DISCLAIMER: (Please note: The following article, and any other articles on this blog, are the opinion of the author and are not intended to be used as medical advice whatsoever. Nothing in this blog is meant to take the place of your doctor’s advice and treatment. Self-care means following your expert physician’s advice; they have degrees in medical treatment for a good reason…they are trained for it! That includes emotional and mental difficulties as well as physical.)


You have probably heard of Chakras, and many of you are very familiar with managing, cleansing, spinning and healing them as well.

For those who are not so familiar with these parts of our anatomy, the question may be asked “If they are not physically visible, can they really be very important?”

Your doctor will not (currently, at least) check out your root chakra and explain, “The reason you feel depressed and suicidal lately is that your root chakra is spinning badly, it is bent at a right angle and pointing the wrong way. I will give you some exercises to do at home to fix all this.” No, your doctor will not say this to you, though at some point in the future, that could happen.

So if they are important, can you even learn how to look after their health? Are their malfunctions similar to high cholesterol, or blood pressure, or inflammation?

There is a lovely, even beautiful, website at:

where you can learn acutely valuable information about these whirling vortices of pure energy that have kept you going since you tumbled down the birth canal, and even during the nine months before.

You can click on the “chakras” link on the left hand side and hear the musical tones applying to each chakra. Try to understand the importance of these tones, of the colors and meanings of the individual chakras.

Because they are NOT beyond your control. No one manages these vitally important “organs” of your body other than yourself!

Now isn’t that a scary thought? If they are so important to your well being, and you have not learned anything about them till now?

You can decide to make a series of appointments with energy workers, perhaps Reiki practitioners, and  allow them to have access to your chakras and to offer healing for them, and for you.

You can read and research a bit and start learning how to use your own sweet, soft hands to offer yourself healing directly, your own self.

You can learn how to use your imagination and the power of your thought, intention and feeling, via your brain and Mind, to heal your chakras (and everything else, for that matter.)

Visualization is one of the most important skills you can use to effect a total change in your wellness levels.

The website above is very useful, but there are many others, and many books. Books beyond numbering! At any good bookstore. Do a bit of study and then set aside some time to work on your own self.

Sit quietly in a dimly lit, comfortable room, and try to avoid being disturbed for a half hour or more.

Settle yourself in and let your mind gradually relax. To train yourself to relaxation, you can use the graduated relaxation technique which is very popular and easy to use.

Start with your toes, clench them, then relax them. Then clench and then relax your calves and then thighs, then abdomen, then shoulder and back, arms, hands, neck, face, scalp. It doesn’t take long. You don’t have to spend ten minutes on each area! Just a minute or so will do, and it is quicker as you gain practice.

When you are somewhat limp and relaxed all over, then let your mind drift, your eyes close.

Breathe deeply and in a relaxed way. Let your breath out smoothly. A few times, repeat this. Then, as you breathe in, imagine a pool of clear crystal energy under your feet, no matter what position your feet may be in. As you breathe in, you draw up the clear energy from under your feet and through your legs and up into your trunk and your lungs and neck and up through the top of your head, and —

– as you breathe out, you send the sparkling clear energy out the top of your head and it tumbles down all around your body in a pure golden light, a dynamic, moving light, full of sweet, good energy. Then you breathe in again, and once more a fresh boost of clear energy moves up your body and out the top of your head and tumbles joyously and freely all down around your body. Every breath you take brings in more of this good energy.

As you do this, you will leave behind all the limitations and annoyances of the day. Your strength begins to emerge. Your so-called flaws and weaknesses vanish. Your energy is God-given, beneficent, loving, approving, applauding and supportive. And very, very REAL.

Your breathing is natural, smoothly paced, so you don’t get light headed with this exercise. It is a natural exercise that comes easily and smoothly.

When you feel good about yourself, your life, and your existence, and all the darkness from a day rubbing shoulders with the human race et al has drifted away, then you move to the next stage.

Your goal is simply to access with your brain and your higher Mind, the chakras of your physical and spiritual body.


For you have more than one. The little bit of research you have done will have explained this to you. At the very least, you have gone to the website I have linked for you at the beginning of this article and pondered the contents for a half hour or more. So you have a small, simple working knowledge of the situation.

You move into the stage of getting your chakras spinning swiftly and smoothly. As a novice, what is the best way to start on this work?

You must imagine the root chakra first. It is situated between your legs. You already have read of its basic function and purpose, so you have a small grasp of its importance. You recall its color, earth color, brown. If you play a musical instrument, you may recall the sound it resonates with. As you continue to practice this exercise week after week, all the details will become more and more available to you while deeply relaxed.

So what do you do with this spinning chakra, if it is bent or twisted, or otherwise damaged? If your root chakra is damaged, you may indeed be sad, depressed, even suicidal at times. This part of your anatomy links you to life itself, to mother earth. It grounds you. If you had a childhood of emotional abuse or psychological turmoil, you will not be grounded or, as the Irish say, “nailed down” properly. You can fix this.

Imagine the root chakra, between your legs, as a clock face with the twelve o’clock position at the bottom of your abdomen area and the six o’clock position at the bottom of your buttock area. The clock face, when you are standing up, would be facing toward the ground.

OK, got the picture? Think about it. Get it pointed the right way before you start it spinning. When you have figured it out, got it in place in your mind’s eye, then put your imaginary finger on the long hand of the clock face and SPIN it like a top in a clockwise direction! WHOOSH! Make it fly around the clock face like a million clicks a minute. Faster! Smoother! Evenly, perfectly, round and round it goes! As you imagine this, it will cause the actual physical/spiritual vortex of pure energy to whirl in a perfect, circular motion, clockwise, as it should be. Be aware that, if it has been damaged for a long time, you will need to continue doing this exercise at least every week, to retrain it to go in the right direction! It will tend to go back to its bent state, like connective tissue that is used to being tight and twisted. It needs to be stretched regularly to new direction and health.

When you have it going well, then move up to your second chakra, situated in your lower abdomen, bright yellow. Picture the clock face, facing out, the twelve o’clock position being about at your belly-button. Get it whirling smoothly and at great speed, faster than the eye can see. Feel the whirl! Get it flowing in a clockwise direction faster and faster.

At this point, pause to imagine these two whirling vortices of energy (which by the way go through your body and come out the back in an equally whirling vortex exiting your back area), picture them going like mad, moving clockwise with great energy, whirling, the colors meeting and melding at the borders of the individual chakra areas.

Then move on to the solar plexus, bright orange, and picture that chakra whirling successfully and effortlessly like a spinning top, faster and faster, clockwise.

Pause to imagine all three chakras going like the wind, moving perfectly and in perfect health.

You are being supported by your spirit guides as you work at this, you are not alone. But you are the intender, you are the initiator, no one is controlling you…only you. It is all you.

Move on to the heart chakra, a beautiful green color. Imagine the colors meeting at the borders of the chakra areas, brown, yellow, orange, and now green, all whirling, dynamic areas of spinning energy, travelling right through your physical/spiritual body to the back and out of your back into the world.

You can see that they are all connected to each other, affecting each other, and all connected to both earth and to spirit. Very, very powerful.

Then on to a hugely important chakra, in the throat area, deep blue, where creativity and manifestation are always trying to break through into the world. Look at the clock face there, get the chakra energy whirling beautifully, successfully, unstoppably. Let the momentum of each chakra grow, nothing can stop it, slow it down, change its shape. All the chakras are circular, clockwise, spinning in perfect momentum as you work on them, one by one. The colors, the energy, the functions. You can feel and know your health is building as you work through this exercise.

The on to the Third Eye, between the brows, violet. Hear the note “G” that it resonates to. Get used to the different tones for each chakra as the weeks go by.

Then move on to the highest chakra, the Crown, your direct connection to the Universal Mind and Heart. Purple. As the weeks pass, you will be able to hear the musical note associated with each chakra as you work the exercise. When imaging the Crown chakra, imagine the clock face, if you need the visual help, with the twelve o’clock position at back of your head and the six o’clock position at your forehead, see what I mean? You may not need this visual aid by now. Get it spinning clockwise, fast, faster, smooth, unstoppable. Full of purple light. See the channels opening between you and your spiritual guides and helpers, between yourself and your Source, between you and the Universal heart of pure, unconditional Love.

Spend a few minutes, courageously seeking the FEELING of Pure Unconditional Love. You will likely feel afraid and try to shrink from it, as most of us do at first. It hurts a little when you start to feel it because we are not used to it. It takes up a lot of space in our Mind, Heart and Being. It’s hard to explain how it feels. It MOVES you. Once you start to experience that feeling, you never, ever forget it. You take as much as you can and then you beg them to stop, please. Another time, you will be able to take a little more before you ask them to stop. It’s a lot to experience. It pushes every part of your envelope, spiritually and physically.

When you finish this exercise, your body’s hurts and aches will feel better. During the chakra healing, you will occasionally feel a dull ache in different parts, perhaps in your back and spine for example, or your hips or knees. This is the chakra reshaping itself in accordance with your commands and intents. It only aches for a moment or two, then feels good.

When you are ready to finish the exercise and get on with your day or evening, offer a genuine prayer of gratitude to those who have been beside you, supporting your efforts to heal yourself. They will have been working on your body and organs and systems as you moved through the exercise.

This is like brushing your teeth. It’s maintenance. It will save you dollars in health care money, it will prevent years of pain and suffering, it will improve your relationships, your ability to produce at work and at home more efficiently and creatively.

If you are in an area of work which is not in your best interests or the interests of your ideal service in life, then as you continue to carry out this type of self-maintenance weekly, you will find yourself moving more toward your strengths and areas where you can really make a difference in the world. Areas where you can feel joy in your work every day.

Some things will change as you go on in life, continuing to care for your chakra health. Some relationships will drift away, and new ones come in. Your life will become more complex and interesting. You will feel more fully alive, though the process takes time and intention.

By doing this kind of exercise, and other exercises which you will find as you do personal research and reading, you will become keenly aware of the life force within you, and how you can manage and direct it.  The Source will bless all your efforts.

By doing these things, you state to yourself, the Universe, and the Being who created you and all life…I am glad to be here, I welcome every new day, I am joyfully committed to full participation in Life! Hallelujah! Today…I’m Bringing It All!

P.S. The idea of using a clock face to explain how to spin the chakras came to me from Valerie Hunt’s workbook “Mind Mastery Meditations”, which I strongly recommend to anyone wanting a graduated learning tool for expansion of spiritual practice.


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