Maybe you write software for a living. Or maybe, like me, you have never figured out exactly what a byte is, or how choosing between a zero and a one can possibly define choice.

If you are in the latter camp, you’ll be glad to hear that we come complete with a ready-made software writer in our own brain/mind.

Reading Gregg Braden’s book “Fractal Time” made me ponder again his point of view that the universe is a vast, incredibly complex computerized hologram. Something about that idea just resonates with me totally.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s correct, but have you got a better idea?

Computers are built in a way that resembles the mapping of the human brain, which makes sense. As Braden argues, there are direct similarities in software, hardware, and everything else between the human brain and computers. It’s easy to see why he thinks this is a possible answer to a lot of mysteries.

In addition to Braden, some very high-level quantum scientists now are referring to the universe as a vast and immeasurably ancient computer, set in motion by someone (a smart someone) long, long ago.  Except, referring to the words “long, long ago”, brings the question of Time into it, and apparently Time is part of the computerized program. There are places outside of Time, for example. So when the program was built, the inventor was already outside of Time, perhaps inventing Time…it gets too much for me at this point.

It’s all about words, really, isn’t it?? You can compare the brain to the universe in so many ways. For example, you could refer to the person trying to manifest something as a transmitter, and the universal web as the receiver.

If something is to be created or manifested, then both transmitter and receiver must be in harmony, and that right there is the problem. 

Logic is the big obstacle, as I mentioned in another article recently. Logically, I should not be capable of changing my life, or things in my life. Logically, I should have no influence over others thousands of miles away, or be able to direct or control what they choose to do. I have always lived as a victim of circumstance, trying to do my best in the face of, often, insurmountable problems. Maybe you know what I mean.

But I have been learning, learning, since I first discovered Susan James’ website back in 2003.

What happened was, I got a notice from Telus saying You are a Great Customer! For a reward, they wanted me to go buy a book on Amazon and they would pay for it.

Well, being a bookie, in the best sense of the word, I was happy to do so. Wandering through Amazon, I typed the word “manifesting’ into the search window to see what would come up. Susan James and her books came up.

Susan James is not perhaps as well known as some teachers of this esoteric art/science, but she’s an interesting woman who offers email courses in manifesting. She was my first experience of any of this stuff.

As a total virgin in that territory, I found her simple, face-to-face type of approach exactly what I needed. And I succeeded, during her course, of manifesting some amazing things. I hadn’t got it quite right, hadn’t made the details clear, but I could already see that this stuff worked.

Suddenly Life felt like a much friendlier place. I just had to get to know how to do some personal creation more effectively.

It went like this, my very first manifestation success.

We were moving house to another town and I decided to choose what kind of home we would find, as my main assignment in her course. Of course, I had some big ideas! But why not go for the moon and stars?

I put it out there (even drew a blueprint, in a stumbling sort of way) that I wanted us to get a house with two kitchens (there were reasons I won’t go into) and several bathrooms. I wanted a river I could swim in on the property and a small forest. That kind of thing. Wasn’t asking much!

Well, what we got was a triplex, a real deal on it, and it had three kitchens, three bathrooms (of course), and – get this: DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE TRIPLEX was a park laden with old growth trees, dog walking paths, and a fabulous ancient river, I mean a terrific river, where everyone swam all summer. In this magnificent river some fossils of dinosaurs and turtles as old as sixty million years, had been found, and were on display in the local museum. This was a river to really get to know and love.

OK, so this was a public park. Not our property. But it was right across the street from us.

Every detail I put into that blueprint was provided by the universe. It was incredible, unbelievable, amazing. I kept going over and over it. I stood at the upstairs windows and looked down on the beautiful forest, the fruit trees in the yard, and, throwing the window open, I could listen to that wonderful river rushing along, the small whitewater rapids where teens went tubing all summer making itself heard above the sounds of traffic on the street outside.

How could this be? How could we possibly afford to get all this on our slim budget? The property cost us $140,000. But, of course, it wasn’t quite right, was it? My plan really had been to OWN the forest and the river rights etc. But you see, I hadn’t made that clear.

So I learned from that, we have to be pretty exact when sending out our intentions to the universal builder.

After finishing Susan’s course, I discovered The Secret. Wow. What a movie. That was a treat. But then I realized how negative I had always been, because no matter how I tried, I could not, without the presence of a teacher at my elbow, believe that anything wonderful should come to me.

My life had been hard work and lots of suffering. I was addicted to the suffering, I began to realize. Nothing felt right without it! Then I knew that, unless I could afford to hire one of the famous teachers of manifesting power, I would have to overcome my concrete belief in the rightness of suffering and misery. If I had one supreme quality of character, it would be summed up in one word: Endurance. I was proud of my ability to endure nearly anything.

Good grief. Talk about having your work cut out for you. How would I ever overcome this set of negative tapes in my head??

A day at a time, I decided. I would just start learning and keep learning till I got there.

One day, the universe, which had been training me with infinite patience, sent me my first Test.

I got a shocking letter in the mail. Opening it, I realized it was from a government department that had been sending me a monthly benefit, which I felt I was very lucky to be getting. When I had applied, of course, I had told the total truth, declared all my income, etc etc. No point in messing with government, it never pays.

So when they had written to say I qualified for this nice little perk, I was stunned. How wonderful! A small thing, but every little bit counts!

So I had been enjoying this little monthly stipend for about fifteen months.

Someone on staff, maybe a new pair of eyes, had looked at my 2011 re-application, which is sent in every January, and noticed that I didn’t, in fact, qualify at all. Had never qualified. The letter this person sent me was rude, shocking and terrifying. I thought I had committed some terrrible crime. I was scared to death for a minute or two.

Then I thought, wait now, I haven’t done anything wrong. Someone made a mistake and I got a benefit I guess I shouldn’t have. So I phoned the office and sent the young woman at the other end into a panic as she realized that someone had created a big problem for them. The money was gone and what should they do?

She put me on hold for a long, long time while they put their heads together. She said they would be in touch.

I came off the phone and started to go straight into my usual, OMG, now what will happen? Will I go to jail? Have I committed fraud? No I had answered all questions truthfully, I knew that. The mistake was entirely at their end, no doubt about that. But still. What if….what if…and then, after that, what if….

Now in the past I would have gone on for weeks, what iffing. But I decided to be very brave and use my manifesting techniques. After all, whether I panicked and fell apart or kept calm, if had no effect on their decisions…did it?

Then I remembered: there is no space, there is no time. Everything is one. There is no Them, there is no separate Me. We are all connected.

Everything I felt and thought over this issue would have an impact on the outcome, I realized. I was now moving into proactive, manifesting Mode. I had never done this before. I decided on my approach.

First, I would use a technique I had developed myself, which means that I had to picture them in their office, all with their faces turned away from me, looking at something else, something that took all their attention from me and onto something else.

I “saw” a pair of hands lifting my file and putting it away. Going to the office computer and cancelling my monthly payments. And promptly forgetting all about me and my inappropriate benefits.

No more problem. For me, or for them. Case closed.

As the days passed, I kept “seeing” this scenario. Their faces turned away from me (this really works if there is someone you don’t want to run into downtown, by the way), and their minds entirely on something much more important. The hands moving my file, putting it away, and then taking me off the computer.

Over and over, over and over. I reminded myself that Logic plays no part in this. I CHOOSE the outcome and I CLAIM the outcome, and the only thing that would stop me having what I wanted, would be if my TRANSMITTER and the universal RECEIVER were not in resonance.

So I focussed on pushing aside all anxiety or concern. With confidence I “knew” that I would be protected and all would be well. What I did not want, was to have to pay the benefits back, even over time! Why should I have to? It was their mistake completely.

The key, I found, was to avoid THINKING it all over. Don’t even THINK about it, I realized. Avoid all cause-and-effect thinking, all natural efforts by the brain to go logical. Therein lay only peril and failure.

As the days passed, I avoided my old bad habits. I kept “seeing’ what I wanted and FEELING only good and confident feelings about the issue. It was not worth focussing on all day, it was only a passing thought, and I continued to develop and send powerful and energetic thoughts and feelings out to the universe.

I believed this was a test which someone, somewhere, was sending me. Would I pass? I believed I could actually make this go the way I wanted.

It was important to not give the whole thing too much importance. After all, I had no control, from their point of view. There was nothing in this material world I could do, one way or the other, about it. But in the non-physical, I not only could do lots, I could, in fact, command the outcome as I desired.

I knew that the outcome would be important in my learning curve. Whether it turned out exactly as I wanted or not, I would learn from it.

When the letter finally arrived, telling me that I did not qualify for the benefits and could no longer receive them, and that was all, I breathed easy. Not only had I kept calm, but I had controlled an outcome.

Using my thoughts and feelings.

Amazing. Thrilling. I was full of hope, that all can be well, and indeed would be well, for me.

I took a lot of your time to explain all this, because it was important to try to go over exactly how I avoided doing the wrong things. I hope you weren’t bored! I am only a novice, but what a terrific university the universe is!! For now I know that, after all…I can write Software…the most important kind.

In the Universal computer, far away or near at hand, there has always been this miserable software defining my life. I now know how to go in and rewrite that software, to suit myself. Well, I’m learning. And if you don’t believe me…Byte Me!!


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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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