For a quiet morning, when you want something different to do, try taking your cup of whatever back to bed, alone, and just close your eyes and let your thoughts focus toward peaceful, nourishing oblivion.

Let the dark, peaceful tunnel appear, pulling you in, further and further. Drift down the tunnel, and as you go, think about people you know who are suffering with illness or depression or other problems.

If you have been reading this blog for a while, or if you are a fan of Bruce Moen’s books, or the works of other teachers, you will know how to Travel in the Afterlife, how to reach out to someone else and say, reach out your non-physical arm and I will take your hand. Let’s go visit The Park.

If they are in the mood, they’ll reach out to you. You can even take more than one: three is a good number for this exercise. Pop over to someone else’s house and invite them along.

As you travel through inner space, holding the hands of your friends (or even enemies…it’ll do them a world of good!) you see in the distance the lights of home. And you say, OK, there it is up ahead. There’s The Park. Can you see it?

They will peer around through the inner space darkness, holding firmly to your hand, and say, What, that light over there?

And you say, Yup, that’s The Park. A world made by humans and other species, a fabulous place full of all possibilities. You can get hold of people who have passed over, people you care about and would like to see again. Is there someone you’d like to see?

And you land somewhere on the soil of this beautiful world, this planet-in-the-making. I personally tend to land at the edge of the Rose Garden, where all colors and some I have never seen anywhere else, are to be found, roses thick and clustered, roses with delicate pale single petals, roses in bushes and trees and free-growing stems. Roses woven into archways we walk under as we move along the path deeper into the more populated areas of this place.

You say to your friends, Let’s just drop in on the City, you can see how carefully it is planned, how lovely it is. So you all settle down, like butterflies, on a green expanse of fresh grass, flower beds everywhere, massive “old” oak and maple trees, esthetically constructed buildings, fountains, lots of color in all the urban space. And as you walk and look, hungrily taking in all the scenic splendour and beauty, watching the people moving around talking and carrying on with life, you see a group of young people sitting on a stone fence near a certain fountain.

As you notice them, one of them, a young woman, calls out to you, “Hi, there. Are you just visiting today?”

You answer Yes and she says, “We are student healers and counselors. We’d love to work on your energy fields for a bit. Would you let us?”

Fact is, she and the others can “see” clearly how your energy fields are damaged, torn, filled with the discolorations and darknesses that result from everyone’s life on earth. You are a gift from God to them…a perfect chance to practice their skills!

You look at your two friends and say, how about it? And they smile nervously, and say, Sure Why Not?

So you three go over and sit yourselves down on some nice sun-warmed rocks beside them.

They introduce themselves, guys and girls, happy to be able to help. They circle you and close their eyes as they proceed to both meditate and “look” more closely at your fields.

The girl who called out to you moves away, her face set in quiet seriousness. She goes over to a tree nearby where a number of shining, large rings…like hula hoops…are hanging on a branch.

Taking one off carefully, she brings it toward the group. They all step back to make room for her and the ring of light.

As she stands before the three of you, she holds up the ring and closes her eyes, deep in Intention.

As she stands there, you see the ring begin to expand in size, until it is large enough to place right over all your heads. It glows softly, and as you watch, the ring begins to vibrate with increased light, light in motion. You can see the photons moving rapidly, increasing the light more and more, and the light moves from the ring toward you all, gradually enveloping all three of you in its delicate folds and rays.

As the rays of light fill you and surround you, and the student healers stand in quiet meditation, supporting the healing, the light fills your FEELINGS with elements of joy, peace, and ecstacy.

Slowly the feelings of ecstacy build and you feel as though you are floating away in a light-ball of perfect peace. As the lights fill you all, the students “see” the tears and dark areas and injuries in your fields.

They stretch out their hands, sending specific points of healing love to each area of each of your fields.

At this point, imagine your friends, imagine their wounds, their problems, being gently pinpointed, smoothed out, erased entirely. See the painful joints, the need for oxygen tubes, the self-doubt, the pain from childhood, see it all slowly fading from sight as pure healthy light takes their place.

After a bit, the light emanating from the ring begins to fade, and you can see the light literally move back into the ring itself, as if someone somewhere is winding it back in. The young people who are helping with the healing experience stand before you, smiling with pleasure and excitement. One of the guys reaches out his hand and shakes your hand.

“Wow,” he says, “that was great. I loved that. It felt like things were really changing for all three of you. Did you feel that?”

Moving slowly and dazedly out of your ecstatic state, back to the particular reality of this Afterlife place, you all assure the students that you feel renewed, reborn, ready for anything.

As you walk away, turning to wave at your new friends…who will always be there for you, anytime you come to visit…you begin to talk about how great you all feel.

And then you say, “Well, that’s just the beginning…now we can go visit some folk you have been missing for a while. Who would you like to see, someone who has passed over and you haven’t seen in a while?”

And then, armed with your plan of intention, all three of you head for my own favorite meeting spot…the picnic benches beside the ocean.

Where absolutely any wonderful thing can happen. Go. Try it.

You’ll see.


About gentlenurse

Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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