There are huge volumes of new research in areas we think of as metaphysical, and in fact, there has been for a number of years now, even though little of it ever hits the mainstream media. But slowly things are shifting, and little by little we are awakening to a different paradigm. The laws of geometric progression require a certain proportion of the population to become aware of new developments before noticeable change occurs.

That magical number is becoming more imminent each month as astonishing news appears before us, usually online.

It isn’t always that new discoveries are happening —sometimes it is that discoveries made even as long ago as, say, the 1920’s or earlier, are linked together with some new research result and bingo! suddenly a building block of the new, emerging paradigm is in place.

For those involved with such research and also development, those moments are magical indeed. For these people are crucial to the building of our hoped-for society, where population control is solved, the realtionship between jobs and technology is solved, the problems of disease are all solved, and no one has to age the way we always have done, the one thing we all dread and so far no one has beaten.

It is such a surprise when we stumble upon some wonderful new idea, especially when testimonies and proof accompany the theories.

Today I wanted to just offer you new food for thought and perhaps even celebration. Valerie V. Hunt is one of those many creators of the new paradigm we so look forward to.

Below I give you a link to her website (there is more than one, however) and also a link on another site where there is a great interview with her. The catchy phrase involved here is “The end of all disease?”

Valerie V. Hunt’s website is:

The interview is found at:


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