We live in incredibly exciting times. Explosions of new understanding on many fronts give an entirely new meaning to the phrase “broad minded”.

 Instead of a single Galileo being persecuted for his astonishing discoveries, we now have new Galileos every day, bursting out of quiet corners with overflowing armfuls of unexpected new perceptions and methods of what it means to be fully Human.

 Having built a foundation with agonizing slowness over many centuries, we are now able to bring whole truckloads of building bricks to place on Galileo’s foundation daily.

We have reached the most thrilling stage possible in our development as a species – a stage of automatic geometric expansion of understanding. We are lucky enough to be here to participate in all of that.

Where will this take us in our development as a species in this universe? How will it impact on our unique planet? How will it change our personal futures?

I have been following with fierce hunger the trail of these discoveries ever since the publication of the first ground-breaking books on Quantum Physics for the lay person.

Coming from the usual dysfunctional childhood, continually seeking stability in a world that seemed to be made of quicksand, I grew up a vulnerable, codependent person with a foundational belief that my task in life was to fix everybody and everything. I was the unwelcome Hero, the Rescuer who tried to drag everybody out of the water. I could not see that they were often enjoying the heavy current and their own dog paddle attempts to stay afloat. A swimming experience to which they were fully entitled as part of their own Journey.

 Life is no longer shaped like a Journey in my eyes, more as a series of light-expanding star-shaped explosions forming a necklace across the elegant throat of Creation. It is eternal Mind, adorning its beautiful Body with energy jewels.

Like all writers, I base the viewpoints in this book on the lifelong work of many others who came before me… and many who came along the same time I did but got smart long before I did. My gratitude to all of these is immeasurable. I try to do my bit in the way of expanding consciousness, formulating my own concepts of what creates a foundation for genuine Happiness.

I herewith pass those concepts on to others, via my life story, Safe Harbour, so they can take and reshape them, taste them, critique them, and sand them down so they are shaped more closely to Truth than ever. I welcome every word of feedback and disagreement available to me as I continue to seek more complete understanding.

I will plunge right in here.

The greatest peace of mind and security we can enjoy comes initially from whatever it is we choose to call Home.

To feel secure in our home and in our skin, it is vital to learn to manage what I call Lengthy Thoughts.

These are thoughts that make me move in the space of a second into a state of stress so extreme that my blood sugar drops instantly and clammy sweat soaks my brow. Now, what kind of thoughts would do such a thing?

Lengthy thoughts are very long, stretched out thoughts that are actually inappropriate and quite useless. They are dysfunctional, creating huge wallops of cortisol in our bodies which then give us a depressingly wide waistline and make our doctors mutter about cholesterol and genetic components, sending us home floating in a river of cortisol.

We go home and hit the box of Oreos and a pot of coffee and a trashy movie. An endless, destructive cycle.

I am not the only one who got hit like that for years on end. I finally figured it out. I then noticed my thoughts and how long they were. Like a strand of spaghetti no one could possibly get on a fork and eat decently.

To get nourishment from thoughts, it is important they be just the right length. If a thought goes from my own brain, out to “what should I give my sister in law for Christmas this year”, that’s ok. That thought is about nine inches long, very manageable and sensible.

But if it leaps from the sister in law out to “Christmas is always such a difficult time, everybody fights, no wonder, mom and dad always fought, and there was that time the tree caught fire and we had to put the dog down and we had no money for presents”…

If the thought leaps from a pleasant, manageable bit of planning for someone we like, right over the moon and planets to forty years of arguing, pain, distress, tears and blaming on the part of other people who we can’t control, then that is an inappropriate thought. That thought is, like, maybe two thousand miles long. And who can swallow anything that big???

We need to ensure that our thoughts do not control us, ruin our endocrine system, wear us out and make us cry. No Department of Justice can help us with this. This is our own stuff.

We have to limit our sense of responsibility to begin with. We can only manage accountability for very small packages of action. When we get to be more like God, maybe then we can manage these longer, meandering, more destructive thoughts.

My advice, which no one has asked for, is to do what I have learned to do in the presence of an overwhelming series of destructive, painful thoughts.

Check in mentally to my comfy chair at home, where the furnace is on, the house is warm, the bills are basically paid, the pets are fed and happy, and my many loving friends know how to get me on the phone and email. A place where no bad thoughts can get me.

This is who I really am. Knowing that, I cannot feel overwhelmed or threatened by bad memories or self-doubts. These kinds of thoughts usually hit while I am away from home, from my safe and tranquil center, away downtown in the middle of the madhouse of traffic, people, sirens, waiting in lineups, accompanied by a sense of insecurity that increases by the minute.

My tranquil, peaceful life. Nothing is allowed to disturb it unless it has a VERY good reason and might trail some good in its wake.

It took me years of living to learn this technique of self management. It is the most important thing to remember. Why? Because you cannot manifest a single good thing in your world if you are swamped by negativity and sadness.

Negativity and sadness are not productive or useful, unless related directly to a specific event which we are dealing with in the NOW. And unless they lead to useful and effective conclusion of whatever the problem is.

Self-flagellation is OUT. Self-love and a comfortable, simple, community-based life is IN.

Better forgive ourselves for past failures right now. Put them aside forever. Because…that’s what God is going to do with them.

Count on it.


About gentlenurse

Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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