Ever say, Wish I had a money tree? Wish I had a true love?

Since I learned the techniques I will now share with you, I have put them into practice and changed everything – from the view I see out my window to my wonderful financial independence.

To put it in a nutshell, we have never realized how mighty we are.

When we were constructed, created, manifested, the intelligence who created us gave us a Power Button. A kind of ignition, or Holodeck creation button.

We didn’t know about this part of our anatomy before, because knowledge of its presence in our makeup has been suppressed by the few who knew about it. Fearful that if everyone could have what they want and need, then there might not be enough left for THEMSELVES, they kept the knowledge of our real Power under lock and key for centuries.

Or perhaps they were afraid that these powers might be used for ill as well as for good. Either way, our own living, breathing ancestors chose to keep this from us. Till now.

Where is the Power Button located in our anatomy? It is in your Mind and to a large extent, in your Brain.

It is then connected to our most basic cellular structure, even our DNA, through organic pathways, like an electromagnetic communication system.

Images in our mind move into the outer energy field, which (invisible to most naked eyes) extends around us for about four feet or more. This energy field, with our physical template (our visible self) at its center, is EMBEDDED in the larger universe.

(For more about this human energy field, read any of Barbara Brennan’s writings. A former NASA scientist, she has built a previously unguessed-at bank of knowledge about our true nature.)

You have heard of “the collective unconscious”. We often think of it as being a place in our head where we find the ancient archetypes. But it is much more than that…”The collective unconscious is a living web of interconnections among all people and phenomena, unbounded by time or space.” (Quote taken from The Tarot: History, Mystery and Lore by Cynthia Giles, Simon & Schuster, 1992, p138.)

As the process WHICH EMBEDS OUR DESIRED REALITY INTO THE PHYSICAL PLANE is enacted, we change the world we live in…because our FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS AND THOUGHTS are connected constantly and UNCEASINGLY to the creation system I have just described above.

When neurotransmitters fire in our brains…worlds are created!

For more on what exactly is happening, watch the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?

The universe around us, as we see and experience it, is like a vast reflecting surface. What does it reflect?

It reflects the thoughts in our Minds and Brains WHEN THEY ARE CONNECTED TO FEELING AND EMOTION. What you SEE and FEEL inside…is what you get on the outside.


I will mention some well documented discoveries as I go along. My favorite is the fabulous experiments with water crystals by the Japanese scientist, Emoto. Remember that our cells are full of water crystals. As these water crystals change their shape according to the thought or intention projected upon them (from our minds and feelings), so, I believe, is the shape of things out here in the physical world, in which our energy fields are embedded.

Oddly, it is the emergence of the great, bewildering UNCERTAINTIES found in Quantum Physics which has powered up a new level of awareness of our real abilities as humans.

The laws of Newtonian physics work on things we see. But at a subatomic level, where all is created, our thoughts and feelings connect with some unknown vast Universal Power Source which then creates the experience of our lives.

A good example is found in the experience of a group of meditators (using the principles of TM, as it happened) who meditated regularly in certain cities for a certain length of time. Everything improved in those cities, from the weather to the rape statistics to divorce levels. This is well documented.

It is not necessary to research all the various topics concerned with the growing consciousness of our unlimited Power, however, in order to practice it and receive the benefits.

There are a few steps we can follow to see immense differences in our life experience.

If resistance to change causes tension, just be gentle with this process. It will release its grip as we follow the basic techniques.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. But this is not a thousand miles. This is relatively easygoing and will not give you sore feet!
Here are the steps. Settle into your comfy chair.

1) You must know what it is you want, right? So first figure that out. Just pick a few things to start off with.

2) If you have a nice journal, use that. Otherwise, use a scribbler or notebook. Write with careful wording, avoiding any words like WANT (which implies lack) or GET RID OF (which only focuses on the unwanted experience and draws it in). Write a statement three times for each thing you want to see changed. Describe things the way you most want them.

3) Read each statement out loud three times. That is, write each statement three times, read each one three times.

4) Then lean back, make sure you are comfortable, and proceed to IMAGINE IN DETAIL AND FEEL IN DETAIL the pleasure of those things being REAL. Already in your life. If you want a new outfit, watch yourself getting dressed in it. Wear it somewhere in your imagination and enjoy how great it looks and fits. Pick some shoes to go with it. Maybe a piece of jewelry. Smile that whiter than white smile at your imaginary reflection in the imaginary mirror. FEEL HAPPINESS AND SATISFACTION AT YOUR ACHIEVEMENT AND APPEARANCE.

So…what part of this is real? What part is not yet real? Well, think about it.

The outfit isn’t real yet. Maybe the body you intend to pour into the outfit isn’t quite there yet either. But SOMETHING IN THIS EXERCISE YOU JUST PERFORMED IS DEFINITELY REAL.
What is that part?

The FEELINGS!! They are unarguably REAL.


Now here is the KICKER!!

Your brain (this is also well documented) does not know the difference between an imaginary experience and a “real” physical world experience.

When athletes tested with biofeedback equipment were asked to IMAGINE IN DETAIL their entire competition event, the machines recorded a perfect exact replica of the same feedback obtained during their actual performance of the events. The muscles all fired in the same way for both feedbacks, the imaginary and the real. No difference.

So it is with you in your comfy chair IMAGINING IN DETAIL your great new outfit and body.

Your Mind and Brain take it for granted that you now look that good. Because you offered them PROOF…in experiencing the FEELINGS of joy and pleasure. And the Universe (through your mind and brain and the resultant changes in your cellular structure) will reshape your body and bring into your very presence that very outfit.

Now how long will that process take? That depends on how well you learn to work those Power Buttons. Practice makes perfect.

5) Persistence is the next step. Because you must repeat, repeat, the writing, reading and imagining and especially, above all, you must repeat the FEELINGS, the most important part of all the actions you can take.

No one can change anything without persistence. Value persistence and value optimism.

Some days will start out fine and go downhill. As that occurs, grab hold of the day yourself. Say, this is a GREAT NEW DAY FOR ME. My EMOTIONAL STATE IS HIGH!! Regardless of whatever is going on around me. My emotional state remains OPTIMISTIC AND HIGH!!

If you try, you can find a dozen reasons for feeling great.
You can do that!

6) Do not talk about your goals and this system you are using. It is your private world with your private goals. Others will tend to want you to be emotionally where THEY are…DOWN! So don’t talk to others about this process…until they ask how you managed to change your life so much!

7) Watch for intuitive proddings to take certain actions. If you are invited unexpectedly to participate in a group, or to go on a date, or to attend a Greek cooking class…whatever it is, listen to your intuition. It will help guide you. You have this great system of FEELINGS that want you to make your life great.


9) Remember to keep FEELING like you already have

what you want.
I recommend that you make that goal one of the first things you write in your journal. “I become skilled at swiftly raising my feeling state and at noticing whatever state I am in.”
That will be one of your very first will happen quickly for you.

For your pleasure, you might read “The Magic of Water” by Dr. Masaru Emoto, and “The Maharishi Effect” by Elaine and Arthur Aron.

For your interest, you might type words such as “Mental Imagery in athletes” or “Mental imagery in hemiparesis improvement” and other combinations as well, into your browser. You will be surprised by the extent to which medical science and sports science have been using the very principles I have outlined above.

Little by little, we are all learning to claim our true power.



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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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