Greyhound Bus:

I used to be going somewhere on the Greyhound bus, chugging along the highway, and I would be “daydreaming” that I was outside the bus, as though on a horse, and flying along, competing with the bus for speed, for the fun of it. And I used to think it was just a daydream although the sheer speed sensation was very delightful and real..but suddenly I would “see” what was about 4 or 5 miles up the road further, and when we got there…there it was, just like I “saw”. It used to puzzle me, because I didn’t feel like I had a body out there, but now I realize I was a point of consciousness. And in the retrieval the other day, flying over the forest toward the cliff where Kathy Carreira fell, I again had no sense of body though I was abruptly, suddenly, flying over the forest after struggling to get out of my body and do something. No sense of body, just a mind flying along.

Just off subject but interesting I guess, is when I was at TMI doing Gateway back in 2000 one of the things I saw in the darkness of the CHEC unit was one of the “Greys”. A great many people see the Greys. They are like humans, but I guess from somewhere else in the galaxies…tall and slender, at least the ones I have heard about and seen, and bald heads…hairless people. I think when we see them we maybe aren’t seeing clearly or all the details but anyway, I was attempting to enter the Afterlife while in my CHEC unit that day and as I entered these buildings, I passed a desk at which sat a Grey, who looked at me very bored…they always know when students are incoming it seems. Other students that day also saw them and sometimes at home when meditating I would see one taking note of me in passing…I just don’t understand how all this is laid out, I mean it must be layers of reality or something. Bob Monroe and Bruce Moen both talk about the visitors who are watching earth’s events unfold (from a safe distance, it sounds like). So maybe they are assisting in the AL as part of our development.


This was one of the most memorable trips I have made while phasing or OBE’ing.

One day I was contemplating the Grays, who I have perceived once or twice while phasing or visiting the Park. They are frequently at an entryway office type of structure I have encountered while entering one of the Focus levels, I can’t remember which though. I am not good at knowing which Level I am at anyway.

One day I got the notion of daring to try to phase outward to a far off galaxy, to the original home of the Grays. I wondered what would happen if I dared to try such a thing. Some say the Grays are often quite crabby anyway. Well, so are we, to put it mildly!! That’s probably what they say about us I expect.

I was a bit nervous but I thought, hey, I never failed to return to my body yet. I’ll try. So I lay down for a while and thought about the two or three Grays I had seen while phasing previously.

I thought about the fabulous photos of the Milky Way I’ve seen, taken by astronomical instruments. I imagined a faraway Galaxy by combining pictures of the Milky Way, imagery from Star Wars,  and other photos of faraway space which I have seen sometimes.

I also used the wonderful imagery from the movie Contact where Ellie approaches the golden world in the shining galaxy where she weeps and says “Beautiful…So Beautiful…I had no idea.”

As I pondered these images, I found myself suddenly in a very foggy image, which often happens to me in strange places where I can hardly hold onto the image, a lot of fogginess and vagueness, I was inside a private home of two of the Grays. I realized at the same time that this was imposing our cultural expectations on them and their planetary culture…namely, that of couples inhabiting a home and having a family.

I could only “see” the upper bodies and heads of the two grown up Grays. They seemed bemused and surprised but not hostile, angry or wanting to kick me out or anything. They seemed very patient…very like the Gray I have encountered at the Entryway to one of the Focus levels. A bit bored and like, “Oh here’s another one, they’re all over the place…well, it seems to be our job to be patient and try to assist…” They tolerated me in their “home”, if that was what it was.

I felt grateful and a bit vulnerable. After all. What would I think if one of them turned up in my home unexpectedly. As a matter of fact, two of them did once…at a very sensitive moment so to speak and I was furious and dismissed them (an adult and a child) without any apologies and admonished them never to do that again. Like, I have the power, right?? Ho Ho.

As I hovered in their home for a few moments, hanging on for dear life in case I lost it and zoomed back into my body, I realized there was a little Gray standing in the room over to the right. He (seemed to be a little “boy” to me) stood without fear, just looking at me. Maybe this happens quite a bit over there!! Us intruding, I mean. I was totally overcome to see a Gray child in his own home on his own planet.

(Was I really on his planet? Who knows?)

As I looked at him and looked with gratitude at the parents watching me without fear or condemnation, I suddenly and inexplicably yearned to take him in my arms. Knowing this was perhaps crossing a personal boundary and I might be in trouble, I moved toward him, knelt down in awe and adoration, and could not help myself, I drew him to me and held him tight. My face was awash in tears. I sobbed and could not stop sobbing. The emotion of overwhelming love flowed through me and into him in terrible gratitude and wonder.

A small life, a dear, precious little life, faraway on another star system. Life burgeoning, unstoppable, everywhere, unkillable, the force of love everlasting.

The parents and the child accepted this unplanned demonstration of LOVE quietly and calmly, but with some anxiety, I felt, too.

I let go of the child, turned to the parents, and then suddenly I was back in my body. WHAM.

I lay there with my face wet with tears for a while, feeling my whole body impacted with the force of the emotion I had felt, the love I had poured out to the child.
The gratitude and awe.

Then, feeling sure I had imagined the whole thing (I mean, really, of course I imagined the whole thing! I still think so!) I reached for a special set of tarot cards I keep by my bed, it’s a set by Rae Hepburn, Tea Leaf Fortune Cards, and shuffled and selected a card, asking, Was that experience Real, or did I just make it up?

The answer came in the form of the card :

Handshake – A meeting with a Stranger Could be Important.

It showed a picture of two hands reaching out across outer space, from a planet with a moon in a crescent shape to a far-off planet with a round moon. The hands reach out through galactic clouds and far distances to shake in comradeship across vast spaces.

I cannot tell you how I felt when I drew that card. I felt blown away and frightened, humbled, having partaken of an event I was not developed enough to understand.

I have never forgotten the little Gray child. Or the huge ocean of emotion that poured through me to “him” (if it was a “boy” in fact.)

I have never posted this before because it seems so Far Out!!  (By the Way, since writing this, I have learned that it is bad form to refer to these people as “Grays”, as it resembles a racial slur. They are actually called Zetas, that is the name of their species – Zeta.)


There was a situation in which I used angelic beings once several years ago, and the result was unbelievable. A violent, abusive, hopeless situation was totally healed for about ten days straight, because the house became filled with angel beings who also hovered over the house and filled up our hearts. Everything in the house changed for about ten days.

I remember looking at the evidence that this could be used continually to keep healing the situation, but I couldn’t bring myself to believe I deserved this help. I was embarrassed to keep asking. Of course it rapidly deteriorated after a while back to the same old, same old.

But I never forgot the incredible transformation in the behavior of the abuser with all those angels around. Proving, he needed love very badly and was getting it from them. When my confidence wavered, he lost his source of love energy…it was up to me to keep it coming.

So then, when I think about all this, it seems to me, we have, like, a TOOL to use and we have a responsibility to use it, often, for healing of difficult and painful situations we encounter for ourselves and others. It seems there is no limit to the number I can call on, that night, I called “Calling All Angels, Calling All Angels” and imagined hundreds of them coming in to caretake our home.

So that is probably just the use of conscious awareness of LOVE and using it to make things better.


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