The need to communicate with our loved ones once they have passed over is an awful, aching need that torments the spirit for a long, long time after the final event.

This need often drives us outward to find answers. In the case of those fortunate enough to find their way to The Monroe Institute website or books by Robert Monroe, or to Bruce Moen’s Afterlife Knowledge website and his books, these people are able to find a breakthrough and learn to actually meet with and truly communicate with their family members and loved ones.

I count myself so lucky that I found Monroe’s books in my local library and began a search for information as to my daughter’s whereabouts which ended well. In addition, there are excellent mediums who can offer immeasurable comfort. Laurence Harry is such a Medium and you will find his contact info on my Profile page.

There are many things about discovering locations in the Afterlife that are truly amazing to us, who have been saturated with various inaccurate religious ideas or atheistic ideas about what happens when we die.

For example, after I guided my brother to The Park, I found that he had built a forest and lake for himself to enjoy the woods and the great fishing available there. He also found that alcohol no longer gave him a kick and in desperation, for he was a severe addict, he did find that certain…um…herbs… helped and did provide some kind of effect for him there.

These things were extremely interesting to find out, and also that he initially was given small traumatized animals to work with as part of his own healing as well as theirs.

Then later, one day while I was out walking, he “tapped me on the non-physical shoulder” and asked me to come visit. Not sure if I could be in both places at once and still walk down the street safely, I tried it and found it was easy! What a surprise that was.

What he showed me that day was that he had finally built himself a house on the edge of the forst, but it was unique to his own tastes. And he showed me a herd of horses which he had just recently been put in charge of as his healing was progressing well and he could handle more responsibility.

The next amazing thing was a medium reading I had in which I was told that my mother was riding one of those horses, a golden Palomino, and was hugely enjoying her new riding skills across the plains of the Afterlife. This also confirmed for me the reality of my brother’s new life activities.

And so on, and on. It just goes on amazing me, and filling me with gratitude and relief. What if I could not find a way to contact my daughter or my parents or anyone? What if I always wondered and suffered, with that awful grief that can find no solace? How terrible.

Watching the recent amateur film “Witness: Katrina” on CBC, I could not but think of the thousands of relatives left, to this day, to ponder with sorrow the suffering their loved ones endured that day before they died. There are no words to describe the horrific nature of all that happened in that short span of time.

I am so grateful for those teachers who set out to share their discoveries. Like the explorers of old, who challenged new frontiers, they have changed the lives of many who read their books, watch their videos and learn their skills.

I am putting an email course together for anyone who wants to work with me by email and learn these afterlife contact skills for themselves. It will be my pleasure to help others as I have been helped.

Remember too, if you want to explore the web a bit, go to Bruce Moen’s site and The Monroe Institute site to begin a journey chocker-block full of wonderful things…talk about a Christmas stocking…treat yourself today! Links on my Profile page.


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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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