him on the project. He was powerless and frustrated.

He was dressed in a nice smart wool gray jacket of loose, knubby knit and gray trousers. Not a uniform, but for some reason, dressed that way for this day with his parents or parent (out in the car).

I moved toward him, suddenly aware I could do something at last. I touched his left arm, he was standing facing me, looking around the room.

I pointed out to him a scene that was developing behind him. As he turned to look, a lovely image of an old, weatherbeaten country fence appeared, one of those kind with two pieces of grayed wood horizontally and some stuck and nailed vertically, making a kind of casual fence, easy to climb over. There was a meadow beyond the fence, lovely, and behind the meadow a bright yellow, yolk-like sun arose above the earth.

I said to him, You know this place, Spence. I knew his name was Spence or something like it. You used to visit this place. Where is it?

He said, That’s my Uncle Oggie’s farm. I used to go there and play in the meadow by myself when I was young. He indicated the farm was not far from where they had been living.

As we looked, I saw a figure clad in a dark outfit, with dark hair, approaching across the far side of the meadow. Guessing it to be Spence’s Guide, I ignored him and turned back to Spence and said something like:

“You had a great future here on earth, and you had planned so much. You have an enormous, generous heart that throws out vast fields of electromagnetic energy to all around you. You have a great intellect and huge imagination.

You wanted to work with your friends to do a specific thing in life. But because of your strong motivation to do good, and your maturity, higher powers than you and I have decided that, if you are willing, you can do so much more for the world from a higher level frequency. It means giving up your physical body and adopting a more highly tuned one…one that will match your high level motivation and dreams more effectively.”

“Spence, can you deal with that, or are you determined to stay in the physical?” I asked him.  He stood looking at me and at his classroom with regret and confusion on his face.

How did I know to say these words? They were somehow transferred from the Guide’s mind to mine and out my mouth, as I was surrendered to assisting in this retrieval.
Clearly, this boy had been wandering stubbornly around his school for perhaps years, unaware of the passing of Time in this realm.

At that point, the approaching figure stepped up to us. I could see that the Guide/Teacher had chosen the costume of a SuperHero for Spence’s transition.

His costume was black and grey and very official looking. He looked like a Superhero.

He did not touch Spence’s arm, but just stood in front of him, gazing into his eyes.

“Well, Spence,” he said, “what’s it to be? You can stay here and operate at a lower frequency and do certain good things. Or you can come with me and be my student, and we will show you how to do infinitely more good for the World and everyone in it, from the higher realms. You are needed at that level more than you are needed here. What’s it to be?”

The next moment, Spence, riveted on this dramatic, confidence-inspiring guy, made a move to reach out to him. They two of them vanished before my eyes.

I thought of Luke Skywalker! We have all these new archetypes in our subconscious nowadays, thanks to the great writers and directors of Hollywood in recent years…wish there were more of them today.


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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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