Lori, months before her death, age 22.


The Fallen Soldier and the Nurse
Before I type in this retrieval, I just want to write a reminder to those who read my note before about the Medium reading a few months ago.  I had been wishing there was some confirmation that the family information I was receiving during retrievals was genuine.

I finally did receive that confirmation, during the Reading when my mom (passed over) informed me that she had a golden palomino called Pegasus.

This helped to confirm the previous information, that my brother had eventually been given charge of a herd of horses as part of his continuing healing journey. I had wondered if I had imagined that but since no one in my family, including my mom, ever had anything to do with horses, I took the Pegasus information as confirming the other retrieval info I had gotten.

Today’s retrieval gave me more than I expected as I went “in” to just try to connect with my darling daughter, Lori, who passed over after a car crash in 1988.

After about fifteen minutes or more of messing about in general stuff, I observed a very high red-colored mountain range, very wild and remote looking. It was high up, the clouds drifted around the top half of the range. I flew up and phased across the terrain, thinking it was like flying in a small plane over Vancouver Island where I live, astonishingly rugged and indescribably mountainous. It doesn’t seem like that down here where we all live, in agricultural and softer countryside.

After the retrieval was completed, I thought it was probably “Afghanistan-there”, which would explain the mountains, though I am not sure if Afghanistan has mountains that high. Or if the soil is reddish.

After flying over these mountains for a while, suddenly I noticed a change in the formation below me and saw what appeared to be the shape of a hut roof. I flew down and emerged into what was I guess an army hospital hut, very long, with beds running down the length of the hut on one side.

I had requested a connection to Lori before I started. She appeared before me in the hut, her beautiful blue eyes full of amusement as they always are when I am so stunned to see her.

I asked, Are you a nurse??? I was a nurse and found it very hard work. I had always suggested she do something different, and she had become a secretary. Now, it appears, she is into healing work.

She said, well, sort of. She led me to the bedside of a soldier who had been killed in action a very short time ago. The initials I got were Fr, like the first two letters of a name. That was all. He had one leg amputated. He was lying on his side looking depressed. He clearly did not know he had died and thought he was still in the army hospital.

Lori explained to him that they had a new way of restoring limbs. She said to him, we can get your body to actually re-grow your leg. A surgeon has just perfected the technique and it has been used successfully on several people. He wants to try to restore your leg.

The soldier was thrilled. Lori got him up, helped him on with his housecoat and one slipper, into the wheelchair and put a blanket over him. She wheeled him, myself following (the soldier could not see me I think), to a room where a male and a female surgeon stood waiting for us.

The male surgeon explained that this new technique was successful only if the patient were willing to be put into a light coma for a few weeks. There would be an IV supplied to ensure nutrition and fluids would remain balanced during the coma. During this time, the limb would regrow. The body needed all its resources to recreate the limb, and full consciousness would hinder the process.

They put him through a period of imagining his limb back in place. They showed him photos of himself taken previously, with both his legs. It was natural and easy for him to imagine having his leg back.

The solder agreed to the coma. He was placed in bed and injected with something and drifted off to somewhere else. In fact, he was only unconscious for minutes and they woke him. His leg was back as before. He got out of bed at once, laughing and eager to try his leg. It was good as new, of course, as it was all etheric in fact. He still thought he was alive in the physical at this point.

Immediately, his grandparents came into the hut. Both had passed over and he had been at both their funerals years before. His grandmother was a very pretty woman with silver hair and a gentle smile, very slight and tiny. His grandad was short and wiry, with a good head of grey-white hair.

He said after the hugging stopped, but I was at your funerals. I don’t understand…then they told him he had in fact been killed in action and they were all here waiting for him. “We can go visit your mom and dad later”, they promised him. They walked him out of the hut and they dispappeared from view.

Lori and I were alone together and I asked her if mom was around. She said sure, and we were transported to a group of young women, some in Muslim headdress and some western women, sitting in a semicircle. My mom was talking to them. Her job was different from Lori’s but she was still involved in healing work, but with women. I interrupted her to give her a hug and look into her beautiful (now young again) face.

Then I had to run, as I have some chores to attend to in the physical.


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