Do you feel like you could use a little Bliss? Do you know others who are suffering with awful prolonged illnesses, personal struggles, finding their difficult pathway through the rigors of old age perhaps?

How wonderful if you could really make a difference. Increase the bliss quotient for yourself and all of those you see around you who are suffering.

If you step out onto the metaphysical, spiritual, divine pathway and begin a journey of discovery and learning, you will soon find yourself able to help both yourself and those around you.

Now, you think I will say there is no physical reward for this kind of effort. That virtue is its own reward. That even though, yes, you feel better after such a bliss experience, that’s it: that’s all the recognition there is. But that’s not the case.

You don’t need to be extra smart, or extra spiritual, to achieve daily levels of renewal and share these experiences with others.

We would all benefit from spending a few minutes daily in the presence of the Divine, who is utterly peaceful, calm, renewing and renewed, loving, non-judgmental, strong and protective.

There is no reason why you and I cannot daily enjoy this refreshment, like a small recess from the energy-sapping busy-ness of daily physical life on this level.

To enable yourself to get to this experience, some knowledge is necessary. You can get it from books or from teachers, verbally, by going to workshops or hiring someone to teach you specific material.

For example, you could sign up to take the basic Transcendental Meditation course, a very simple short course over a day or two that teaches you the pleasure of dropping out of the bottom of the”bucket” of physical consciousness. By that, I mean, you bypass and leave behind all anger, judgment, anxiety, hunger, poverty, self-doubt, need for performance, stress and so on. Just drop it and move into the place you will be in forever when you leave this body…a place where divine bliss is continually available, where friendships never fail, where perfect, mutual, accurate understanding of each other exists at all times in kindness, mercy and complete selflessness.

Let’s talk about Light, for it is something we can all enjoy. Unless we are locked away in the presence of the darkest dungeon (which some are), we can enjoy the simplicity of daily, universally provided photons. Enough for everyone.

Even those locked away from light, the cruellest of punishments, can find light internally, in the divine presence and find the nourishment for survival there.

Let’s talk about photons, about what they do and how they make life happen.

First of all, the light that shines around me and in everything I see is Intelligent. It is not a dumb force that just happens to be there every morning, or something mysterious that strikes the eye from infinite distances of outer space in the form of stars.

Light is a house, inhabited by the divine presence. It permeates our cells, our atoms, our electrons and protons and neutrons. It permeates the food we eat, the neurons firing in our brains. Every single tiny photon of light is a holographic representation of the total, infinite, complete Divine presence. As a holographic picture can be cut up into a million pieces but will still hold the entire photograph within each piece, so the entire person of God is present in each infinitely small piece of light on earth and elsewhere.

Now, this is not Bible-thumping or whatever. This is simple glorious fact. Light is freely given to the evil and the good, the just and the unjust, the perfect and imperfect. There is no splitting hairs or photons over the issues of judgment. It’s a feast, folks. Help yourself. Eat up.

In addition to being Intelligent, this light is Communicative. It can’t help itself, it communicates constantly, a cheerful chatter that won’t shut up. It wraps itself around our shivery morning shoulders as we sip that first cup of something hot and comforting, as we slowly move forward to meet what the “day” (another word signifying kazillions of photons) has to bring us.

This light Hears what we all say; it studies and absorbs what we Think, observing our Thoughts; but mainly, the most important aspect of Light for us, it Understands us. It understands our Feelings.

For those who commit evil, the Light observes and understands the history, the formation, the reasons for, the Thoughts and Feelings leading to wrong-doing, as we call it. Light is overflowing with Compassion: it Understands. It may not condone, but it fully and utterly understands.

It does not speak English or any other human language used on earth: it speaks only the language of Feelings.

Feelings are the universal language. An animal or a mute person can make themselves perfectly understood with a look, or a series of looks, or small gestures, depending on the complexity of the communication. We understand the feeling and emotion behind the eyes, the movements, the needs expressed.

Divinity understands us, and is present in the light at all times, always with us.

If you tried, in fact, to really be alone, you would have to forget it. We are never alone. There is no privacy. Privacy is a joke. The light, the divine, sees it all.

Now there is more, I am going somewhere with this. Patience, please.

This light, this intelligent array of photons, interacts with and intersects with, my DNA. My portion of the human genome. It brilliantly lights up my cells, my heart and its enormous heart-field, expanding outwards all around me and intersecting with the heart-fields of all those in my community and perhaps even further. As I suffer with a stomach problem, divine energy, loving and fully understanding, is present in my stomach. As my intestine struggles to cope with the stresses imposed on it by modern day life, divine compassion and healing power is present in every tiny atom of its convoluted length and width.

And, best of all, divine Light with all the characteristics that support and love me, is present in my brain, in every neuron and every instantaneous sparkling transaction going on in there, underneath the boring expanse of skull.

Now, I know that you are trying not to sound disrespectful at this outpouring from my digital pen, but you are about to holler, So What???

My point is this: science, yes, real hard science, has proven that our energy fields intersect indeed, that our heart-fields and all other fields of our many chakras spread out around us interacting with those of all the thousands around us every day.

We do not walk alone as we move through our daily collection of walk signs, red and green lights, our place in line, phone calls from welcome and unwelcome callers, as we take our beloved pet to the vet to be put to sleep at last, as we visit our child in hospital, as we try to be “present” in the hospital room where Gabrielle Gifford moves closer to full recovery, as someone we care about has their first baby, as we waken from surgery and ring the bell for more morphine and as we shop for nourishing food, struggle with our tight budget, look for a job.

Now this is key: whatever we send out to others via our Thoughts and Feelings gets reflected back to us. So if I spend fifteen minutes recalling some wrong a long-ago acquaintance caused in life, feeling resentment and hurt as I remember the experience, that ensures that the negative feelings and attitudes that person had toward me will continue to be firmly in place.

If I am prepared to, instead, observe how pointless and impotent are the efforts of people to harm and misdirect others in order to further their own agenda, then it becomes something to laugh about: the energy we put into trying to get our own way, manipulating others as we go, only, in the end, to find that in some strange aspect of the universal paradigm, we set up our own problems and our own obstacles! Voila! The work we do is complete, and we have succeeded in building a cage for ourselves, whereas the one we set out to harm and push out of the way…has found a better job, has started a marvellous new pathway in life, has met a newer, better Love, has in fact grabbed the Brass Ring…while we were busy re-arranging things to suit ourselves, as we thought.

I have found, as many have, that the workplace is fraught with pitfalls in the form of others who have their own plans, which may or may not include me in some form or other…unbeknownst to myself.

Some people think that their own need for something, for some pay grade, for some job, for some lover, for someone’s husband or wife, is enough of a good reason to lie, cheat and steal. No one is exempt from the quicksand of “I need, therefore it’s ok if I just reach out and take.” We must all be on our guard against that aspect of our humanity. After all, humans are the top predators on the planet, and not without reason.

But just because I CAN do something is not good enough reason for doing it.

Depending, of course, on the path we are on: the low or the high. And in the workplace, I have seen other people bending themselves into kinks trying to push me out of a slot in order to shove a friend of their in, or trying to take credit for work that someone else has clearly done.

How many of us have stood back and watched those manoeuvres, only to have the privilege of seeing the ultimate outcome? Eventually the fire they steal for themselves burns out, turns to ashes, and the Other they have wronged is out and about enjoying life at a higher level than ever.

The reason for this is simple: in every photon of light, God is present. God…compassionate, fully understanding, but not necessarily condoning; God, with great big plans for all of us, plans that will eventually take us out of these low-level behaviors onto, someday, the high sunlit plains of divine choice.

And this all works because of the characteristics of Light, of the Photons in us, around us, filling us all up…hold your hand up to a lamp right now if you can, see how the light streams through it, revealing to you that you are, in fact, insubstantial, made of fluff, and no part of you can hold back the light.

W can run, but we cannot ever hide. For God’s presence in light everywhere ensures that all our Thoughts and Feelings are omnipresent in the universe…just like God.

And remember: if we are onmipresent, then we share the rest of the characteristics too. We are also omnipotent and all-loving. We just have to learn a bit more, how to express our true omnipotence and lovingness.

God’s plan for me won’t be complete in this lifetime, but I can see, here and there, that it is moving forward.


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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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