DISCLAIMER: (Please note: The following article, and any other articles on this blog, are the opinion of the author and are not intended to be used as medical advice whatsoever. Nothing in this blog is meant to take the place of your doctor’s advice and treatment. Self-care means following your expert physician’s advice; they have degrees in medical treatment for a good reason…they are trained for it! That includes emotional and mental difficulties as well as physical.)


So you watched The Secret (I watched it 67 times…once for every year of my life so far! I started out as a VERY negative person!) and while watching you felt inspired and ready to rock!

We all have our favorite parts of that movie…the one that connects me most strongly to all possibilities is the plane crash story, featuring Morris Goodman. When I think of his diaphragm being destroyed – he could not even breathe on his own – and he intended to:


Can you imagine? What a feat!! (no pun intended…remember how they showed his feet walking across imaginary leaves and finally his real shoes as he walked out of the hospital right on schedule??)

To achieve that, he had to do something most of us would find intimidating: he had to completely IGNORE the negative expectations of the medical staff! He wasn’t worried about what they thought! It was what HE thought, that counted! What personal confidence!

If you are like me, life has led you through periods of real sadness and expectations of more of the same. So, watching The Secret was an experience to be re-lived over and over, just so I could feel the hope, the inspiration and the pleasure it offers, just one more time.

Because when the movie ended, I returned to this real world where things go wrong a lot! Where decisions can turn out so differently from what I imagined!

As I have read books and articles over recent years, and struggled to figure out what I was doing wrong as I apparently pushed good fortune away, I have finally reached a point on that rocky road (now please don’t rush to the fridge for ice cream just because I said the words “rocky road”! ) where I notice what my brain is doing when I meditate or daydream.

If you meditate, or go into relaxation mode to seek self-improvement or spiritual renewal, then try gazing inward. Watch the landscape as your brain unfolds its train of thought.

You might see a background of mountains or a beach or a house…and as your brain brings up imagery for you to “look” at, watch your accompanying emotions, thoughts, and especially where your brain takes you next, what the next stop is on the train track in there.

If the next “stop” on the tracks is a sad place, a worrying place, a hurt place, an angry place, if you find yourself secretly “tearing up” as you follow the brain-train trip, then give your head a good shake! Take Note:

Your brain is undermining your happiness!

From childhood, we experience so many traumatic things that nothing can protect us from. And sometimes, sad to say, we are the guilty one shouting, saying, or whispering, so stressed that only our dark side is showing, and affecting others in our environment.

Why should you put up with a negative habit that discolors your waking moments, your falling-asleep moments, the random thoughts that drift through your mind through the day? Why not ditch this habit?

Not only CAN it be done, it MUST be done…or you are dooming yourself to a lifetime of sadness, in a world that offers so very, very much that is bright, beautiful and thrilling.

As Joe Vitale says in one part of the video, “So now I have to monitor all my thoughts?? How difficult is that going to be?”

That is too difficult to do! Our thoughts run by too fast!! And, in addition, they are far too entrenched!

By sheer persistence and by continual practice with every kind of means available to me, I have been able to improve the quality of my routine thoughts.

We use the words “Want” or “Desire” when we try to verbally frame what our dreams are.

How about using instead “Choose” and “Claim”?? These are words that exude Power. Whereas those other words do not.

So let’s say I go into alpha, or deep relaxation, where my brain is out of beta and the subconscious is much more accessible. The ideal escape, and it’s free! Easy to learn, too.

So instead of seeing the negative imagery start, instead of struggling with negative emotions, try something different.

Make a point of CHOOSING what you dream of having. Do you choose to have no more headaches? Well, why would you want a headache? Does it serve some purpose for you? If you decide you no longer want headaches, start training yourself to have no headaches.

If the headache starts, just begin the training program. Say, I see no purpose in this headache. I don’t need or want a headache any more. I am certain I have no need for a headache, thank you. I reject this headache, it serves no purpose for me.

At the same time, you must activate a FEELING of intention toward this goal. It happens, for me, somewhere around my sternum. It might feel, physically, like it is happening somewhere else for you. That doesn’t matter.

There must be a FEELING of INTENT that from now on, you are headache-free. Activate that feeling for a moment as you declare, silently or out loud, that you have no further need for a headache, and you reject the headache, thank you.

The words “thank you” ensure that the part of you which arranged for the headaches, to try to help with some problem in the past, will be honored for its good intention at the time. You reject the headache, you do not reject the well-intentioned Self.

The movie The Secret is right about something profound:

It’s all YOU. No one else creates any experience of your life for you. It’s all YOU. You do it all.

The first time I heard that in the movie, I was outraged. OH YEAH! That old nugget again!! Right! I WANT all this trouble! Sure!

We are trained for trouble, from childhood on. Or, we are trained for success, self-love, and trust in others.  We are trained to expect the world to be a gentle and rewarding place. Or the opposite.

Many…maybe most?…of us are not trained to expect positive experiences from life. We move through childhood as survivors, wanting to save and help our parents, who have no tools with which to solve their lives’ problems. We grieve for our parents, who seemingly can find no way forward, perhaps ever.

That is training, and it trains the brain for negative brooding. We graduated. But we can be incredibly brave, courageous, trusting, faithful, now that we are no longer children. Now that we are adults, we have a measure of control. We can exercise CHOICE.

So begin today to CHOOSE. Raise your body, head and shoulders, up out of the rubble your childhood left you in, and toss the old stuff off your shoulders. Shake your head, get the dust out of your hair and eyes. Rise from out of that pile and emerge, wounded but still walking.

Begin today to consciously manage your negativity-ridden brain.

But how to actually do that?

I discovered recently a brain function going on that I had not noticed before. It has been sabotaging all my efforts to move toward my dreams.

It is the good old logical left brain…I guess. Here is how it goes:

I choose a goal I hope to achieve, of any sort. Thinking about it, looking forward to it, imagining how it will feel to HAVE it, I suddenly crash headlong into a great big tree!

The tree is called Logic. It says: Yes, but, in order for that to happen, you would need to….And then, you know, this or that person would…And anyway, you have a sore whatever these days and so how could you possibly…

And on it goes. Logic. Reasonable reasons why you CAN’T DO, CAN’T HAVE.

Such solid, right thinking. How can you deny it? Slowly, your thighs start to feel weak. Ever notice, if you are riding a bike, how your thighs go weak soon as you think anything negative? Cyclists notice this more than most! Your breathing moves into jerky, anxious mode. Your alpha state crumbles. It’s impossible. Silly.

Well, consider someone who won the lottery recently. Maybe someone in your town or your state or province. Someone JUST LIKE YOU.

Did they rationalize and logic their way to the win? Did they sit up at night and make a fabulous plan that you are not able to make? Do they have a university degree you don’t have?

No, they weren’t even thinking much about winning, except for the occasional moments when they drifted into daydreams, imagining the new boat, the new car, the holiday, the clothes…and when they were caught up in those dreaming moments, unconsciously, they were bypassing all the negative logic that said they couldn’t possibly win the lottery.

Bypassing that negative, logical input is the most crucial thing we can do in bringing forward our dreams. There is no place for human logic in the manifesting nature of the Web of life we are a part of.

Logis is not what creates for us on the quantum level. Those Newtonian methods, rational and fine though they are, only work on the physical, macro level.

When we are dealing with the micro, quantum level where protons collide and create new realities, our physical brain is only effective when it relaxes and melds into the Higher Mind. Where creation takes place and human logic does not function.

Logic. Does. Not. Function. There.

Every protest may rise within you at hearing this.

It is not meant to be a criticism of the power of logic or rationality, which have played a huge part in the survival or our species down the ages.

But just as you need certain tools to complete a certain job in construction, and you can’t use a paintbrush to install a screw, so you can’t use logic to bring your dreams forward.

There are too many obstacles in the way. We can’t even imagine them all. The biggest obstacle is our childhood training – which prepares us to expect nothing except more sadness and loss.

That expectation is not logical either, is it? Think about it. That feeling of sad expectation that things will always go wrong, is not logical. It doesn’t come from a process of rational thinking. It just IS. It came into being from years of training at our parents’ knees, usually.

The process of consciousness-raising which has been operating in our world in recent decades is being brought to the fore in order to help us move beyond that old stuff.

Logic is the right way to go, on the physical level. But when seeking to manifest anything, we must look to the subconscious, which is nearly our whole brain, in terms of the space it takes up.

To access this huge area of our brain we need some tools also. One of the most vital is the ability to move from our everyday, busy “beta” brain frequency into the relaxed “alpha” state.  It takes only moderate training to do this, and there are countless teachers offering many different modes of learning. Just type “go into alpha” into Google and see how many CD’s and mp3’s you can find. Most offer free podcasts for the basic training.

Another way to access this state is to go into deep relaxation. Try the graduated one…start by clenching and then relaxing each part of your body, beginning with your toes and work up to your face, bit by bit. As you reach your face, you will be pretty deep and can relax against the cushions and feel a whole lot better just being there.

Now bypass the logical part of thinking. Know that the Web of life is at this very moment creating, manifesting, new realities for millions of people. They are not working at it, figuring it out, they are ATTRACTING it. All they are doing is activating the Web, in conjunction with their own energy field, to attract what they choose.

Morris Goodman did this, and breathed when they told him he had nothing left to breathe with. He forced himself to breathe, and to gradually do everything else he needed to do…in order to walk out of the hospital by Christmas.

Now, there is no use saying, No, it’s Impossible, I can’t do it, he didn’t do it, it’s a lie, things don’t happen like that.

Morris Goodman’s story is well known and well proved. He has spoken in public myriad times and places. He has medical records to prove everything.

As he says in The Secret, as long as you still have your brain, you can do anything. His brain was not destroyed in the crash, so he used what he had and began a new life, after being reduced to the state where he could only communicate by blinking!

Did he logically figure out how to repair his diaphragm, do you suppose? Did he rationally work out a plan, lying there, to become whole again?

Of course you know he didn’t. He imagined it. He saw his feet walking out of the hospital. He saw himself walking on autumn leaves in bare feet, feeling the happy crunch and enjoying the fresh fall air. And he brought it into physical reality. The Web of life responded to his IMAGINATION and his INTENT!

If you have trouble feeling the Intent of a CHOICE, just practice. It’s there, and it will respond.

My friend has a tiny, adorable little Zebra Finch for a pet, with a cute orange beak. Very responsive to people, absolutely charming little guy. His name is Peanut.

In his cage is a fresh lettuce leaf for him to sit on and munch, among other delights. His cage is fresh and enjoyable and he loves his little life.

He also has a tiny bathtub! Yes, a bathtub. Birds love water and splashing around, fluffing their feathers and getting all cleaned up. Just as kids like to play with their rubber ducks in the tub at home.

But I noticed him fluffing himself up one day, fanning his tail feathers and everything else.

I said to my friend, “What is Peanut doing? Why is he doing that?”

She replied (proudly, of course, being a mommy), “He is getting ready to have his bath. Isn’t he cute? He fluffs himself all up to loosen his feathers so he can get water around all of them and be all clean. Aren’t you my little ooky pooky…etc.”]

Well, you know how that stuff goes. And the bird responds with cheeky little answers. He knows he is adored.

Then he flies over to the tiny tub and the splashing begins. Water everywhere! All over everything!

I said to her, “But how does he suddenly decide to take a bath? I mean, he is only a tiny bird! His brain is almost non-existent!”

“Well,” she said, “you know, he just DECIDES! Right? Just like you or I decide to have a bath!”

But I went home puzzling over it. He decides. That tiny little brain, and he makes decisions. He CHOOSES.  What triggers that moment, when he suddenly starts fluffing himself up, ready for a wash?

That moment is called INTENT. All creatures experience it. It springs from within and precedes all action of any kind. Pick up a fork. Step outside. Rise from the chair. All formed at a moment of INTENT.

So trigger that moment of Intent for yourself. Get rid of that headache. Win that lottery.

Be brave. Be reckless. Forget logic. Set an intention that you will experience a certain thing.

We do it all the time when we have car accidents, trip and fall, drop a plate on the floor, or whatever. We choose all these things, believe it or not. You are good at Intending, you do it all the time.

Just activate the power of Intention toward what you consciously choose for your well being. Add:

a) Imagination, and

b) Expectation, and

c) Good feelings, and

d) Optimism. 

Keep doing that. Practice makes perfect.

I swear, you don’t need logic to win the lottery, find a new friend, rescue a kitten, lose weight, change your doctor to the best possible doctor for you. You need Intent, Imagination and Expectation. And self-love. Don’t forget self-love.

Any aspect of this you have trouble with, just ask your Higher Self to solve this aspect for you, show you how to change it. Keep asking. The answer will come. Self love can be hard to feel if you are used to despising yourself. If you have been trained to dislike your own self.

Your Higher Self loves you beyond measure. Loves you so much, it would hurt if you could feel how much they love you. You would have to ask them to please STOP! if they started pouring out their love on you.

So try these techniques today! Or you might find a quicker, better pathway to your dreams. If you do, please send me a Comment or Email and tell me about it!


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