Well, dead is such a dull word. Like a block of wood falling over. Not lively at all! As our knowledge and awareness of the Afterlife increases and spreads throughout the population, we might have to start using a different word entirely.

Fact is, nobody dies. So no one is dead. However, we do depart this life, and leave those still here in the most awful twisting, agonizing sorrow that is so difficult to live with.

When my mom first explained to me that everyone dies and I would die someday too, I thought that was the most terrible idea and I pondered it for weeks (and for the rest of my life too) trying to figure out how this could be. I decided I did not believe it because it was absurd. I didn’t know it then, but my reaction was exactly right!

We exist in graduated steps of development but there has hitherto been a total brick wall between the worlds (or frequencies, which is probably more likely what they are). When we leave one stage for the next, shedding our body as we go, we have till recently become unavailable for loving words, sharing, complaining, conversing. But things are moving right along, and soon we will be able to communicate most clearly across the void between the frequencies.

In an earlier post, I gave the link for the website where you can read about folks who are hard at work creating a radio whereby we can talk to each other across the void, and also we are told that there are many on the Other Side who are equally hard at work on the same project. So of course it will become available. Maybe we can go over to WalMart and pick up an inter-reality radio for twenty bucks.

I won’t say, “But seriously…” because that is a serious commitment on their part, and their amazing vision has supported them throughout all the difficulties. They also have had notable successes with the radio, and the transcript of some of the conversations between frequencies (realities) are there to read.

The Afterlife Communication website is another that gives a great variety of voices from beyond the grave to listen to. The thing that is such a surprise in listening to these, is the fact that the transition to the next world is so gentle and easy, and so perfectly normal.

One gentleman who fell out of a tree and hit his head, thus causing his death, was surprised to find himself in his old cottage where he and his deceased wife lived for many years, and she was there pouring him a cup of tea and explaining that he was now dead.

The whole effect was so perfectly normal that he argued stubbornly with her, and then his son came in to hug him. Only his son died right after birth. Now he was a grown young man and his father, of course, did not recognize him.

The thing is, moving on to the next stage is such a normal experience. I am relieved indeed to hear there is tea, as I am an addict of hot, milky tea. I believe one reason I came back to earth this incarnation was to enjoy tea and another was to eat peanut butter sandwiches. I like to keep the bar low so I don’t get too stressed with life.

So I’m pleased about the tea. And I wanted to make a little post commenting on the things I have noticed my family are doing since they passed over.

They are having fun for one thing. My mom and brother are ardent horse people now, as I keep repeating, because it amazes me so much. They love to ride. My brother is committed 100% to the care and healing of tramuatized animals.

My sister, who was always fun-loving, is doing lots of fun stuff. I have found her exploring caves and hanging out at a beach party with a crowd, having a ball beside the ocean.

My dad likes to socialize quietly, far as I have seen, and has taken to cooking on the barbecue in his back yard, where my brother and sister often join him for summery relaxation.

I haven’t seen anyone being involved in winter sports, but I guess there are plenty of areas where those things are going on.

You can create whatever environment you want, and it must not take long to learn, going by how quickly my brother learned to create a whole forest complete with the usual animals, a lake for fishing, a house, and a fabulous view overlooking a steep drop down into a valley where a herd of horses graze.

My mom and my daughter both carry out quite a lot of work, my daughter doing a form of nursing care as well as retrievals and other activities. My mom teaches other women stuff sometimes, stuff like Women’s Studies, which does not surprise me at all. She was a feminist long before the word feminism was even coined.

There are thriving full communities there which require all kinds of services and upkeep. Everyone seems to pitch in, there is a lot of healing work on a variety of levels. Different grades and types of counselors and healing methods. Coming from Earth, everyone seems to need healing, whether animal or human.

There are also other species living and working there, I have seen members of the Zeta Reticulans race (often referred to as Grays, but that is not a really politically correct way to describe a race, by skin color.) I understand there are other species there too, working alongside us and enjoying life as well.

It appears that nobody dies at all. Which brings me to the interesting subject of revenge.

One of the things I have observed in this life is that when someone has done me dirty, that is, done something to me behind my back to harm me, usually so they can get something I wanted, and succeeded in knocking me out of the way, an interesting phenomenon occurs.

When I was damaged in this way, I did suffer and I was upset. And I appeared to have lost something valuable, right enough. But that was all very short-lived, maybe a year or two.

What happened eventually was that, because I had been knocked out of getting something I wanted, I ended up in something that was truly much more desirable and wonderful. It seems to be a Law of some kind.

And that brings me to another thought: most humans who are wrestling with life on this plane, who want to achieve greater Goodness and resist temptation and live better lives in general, are not guilty of things like robbery, murder, rape, mayhem. Most of us live quiet and fairly obedient and considerate lives, in general.

But one thing so many of us humans suffer from, one great weakness, is the simple flaw of generalized meanness. Just being mean when we are in a bad mood, when we resent someone who has something we can’t seem to get, when it rains, when we owe too much money, and on and on.

Hardly one of us is not guilty of the sin of plain, ordinary ornery meanness. A hateful sin, a hateful choice, but one we fall into so quickly we hardly know we are doing it.

I have noticed in my brief visits Over There, that we continue to try to become better people, we need a lot of healing, and we really do need to undergo our Life Reviews. Otherwise, we continue to think we were right about everything, when the simple act of carrying out the Life Review will show us beyond a doubt that we were not all that right at all and that we so often completely misread and misunderstood so many things.

I have no doubt I will be mortified to discover that I made many mistakes in assumptions and judgmentalism. But I will also see where I made great progress and will be thrilled that it was worth it all.

And at the end of the day, after I have struggled with this life and this planet of infinite, but hard-to-get-at resources, I will be pleased that I fought the good fight and never gave up.

I have a saying that I repeat to myself sometimes when the battle becomes too hard to manage. I just remember that when we lower our standards, things become much easier. Sometimes we push and demand too much or ourselves and of others. AA has that well-known saying, Easy Does It.

That’s for sure. Easy Does It. Let’s encourage each other on the path and help each other keep a steady hand on the wheel. Nobody’s perfect. And the good old Life Review at the end of it all will make that very clear indeed.


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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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