So far, today has been the best. Had more time to spend and listened to three lessons.

Raising the Kundalini was very impressive for me. There are a lot of instructions to remember from the successive lessons. Breathing, imagine yourself in a cylinder, white light, chakra clearing, raise the kundalini, theta music, trance. When we raised the kundalini, following the repeated instructions, I was lucky in going immediately into a lovely “state”.

When meditating to prepare for doing retrievals in the Afterlife, I like to get into what I call the “red state” where I “see” a smooth, silky, flowing, interwoven bed of glowing reds and blacks. At that point, I forget myself and am in a place of deep relaxation from which I can travel to Focus 10, 12, 15, and on to the Afterlife locations. (These are Focus levels learned at The Monroe Institute in the Gateway Program, actually I learned them from a set of CD’s I bought from TMI before I ever went to the Institute on campus.)

Today I quickly entered the “red state” and found profound relaxation and a state of bliss such as I seldom can reach. The raising of Kundalini was easy…I imagined it as a wide, strong band of muscle travelling up from root chakra through all the chakras and to the crown. As it moved up through the body’s power points, it cleared the chakras and got them moving well. It was a smooth exercise. As it reached my brow chakra, I reached the “red state” and bliss. Unexpected and simple.

Unfortunately at that point, where the theta trance music was supposed to come on, I fell asleep. So tomorrow or next day I will do better. He warned us not to fall asleep. But there you go. Murphy’s law!!

Even if I never learn to OBE (oh, oh, positive thinking here please), I am learning other things along the way. Yesterday he got us to write a poster…”I WILL ASTRAL PROJECT” and put it up in an obvious place. He wants us to write it on the bathroom mirror, but I dunno…that’s a heavy commitment…I might (would definitely) get laughed at. Maybe.

Oh, I nearly forgot. I see that somewhere in the course, we get to learn about Astral Sex. Hmmm.


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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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2 Responses to AN OBE COURSE UPDATE..

  1. ………………………Kundalini is the energy that exists in a latent state inmanat the base of the spinal column. Here it creates a mystical state ofconsciousness of indescribable ecstasy withduality no longer existing…

    • gentlenurse says:

      Thanks for your note. Are you a yoga person? I am interested in your experiences of kundalini management. I have had really only one, very unexpected, experience of the ecstacy and will not forget it.

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