Of Earthquakes, Strokes and Other Means of Soul Travel

Earthquakes seem to be a big fact of life these days, even apart from all our anxieties about the Mayan calendar! They are happening in fairly respectable strength everywhere. Then, of course, we also have the Conspiracy Theorists. Apparently world governments have gotten together and built machines which are capable of generating earthquakes in chosen locations.

Well, as humans, we like to think big and I guess this is one of those big things we like to think about. It is a great comfort to remember, with regard to the Conspiracy Theorists, that those of us old enough to have watched government in action for many decades of life can promise the rest of you that government seldom gets anything done right. So don’t stay awake nights worrying. That’s my view anyhow.

Seriously, the fear of an imminent earthquake is something we all have to live with. Lying in my bed at night, I often feel tremors shivering up from the bowels of the deep earth crust beneath my little bedroom. I know it is just a matter of time till the Big One strikes us here on the Pacific Coast.

Those who go down into the mines of the world to earn their daily bread and provide for their families frequently pay a terrible price when a mine caves in, either due to poor company practices or just to the inevitable effects of nature at work. At the moment, we are again focused on that high-risk workplace by the thrilling sight of watching the Fenix tube going down over and over again to rescue the Chilean miners. What an amazing event. I sat up most of the night watching on the BBC.

But then, we have all been living for years with the unwelcome news that everybody dies eventually.  The question is, How are we going to die?

My mother lay in a hospital bed for many years before she finally succumbed to a series of deadly strokes. Sometimes when we visited, she would beg us to “get her out of here”, meaning find a way to help her die. I would whisper in misery, “Mom, we would go to jail for years if we did that.” She would then close her eyes in hopelessness and try to shut us all out.

I would prefer an earthquake death, definitely. If I get a choice, that is. Probably most of us would. 

That’s the easy part…how we ourselves depart the earth. But much harder is the trauma of dealing with the suffering and death of loved ones. Most of us would prefer to be the suffering one and let our loved ones get free. Nothing harder than watching someone you love suffering.

When our loved ones are finally released from suffering and pass to a new world, a mysterious, unknown world, our own suffering has just begun. How do we find solace from that grief and anguish? Is there any way out of that valley of despair?

For those who search, the answers are available. Have you heard about the experimenter who created a radio for use in frequent chats with his deceased colleague and friend? http://www.niburu.nl/index.php?articleID=12011

But you don’t need an external electronic device. You carry a type of computer chip in your brain which will connect you to your loved one directly. You don’t need to go further than your own comfy chair or bed to get there.

I personally like to activate my third eye (the area between my eyes) and access a whirling tunnel which is always there, waiting. I enter the tunnel (using my consiousness, the spark that is me) and travel to many different areas of the Afterlife.

My own family are mainly in The Park, because I took them there after death myself. My father was already there. My daughter was living in a different region of the Afterlife which was accessible by travelling a little further past The Park. At least, using my own map. I don’t know how other travellers experience the regional layout. When my mom died I took her there, then my brother, then my older sister. If they don’t like it there, they are free to travel elsewhere. There is much exploration to be done.

On my blog I give instructions for taking terminally ill people to The Park in an OBE state so they can see that dying is nothing to fear. This usually results in their choosing to exit failing bodies within a few months or year.

It takes practice. Just as a baby has eyes that don’t work all that well when they are first born on this plane, so we find that our vision and comprehension are limited when we start exploring. These things improve hugely with practice.

Once we have arrived there, and our body has died, we can start building homes and forests, lakes, oceans, concert halls, whatever we want. We can live whatever lives we want. Thought is used for creation. Over there it is much easier than creating here on this heavy physical plane. Here, it takes much time, a team of people, books, phone calls, faxes, arguments, committees etc before we can create from our own thoughts. Not so over there.

We can go into such travel mode and build a beautiful home and location ready for when we leave our bodies that last time. I have been working on my own place for quite a while.

Can you learn these rather simple skills? Yes, of course. If I can, then you can too. Bruce Moen teaches workshops to make it easy for you. The Monroe Institute also has many, many workshops, the first of which is called The Gateway Program. But if you can’t afford these luxuries, then you can learn at home just as effectively.

For one thing, you can order CD‘s from TMI which will get you used to changing radio frequencies in your brain to help you move into travel mode easily. That’s a minimal expenditure and you have the comforts of home.

Bruce Moen and Robert Monroe have both published excellent books (see www.afterlifeknowledge.com) and there are many sites where small courses are available for reasonable sums. So don’t wait any longer…start today. If you ask your Guides (even if you never met them before) for help in finding and selecting courses and CD’s, you will get lots of help. Your library can stock the books for you, too, so the whole experience can be absolutely free.

I am also creating an email course in afterlife travel and contact and will let you know once I have it together. When you know how to do these things, of course right away you want to share with others. It’s natural.

So there is lots of hope, lots to look forward to. Never give up. Like Winston Churchill said in the darkness of the most terrible war…never, never, never, never, never give up!


About gentlenurse

Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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4 Responses to Of Earthquakes, Strokes and Other Means of Soul Travel

  1. claire gregory says:

    BLESS YOU, dear gentlenurse!
    You are doing such good work (but you know this).
    Spending time There (which I have done totally for free, though I used to live on The New Land, where TMI is) and doing work there is comforting, nurturing, and enriching, for myself and everybody.
    love, peace and blessings,

    • gentlenurse says:

      Hi Claire. Thanks for your kind words. I haven’t been writing much lately, must get back on it. It takes a lot of reading to put together something that makes sense to me (and then sometimes I find out it didn’t really make that much sense). But it’s nice when things kind of dovetail together when reading different books and I think I’ve found something really interesting. It’s nice when someone comments. Thanks again.

  2. bryan64 says:

    Hi gentelnurse
    Love your blog. you have so much worthwhile things to say. Read about your Mum and Dad and their problems. Related to my own parents who were imperfect as well. Mum still alive and very negative. I want to read more from you about manifesting etc
    wonderful lady great website

    • gentlenurse says:

      Hi Bryan, are you in New Zealand? I see it says Bryannz. Nice of you to comment, I appreciate you taking the time. Sometimes, as you probably know from blogging yourself, you feel you are talking to yourself! One of the problems we have with our parents in recent years is that there has been a huge speeding-up of our culture and civilization, not all for the good necessarily, but what I mean is, it is so difficult for any of us to get our heads around where our parents came from. The world was so different, so limited. There was no “plastic”, not in credit cards or anything else. There was no this or that. Life was remarkably basic. You bought things if you had money, and usually you didn’t. We used paper bags for our garbage, there were no plastic bags. I can’t even remember what we did with our garbage. The consumer society and the arrival of credit en masse has changed everything, and our parents had none of that. Looking back, it is so difficult to remember all that, they had absolutely no resources. Nothing like now. But the need to try to understand what happened way back then with our parents and why it happened, it never stops frustrating us, we want to understand. As the years have passed, I have been startled to suddenly see what happened here or there, I suddenly understand a word or sentence my mom or dad spoke out loud, things I never understood before. But if I got better at communicating when I visit the Park, I could ask them, but I wonder if they might think it is none of my business, you know? So anyway, my writings are just my thoughts and conclusions, I can never really know so many things for sure. You know what I mean. Thanks again, Bryan. G.N.

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