Reading brilliant and mind-tormenting discoveries by Ph.D’s and other teachers in areas of Energy Fields, Telepathy, and Non-Verbal Communication, to mention only a few, my thoughts meld into metaphors that spring from my own life and learning. Some of the thoughts that arise from this combustible haystack are complicated and require a lot of dissecting and debate, but most are, for me, pretty simple ones.

Like the amazing connection I have with a neighborhood dog, Ripley. It’s only in the last few weeks that I have seriously thought about telepathy as a serious possibility. They say animals are more receptive to thought forms than we are, and it seems sensible to start with my own pets and their friends.

About two and a half years ago when Ripley came into our lives, her sweetness was immediately obvious.

I met this solid little black dog, half lab and half, perhaps, pit bull or something, one day while exiting the nearby woods with my own big black lab/shepherd cross, Rainbow.

I had just discovered the woods and the multiple paths therein, and was in a sort of trance state with the beauty and peace of the giant firs and massive ferns, the little white lilies and other mossy myriad pleasures.

In this state, I emerged from the woods behind Rainbow who was bouncing joyfully ahead and we descended down onto the street. In front of a house sat a stocky little dog with two floppy ears; one flopped one way and the other flopped the opposite way. She had the shortened muzzle of a pit bull and heavy shoulders. I instantly froze in my tracks.  Oh, No. What a way to end this beautiful walk.

Not put off at all, of course, Rainbow rushed up to what seemed to him a most glamorous she-dog and proceeded to make nice with her. She began to whirl around in pleasure at being noticed and in seconds their friendship was cemented.

Still cautious, I walked over to the dogs and she approached me respectfully. In a moment or two, I was relieved. She was a really nice dog. Just how nice, only time would show.

Her family allow her a lot of freedom, and shortly after this meeting, one day, she discovered our back yard, off the alleyway. We live a block apart. She must have smelled Rainbow’s scent and, being an excellent climber, she just barrelled right over our gate and into the yard to play.

This began  a tight relationship which did not stop at the dogs, but extended out to myself and even the cat, and any friends who come often to my home. Ripley is a “food dog” and can be bribed with anything chewable.

There’s just something about this little black furry kid with her floppy ears, she magics my heart. For one thing, she has a great big huge smile, and she finds a lot to smile about. She always expects to be welcomed with open arms and offered something nice.

Since I am invariably thrilled when she scratches at the front screen door, or barks to say “I’m here, you lucky things”, I greet her appropriately with the words, “Oh, Ripley, You Came!! How wonderful.”

It’s hard to explain the power a certain dog can have over someone. I have experienced this strange pull before, with dogs I never met before and know nothing about. It’s like an Angel has dropped from heaven, an Angel that I have at some time been familiar and friendly with, perhaps a mentor of some kind. And here they are, on Earth, dropping in to say Hi howzitgoin? Anything I can help with?

Sometimes she turns up at 1:30 am or 3, or 4:30. It doesn’t matter, I always feel, as I stagger out of bed to let her in, that Majesty has arrived at my home.

When she leaves to go home to Mommy and Daddy and her two human kids, there is a huge hole in my house that I can’t seem to fill with anything else. I just wait till she comes back.

At the beginning when all this started to happen, I could not keep her out of our yard–she just climbed in.  And I never have to wash the cat dish, Ripley keeps it spotless. She has made herself indispensable, and I really had nothing to do with it.

This brings me at last to the point of my story. When she goes home, Rainbow and I feel the loss, no doubt about it. After maybe two days without her little happy face at the door, I begin sending her mental messages.

At first, the mental message just went out automatically without me intending to. But after I noticed that she mysteriously turned up with her little signature short bark at the door within hours of a Message going out, I began to wonder if she was picking up on my thoughts.

After reading Valerie Hunt for a few days, I decided to try to consciously get busy and see if I could in fact communicate telepathically with this smart little girl.

Hunt talks about the flavor of various thoughts. She talks about the five senses being involved…smell, taste, vision, hearing. There is a shape, a functional organization in the making of any thought worth its salt.

So I brought my love for Ripley into the thought-form as I created it. I stooped to the low level of creating a visual picture of one of her favorite treats, a little marrow bone thing, a small dog-cookie. (How could she resist?)

I imagined hugging her and making a fuss of her cute ears. I thought about how cute her paws are and how her skinny little tail wags. And I talked to her, looking into her brown eyes and telling her how much we missed her and would love it if she dropped in. Then I tied it all up in a bundle by wrapping it in deep feelings of love appreciation from my heart and I KAZAAMMMM!! shot it off to her a block away.

Then I waited. This was an experiment, and I had to take note of what happened. Would she come, and how long would it take? Should I send another thought-form, or wait to see what happened with this one?

It took about one hour before the familiar and welcome scratching at the front door-screen, and I flew to the door, hardly able to believe that it had worked!

“Ripley,” I hollered, hugging her. “You came!”

She grinned all over her face and went straight to, first, the cat’s dish, to clean it up, and second, to the cupboard where the dog-cookies live and waited for a marrow bone treat.

But one experiment was not enough to make me sure, of course. After that, I practiced many times and noticed that rarely, it would take a full day before she would turn up. But she turns up every single time I send a thought form to her. Usually within one to three hours.

Of course, she is getting old and has arthritis, so if it is very rainy or cold, she takes longer to come. She waits till the snow stops or whatever. I try not to send her a Thought if the weather is really bad. But I consider it ok to send her love-thoughts, making sure she knows we love her and Rainbow misses her. I try to wrap her in love-feelings during bad weather. Wouldn’t want her to forget us.

How does Rainbow feel about all this? Well, do you read the Snoopy comic strip? Remember how Snoopy does his happy dance if he has some reason to celebrate? Whirling around like a mad dervish, up in the air, dancing round and round a couple of feet above the earth?

Rainbow does this dance every time Ripley comes to play. So there is no jealousy there.

My furry fuzzy little kids. Two black dogs and an orange cat. Who has just cost me $540 in dental surgery.

On that happy thought, I am going to call it a day. G’night all. Think good thoughts, now!






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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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