Found a blogsite called “the-flat” by Gowripathi and thought, Great! That’s my NY resolution! Perfect.

Don’t want to scare anybody out there, but when I was forty, my waistline was as it had always been pretty much…around 26 inches. Now that I am turning 67, my waistline…argh, do I have to say this…gasp, groan, OK here it is…52 inches.

It isn’t just too much food that does it down the years, it’s a lot of things. I recall being a young nurse and rolling 200+ pound patients around the bed to change sheets, wondering how on earth anyone ever got so big! Well, it’s not just muffins and sandwiches and chocolate bars. I have discovered what happens to people as they age.

It isn’t just the years…it’s the struggle, the stress, the abuse, the codependency, trying to change others who won’t be changed, trying to make life better for everyone else, without caring for oneself. It’s what happens when family is crazy, when you are terrorized by life and by other people, when you have no money and can’t feed your kids or your pets, when all kinds of things happen…the stress and suffering does a lot of things to your hormones, to cortisol levels, to your intestinal health, to your stomach and your bile ducts and liver and all those tender, sensitive pieces that make up the physical you. And you do indeed eat muffins and lots of bread…it’s inexpensive and filling and makes you feel a lot better.

And gradually, relentlessly, your shape changes, to look like so many others your age, as the decades pass. You look at young people walking past and wonder if the wind will blow them away, they look so fragile and slender. You become used to heaviness, which holds you in place and makes you strong. Sort of.

Everyone says, oh, don’t worry, we all get like that, you’ll never be slim again, it’s not meant to be. So you give up, like they do.

But a small spark strikes once in a while, you suddenly breathe again the spring-like breath of a fresh breeze blowing through your mind, you remember the old feeling of being excited by life, being slender, being young…

And you think, maybe there’s a way. One thing is certain: there is no point in giving up. It won’t hurt to try.

Over the past year I made huge progress in my general fitness level by jogging for 20 minutes, three times a week. Carefully, not to injure my joints! And setting up some tubing around the furniture, doing difficult things with it. Seeing progress from week to week, carefully and faithfully. Not expecting huge things, but improvements. And I was rewarded continually, without fail.

So I will now take a good look at the suggested routines in “the-flat” and will report in occasionally on my progress or lack thereof.

The first thing I can tell you is that today I began to change my eating times and habits to match the author’s suggestions. That one thing alone has raised some interesting possibilities and challenges. For example, not drinking fluids after 7 pm (more or less). Eating fruit for supper. (Well, fruit followed by a Vega shake, which I love, mixed with a green smoothie of fresh veg ((thank you Dr. Oz)). I want some protein in my bod before I sleep, so I wake up feeling good with a high blood sugar firmly in place). This change alone makes me wonder…I have to go to bed earlier, or else I will think about a turkey sandwich, right? With mayo etc.

So with my tum full of fruit and smoothie, and it’s just after 7 pm, I am heading for bed and a video and will have to put the lights out pretty early…maybe 8:30? OK, I don’t live in New York here. This is a small mill town. No one is shocked by an 8:30 bedtime for someone almost 70.

I’m all set for New Year‘s Eve…got my resolution firmly in place.¬†Flat belly, twenty-six inch waist…here I come!


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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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