Well, after saying I couldn’t get the energy to listen to the OBE hypnotherapy CD today, I actually did. A small success and a good experience. Bearing in mind that I already know beyond a doubt that I do have an astral body and can, in fact, exit my physical body with it, (previous post, I think it’s part of the Chapter called The Little Blue House with the Sweetheart Shutters, used the vibration method which is a lot of work) bearing that in mind, I got into the hypno this time and wallowed in it.

He wants me to enter a place in my memory that is very, very comfortable and pleasant.

My place like that (I can only think of one) is when I was about twelve years old, living in the big house at Whiskey Creek (see Chapter called Growing Up Red (a) I think it is) and we had the fire going on a winter night, as we all had our camp beds in the living room at that time, and the fire kept us warm. It was during a routine meeting, maybe monthly, of the local Communist Party branch, and since we never had visitors and lived quite alone out there, the meetings were very much looked forward to.

I recall lying in my little bed near the fireplace, hearing the wood snap and crackle, watching the flames through the mesh of the fireguard, and listening peacefully to the low murmur of my parents’ voices in the kitchen where all five members of the Party sat around the table, figuring out how to change the world and make everything nice for everyone. (Dream on, folks.)

The feeling of pure peace at these moments remains in memory like watching strawberry juice sink down through the thickness of a sponge cake. Sleep would fall like soft snow, everything in the world was at peace and very secure. I loved the sound of visitors and the sound of happiness in my parents’ voices, something seldom heard.

So I went to that hour of my life in my memory, cuddled up in my gray woolen blankets (nicked from one of the logging camps Dad worked at) listening to the visitors murmur contentedly among themselves, hearing the fire snapping away, smelling the little bits of wood smoke that would seep away from the chimney and into our room.

As I lay there in that dream state in Whiskey Creek, falling asleep, I found myself choosing to start dreaming about myself living at Cameron Lake, at age about 8 or 9. In accord with the hypnotist’s instructions, I wandered down the beach by my little self. These were, of course, safer times. As I walked, I found a lovely sand castle someone had built. And so on, following his instructions. I threw my towel down on the sand, lay down by the sand castle and relaxed. I relaxed in my little bed at Whiskey Creek and I relaxed on the towel on Cameron Lake beach at the same time. I heard the fire snapping and I heard the shores of Cameron Lake lapping at the sand, both at once. The relaxation was profound. I had two bodies and I was in them both at once.

Then he said something about having two bodies, a physical body and an astral body. It jolted me as I was already enjoying two bodies…the memory of two physical ones. Only both dream bodies.

It was an odd and pleasant experience altogether. Dreaming in a dream within a dream…

When he told me to wiggle my fingers, bend at the waist and sit up, (not in my physical body) and then walk around the room, I realized after a few minutes that, for just a few moments, I could “see” the fluffy downy I was lying under, tossed across the bed and across my physical body. It was not purple, but a dull grey-creamy color, same as things looked in my one previous astral travel experience a couple of years ago, which apparently is because the eyes of the astral body are not used to being used yet, kind of like babies’ eyes are just after birth.

I was pleased to have that few moments of “out of body” awareness. It was a good start, and I loved the CD.

After it was finished, I felt great but after getting up and busy again for a while, I suddenly felt utterly drained, same as I felt after reviewing all the previous CD’s in two days. It seems that these activities use a lot of energy. Relaxation must be hard work!

It was a good practice run, I’ll keep listening to the hypnotherapy CD. He suggests daily for about three weeks, butĀ then againĀ it might take six months. And the minute I start flying around outside and popping off to watch the crowds in Tahrir Square, I will let you know!


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