If you go to a website called and look up the holographic article, you’ll find a nice meaty chunk of quantum theory that will inspire you to examine the power of visualization, among other things.

The entire basis of quantum theory is irresistible, seductive, leaving Einstein’s theories fighting for breath. Faster than the speed of light? You bet.

You’ll say, yeah but what’s it got to do with me and my problems anyway? So electrons from all parts of the universe communicate with each other continuously, so what?

If you think about it for a while, you’ll see that it changes everything, makes everything and anything possible, and explains the unexplainable. It erases the annoying problem of Time, and it explains how it could be that I could attempt to visit the home planet of the Zeta race and succeed, even though I am a novice and knew almost nothing about the Zetas, except that their skin appears to be greyish in hue. And of course I know nothing about astronomy either, or where stars are, or which star is which in the night sky.

So how was it that I could actually find myself in the home of a couple of Zetas with a small child and how could I go onto my knees and embrace the child with infinite awe and joy at such a thrilling discovery….a real little child far far away across the dark expanses of space…growing and developing and full of life in all its meaning. And how is it that the parents did not freak out, did not try to throw me out, did not stop me from holding their offspring in my arms?

The various intra-space travellers who we see in our skies these days with almost monotonous regularity are clearly in possession of an understanding of the “laws of physics” that so far has escaped us.

When we turn to the slowly emerging laws of quantum physics, we can only imagine the future that awaits us as we learn, at last, what the web of life enveloping us is all about.

One of the possiblities offered by the theory of a holographic universe, where we can travel instantaneously between star systems, travel backward and forward in time, and be in touch with all things and everyone forever in a state of No Time, is that we can change our own reality by the process we call visualization.

Visualization is certainly fun. Some writers tell us that we need to hold the new image of a desired change in our reality for around 16 or 17 seconds. This process is enhanced by cutting out pictures and photos of situations that make the imagery simpler and quicker to attain.

It takes repeated efforts and focus to succeed in creating a sense of a new reality. It takes imagination and new ideas. It is a very private place to be, the inner world of visualization, so no one can laugh at our aspirations and dreams.

When I feel doubt that I can change my reality, I watch The Secret once more, fast-forwarding to the part where the plane crash happens and the victim is so severely injured he should not even be alive, but is told he will be a vegetable all his life and never talk or breathe on his own again. He can only blink with his eyes.

We see in that story that he decided that all he needed was his Mind, and with that he could achieve any damn thing he wanted, thank you very much. So he used blinking to dictate a note to hospital personnel to explain that he would be walking out of the hospital on his own two feet by Christmas. What they pityingly thought of this goal can be imagined.

However, we see him in the movie, walking out of the hospital on his own two feet, sure enough, and in time for Christmas.

He did it by stubborn visualization and by listening to the commands of his Mind. “Breathe Deep, Breathe Deep”, it told him over and over, and he obeyed.

His diaphragm, essential for breathing, had been destroyed in the crash, but he healed it anyway. His Mind did the healing. His holographic Mind, in touch with everything and everyone that had ever been or would be, and in touch with the Creator of all these unknown and ineffably mysterious universes.

These powers are yours and mine. We can do anything if we make up our Mind to do it, as he did.

If we ever grasp the incredible reality that we are part and parcel of this immeasurable Web of Light that is made of and encloses and holds Every Thing imaginable, and every thought we have and every dream and piece of imagery we have, then what could stop us from achieving whatever we want?

The emerging science of quantum reality is where the rubber meets the road of life.


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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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