Do you really believe that you can have the spiritual development you crave? There are people on earth today who have amazing spiritual abilities and gifts. These are ordinary human beings who have taken these things seriously enough to commit to deeper learning. There is a tendency to treat our metaphysical development as if it were a toy, a choice we might or might not make, not really as important as day to day life.

Of course, if you want to swim in the deep water, you have to take swimming seriously. It takes effort. You have to turn up on time and do what the trainer tells you to. Over and over and over. The same applies to metaphysics.

First, please understand that you can actually achieve these incredible skills. You can. And the teachers are out there. And you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars. Your guides are not limited to TMI or any other particular place of training. TMI is wonderful, as are other schools, but if you can’t get there, other doors are still open to you. The person you have to talk to about this is your main Guide.

Each of us has a committee of individuals who love us, are devoted to our development and oversight, and will fly to help us in a moment of need. If you close your eyes, find the tunnel emanating from your third eye, and go down it (or up it, whatever you like) and intend to find your committee, you will soon see vague outlines of faces and heads around you, looking at you. For me, I have seen a Chinese person, a native Indian, a couple of Caucasians, and, of all things, some sort of reptile head…but now I know that of the nearly 1500 alien species watching our progress on earth from motherships and in the Afterlife, (and on earth too), some of them are reptilian in appearance. So I reckon this is the identity of that particular committee member. No matter how often I go looking for my committee (sometimes to complain loudly about things), I always see the same faces.

So you can speak to your guides and particularly the one Guide who is most involved with your spiritual evolution over lifetimes.

If you don’t know the name of that Guide, you can ask and it will be given. But you must practice listening properly to catch the name.

One power-pill you can take to help you achieve your goals is self-hypnosis. There are many skilled authorities out there who have written easy-to-follow books on the topic.

You can use an ordinary audio tape or a more up to date technology. Or you can practice self-hypnosis without a tape at all. These are some tips you can use once you find a helpful book to follow. (Or a website that teaches the basics. There are lots of those!)

Again, you will have to take it seriously. If you want to learn to clone yourself into several copies at one time, as many students have learned to do, (I have not learned this skill, let me say clearly right now), then you need to devote some time and serious attitude toward that goal. If you do, you will likely achieve amazing things.

To claim something for our own, to go after it, is a new exercise for the self-denigrating, timid ones among us. And that describes a lot of us. But if others can do it, we can do it too. That is the fact. It is not a fantasy, it is a fact. Others have no special abilities that we do not. These latent abilities are there, waiting to be unleashed.

In addition, there is no doubt that the world is waiting for us to find, develop and unleash those abilities. Indeed, the fate of the planet may depend on us doing just that. So we should take this seriously.

How to start this self-hypnosis practice? Once you have found a teacher, I advise you to read the book from front to back carefully but for pleasure and interest. Once you have finished reading the last page, then put it aside for a few days and then again begin at the beginning. Read it this time with a pen in hand and a notebook. Make notes, not for future reference so much, as to burn them into your memory. Reading, then writing, then reading, is one of the best ways to learn new material.

As you read it the second time, make notes in the front or back empty pages, (there are always one or two provided) as to the page numbers for certain things. For example, you want the page numbers for:

1) Induction process

2) Deepeners

3) Post hypnotic further deepeners

4)Formulating your own personalized suggestions

5) Adding health notes and upbeat suggestions about general well- being to the end of your personalized suggestions

6) Counting yourself out, arranging to emerge from hypnosis at a certain time.

How many times a week would you do this self-hypnosis exercise? Probably about three times a week. Take it very seriously. It will change your life. As you practice over, say, a three week period, regularly and faithfully, your comfort level and skill in handling your own hypnosis and achieving your purposes will grow to amazing proportions. It’s like anything…suddenly there is a >click< and you have really got it…that comfort level you want!

There’s no one to test you on this, so do it right. No one is going to be around to correct lazy techniques. You must know exactly what goals you are going after in each particular session.

Here are some pointers to help you formulate your own personalized self-hypnosis suggestions.

*Always use the present tense. Not “I will be” but “I am” “I have” etc.

*Be upbeat, never negative. All things are possible. You are heading for magnificent change. Use exciting words that stimulate your own imagination and happiness feelings.

*It is vital to be specific. No vague generalities. If you want an Olympic-sized swimming pool, then be clear. It should be x number of feet long, be covered with a plexiglass full cover with a number of large, jungle-like plants, some patio tables and chairs, have a hot tub nearby, and a gym attached. It should be ozone treated, not chlorinated, and it should have a fabulous view overlooking..what? What do you want it to overlook? A city? Mountains? The ocean? A mix of mountains and ocean? Perhaps some forest? The cost of maintaing this pool  and the whole enchilada must be covered by a sufficient bank account at all times. You have the best possible pool care company. And so on.

*You might want to add that you are a terrific swimmer, can swim a mile in x number of minutes. That your shoulders develop great strength and your waist becomes tiny, your abs flat as a washboard from all your joyful swimming.

*Keep the picture in your mind very clear and simple. Don’t start messing it up with thoughts of family problems and how much does it cost to heat the pool and so on. All these types of things can be addressed as specific issues later on, and the universe will take care of many of the extra details.

*The more realistic you can be while still pushing the envelope for a more satisfying reality, the sooner you will achieve something. If you deeply believe you cannot learn to clone yourself, even though others can, then start with something a little less extreme. Perhaps focus on developing a good ear so you can hear your Guide’s voice whenever you ask a question. So when you ask a specific question, you instantly hear your Guide respond. And they do respond with amazing speed. This would build your confidence.

*Keep your goals strongly personal. Never mind what someone else would intend. You intend what you really, really want.

*You can bundle up many intentions and goals if you think of a way to symbolize a bunch of them. For example, suppose you want some really profound metaphysical abilities. What kind of environment would you be in if you were teaching others? What would your workshop be like? Obviously, if you are teaching a busy workshop full of excited students, you must have some pretty terrific abilities. Find ways to symbolize and “bunch” your goals together to save time and effort.

*As the weeks go by and you faithfully practice self-hypnosis, planning each session thoughtfully and carefully, in detail, missing no practice sessions, you will need to choose certain goals to repeat and repeat. Repetition is one of the most important techniques. 

Remember the guy who was asking a musician the directions to Carnegie Hall. “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” he asks. The musician answers: Practice, Practice, Practice.

Many master of metaphysical skills are extremely modest. Bruce Moen and Robert Monroe and Robert Bruce have gotten to Carnegie Hall. Oh yes. How did they get there? Do you think they just wished themselves there? No! They…practiced and practiced and practiced. Go read their books!

Take heart! Head for the top of the mountain!


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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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