When I say that you are more than your physical body, I mean that we are finding out just how little our physical body and existence on this plane has to do with all that we really are. And it is too much to contemplate, too much to know what to do with.

Take a look at this link, and be prepared to stay a while as the videos are compulsive viewing:

When I attended the Gateway Voyage, the initial required course at The Monroe Institute a few years ago, one of the most amazing lectures we were given was by Joe McMoneagle, the world famous remote viewer who used to work for top secret U.S. government agencies. His task was to travel via his mind to locations around the globe and draw a rough picture of what he “saw” there. He and a handful of others worked on a secret program for years before he finally retired from the military.

Joe gave us a task in the classroom: he would give us a location on the globe somewhere, defining it by its exact latitude and longitude, that was all we had. With that information, which normally would not be much, right??, we were to draw a rough sketch of what we “saw” on that location. We were nearly all able to draw a fairly respectable rough sketch of the St. Louis Arch and of a Japanese location…I think it was a temple, can’t recall now.

How could we possibly know, sitting in a room in Virginia, by closing our eyes and relaxing for a minute or two, how could we know what was located on a certain latitude and longitude on the earth’s surface?

When you contemplate what this implies about our real abilities as humans, you have to shiver with anticipation. Who are we really? We are clearly much, much more than we ever imagined.

When we travel to the Afterlife, or to Mars, or to a nearby city restaurant, wherever we go when remote viewing, we can even have the interesting “malfunction” of time slippage occurring. If you like reading books about things like that, you might enjoy the books of Connie Willis, one of my top favorites of all time, for whose characters time slippage became a regular occurrence.

You might remote view a location and see it as it was twenty years ago, which might lead your supervisors to think you have made a mistake…only to find eventually that you were right, as in the case mentioned by Skip Atwater in one of the videos on that page.

I think of all the things I have learned about my human abilities since I started on this path after my daughter died, at a time when I believed in pretty much nothing except Newtonian apples falling from trees, proving the existence of gravity.

And I realize that at some point, I need to do a revamp of who I see myself to be…I am much, much more than I ever imagined. I can leave my body in a variety of OBE styles, including remote viewing (although there is a difference between the two…but they both involve travelling without the physical body). That fact alone should shake me up: how much more can I do? I can remote view the planet Mars, for example. It does not matter where things are, or even when they were, we can remote view them. What do these things imply? We need to really think about this.

I can put my non-physical “foot” out of my leg and touch the nearby footstool with it, then continue on out of my body by letting my foot enter the floor and completely leave my body, except for the silver cord, which binds me to it throughout this lifetime.

I can stay in my body and travel wherever I want, observing what is in any location anywhere and draw a rough sketch of it.

These skills need more practice, but many have perfected them (I have not perfected them by any means) to a fine art. I, however, have practiced them, had some success with them, and come to realize that to say I am more than my physical body is an understatement.

Many are involved with watching the recent displays of UFO’s in our skies, pondering where these visitors from other planets come from and what they intend. Do they walk the earth? Are they in disguise? Are they nasty or nice? Have they been here for thousands of years?

But if you learn to travel in the Afterlife, you will bump into some of these space visitors, for they, too, are more than their physical bodies; they, too, can travel to wherever and whenever, they also serve in the busy offices and helping services in the Afterlife, serving humanity and helping us as we now approach the most astonishing period in human history – the time when we finally begin to discover who we really are, and who we can be, if we put a little effort in.

Many of us have seen and spoken to The Greys for example, but they are only one race of nearly 1500 who are participating in our planet at this time and who also are participating in our Afterlife worlds alongside us.

So much remains for us to learn and do; there is no time to waste.


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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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