Is it true that only the very, very good, and the very, very “spiritual” can communicate and travel in the Afterlife (AL)?

What do we mean by “spiritual”? We generally think we are talking about godly, good, qualities. But in fact often we are really just talking about metaphysical abilities.

Metaphysical abilities are not the same thing as spiritual abilities. They tend to go together, it is true. But as our understanding of these things increases, as our grasp of what it means to be fully human grows to new levels of understanding, we will then see that both the bad and the good can equally travel in the Afterlife.

This is not really good news, is it??? But it is reality. One important fact to know is this: The Afterlife as we are thinking of it, such as regions in places like The Park (man-made areas in a certain frequency) are part of the Earth system.

What are the qualities of the Earth system? Well, it is a predatory system at present. Slowly that is changing somewhat, but it needs an injection of amazing information on a world-wide scale and at a higher level, for that to change significantly. At the moment, I don’t know how that would happen, although the probable increase in display-of-presence by Starships (UFO’s) in large numbers and other possible disclosures that may happen, will certainly affect our views of God, Heaven, Hell and Angels considerably.

We must remember that truth is not as dangerous as mythology. We must be like the Velveteen Rabbit, always Real. It takes constant commitment to be Real, it’s not always easy.

So the emergence of Afterlife Contact skills by those who are not what we think of as “good people” may be frightening. But I believe we need to consider it, as it obviously is going to be a part of our new reality.

The polarization between darkness and light, between good and evil, is far from over. It will no doubt continue on the battlefield of our Afterlife experience.

For example, I noted in the Medium reading I had in 2008, that apparently my mother is still holding on to certain resentments and angers toward my father. She passed over in 2000, so she has had time for healing and further development. And my father has been there since 1980, far as I know. So they both have had time to work on their mutual complaints and problems, but these problems are not resolved yet, after all those earth-years. Think about that. It bodes not well for those of us who wish that the minute we leave our bodies, everything will be wonderful. Not so, apparently.

When we talk about the predatory nature of life on Earth, it reminds me of the barbecue in my father’s back yard in The Park. I have seen my brother and other family members there, enjoying the sun and sweet breezes around my dad’s man-made reality. But the question springs to mind, what were they barbecuing? Yikes.

Can there by slaughter houses in the Afterlife? Can we create the ongoing of such miseries we put up with here on earth? I suppose it is possible. But the animals I have seen there have been carefully sheltered and cared for by loving humans who work hard at healing and transforming the souls of these abused, traumatized animals. So it seems unlikely that there are slaughterhouses.

Although the far reaches of the Afterlife and the various frequencies therein, expand so far out into unknown levels of realities that I hesitate to express opinions about these possibilities.

Then I recall that when we are released from the heavy weight of this physical environment and are in our non physical bodies in an afterlife region, we can create whatever we want! Mountains, lakes, forests, great sex, furniture, orange pekoe tea and…of course…a filet mignon dinner. I forgot there for a minute!

I don’t know if many of you realize this, but our laboratories here on earth have been busy creating…guess what? Meat, that’s what. Man-made meat! Apparently they are very close to building muscle tissue suitable for marketing to supermarkets, and it isn’t at all bad. So living animals will no longer have to die in order for us to enjoy a nice steak. Slaughter houses will be a thing of the past, perhaps sooner than we can imagine.

Now, having nattered on about these things, I guess someone is going to ask, well what about the assurance many teachers give us that any scary forms that approach us in our Afterlife travels are just figments of our imagination? Does the presence of not-so-good people mean that they are real after all?

The answer is, we attract what we intend and what we think about, and feel about. If we travel in the AL full of fear as to what we may bump into, the universal web of light will obligingly provide that for us. If we travel with happy confidence that only good can happen for us and each exploration trip is to be full of learning, light and good, uplifting things, then that is what we get.

If I walk my dog in the woods fully expecting and terrified of the presence of bears and cougars, guess what kind of experiences I will attract? If I walk with pleasure and invite my Guides to give me and my dog an uplifting, joyful break from our routine, to protect not only us but protect all the other life forms in the woods from us also, then we will complete our walk with revitalized energy and good feelings. These things are true and factual.

Of course, I am not reckless. I do certain important things, like make sure we create lots of noise so innocent bears standing around eating huckleberries will have time to hide and get out of our way. I talk to myself or my dog, cough, sing, yawn, whatever, to keep the noise going.

Common sense and positive outlook: what a combination. And it applies in the Afterlife as well as this life.


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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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