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I am a citizen of a new, emerging world, different from any previous human civilization.

While I do strive for success of course, I measure that success in the light of a rapidly expanding consciousness of our immortality, our infinite schooling, and the true needs of my soul.

 I recognize that those true needs of my soul may not involve massive wealth or even optimal health, but the peculiar, personal needs that my soul journey has evolved into over thousands of lifetimes…not all of which were well-lived.

 As a result, I seek to evaporate my natural human need to judge others, to devalue others who seem weaker, more helpless, more vulnerable, less beautiful.

 In a practical way, this means I volunteer to help out wherever I usefully can. It means I give to the Food Bank, no matter how low some of the clientele there have fallen. It means I recognize that life’s twisting, curving highways may land me in places I would prefer not to be. And then I, too, will need help.

I recognize that I am an immortal being, the beneficiary of everlasting life and an uncrushable, unviolable, human personality different from all others.

As such, I accept my profound value in the eyes of whatever Divine Creator has thought into being this far-flung, fabulous universe. In my small, day to day living, hour by hour, I honor my Creator by doing my best with where I am and what I have, and by seeking higher understanding of life at all times.

Sometimes I am placed in situations that are utterly beyond me, and I have to say: I can’t do any more. I’m done. At those times, I rest in the knowledge that there is an emerging lesson here for me, and I will be taken care of appropriately through it. It may be hard on my ego, and I can let my ego rest on Divine shoulders.

In my journey, I know that Pride may indeed go before a fall, and the easiest way to learn my more expansive and worthwhile lessons, is to let go of Pride immediately I feel humiliated over some issue. Such feelings, while very human, are inappropriate for a student of the Divine. Vulnerability is a profound opportunity to find out just how close I am to Divine presence and loving care.

As I struggle with illness, aging, disappointment, failure or any other obstacles, I know that my day to day life is crowned with the spirit of ultimate Destiny. That there are no meaningless experiences.

Above all, I understand that I am not so much individual as a limitless, incomprehensible part of a vast, universe-wide Web of light and love which encompasses All that is or ever was or will be, and that I shine like a jewel in the Crown of Creation.

In that respect, I am community, never alone. Reaching out to others for help when I need it, and accepting gratefully that help, acknowledging that I am not all-powerful and may need some assistance from time to time. I know how to say Thank You So Much and reach out my hand to accept whatever is kindly offered.

I am community also in reaching out my hand for whatever small or large thing I may be able to do or say to encourage or support others.

In that community, I recognize that plants, animals, and all the Earth are my compatriots in emotion, heart, voice and infinity. When a plant speaks to me of needing water or food or care or attention, I acknowledge that I hear its voice within my Mind. I understand at a heart-level that animals are love-buckets here to enjoy life with us. Some are bigger than me and have very little patience with humans, so it behooves me to respect that fact.

I understand that when another creature “magics” my Mind and Heart, it is part of its special divinity and it is ok to wallow in that.

Life has taught me that you can never be too Kind, and I need to be reminded of that, because my childhood taught me to be tough, harsh and critical…God help me.

I understand that it is safe to offer kindness, patience, and plenty of room for others to be who they are, whether I can figure them out or not.

These things are true for me because I have been blessed with an expansion of Knowledge of the Afterlife, which has left my old Beliefs behind in the dust.

My mother rides horseback across the vast plains of non-physical worlds, joy expressed in her everyday life now. A far cry from her difficult, sad, downtrodden Earth existence of my childhood. Who would have believed it possible??

My daughter, so cruelly deprived of her life here on Earth, lives a full, challenging and rewarding existence in the non-physical, enjoying her family there and participating in a wide range of activities of her choice.

So what is this life, here in the physical? What is its purpose? What can I do with it, when I would so much prefer to be already There, enjoying freedom from this tiresome body?

What is my Creed for this life?

I look at what my daughter is doing in her nursing and healing work on several levels in the Afterlife, and realize that she is doing what I must be doing….helping others, expanding my own consciousness, being the best I can be.

 And knowing every moment that I am an infinite, immortal soul, indestructible. Knowing that my greatest gift is my flexibility and openness to experience.

No matter which world I happen to be in.

Community. I AM. COMMUNITY.

To those who have taught me the Knowns that have changed my life so entirely, who have taken the time and given the effort to learn those Knowns for themselves, who have written books and made videos and taught courses, expanding the awareness of humanity in every way they can, I offer my heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

This, more or less, is my Creed. It, also, will be expanded and improved upon as life goes on.

Comments and improvements are invited. As always.



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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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