Just a note for anyone checking in to see how my OBE course is going. The first thing I noticed was that Steve Jones said it might take six months or it might happen sooner. A lot of stuff has been going on. For one thing, there is so much material in this set of CD’s. He seems to have made OBE the hub of the bicycle wheel and there are many, many spokes leading toward it from the outside of the wheel. The CD set covers a huge range of territory and the building of many skills that are sub-skills to the actual OBE ability.

Since each of these is fascinating and seductive, I have been spending time on that treasure trove and not focussing on the OBE goal. However, I can see that up ahead things will resolve into a laser-like beam of focus on that achievement.

In the meantime, I have been digging around in some of my old files. Lifted out a huge folder I haven’t looked at in a long time…material kindly bequeathed to me by an old friend who is now in spirit, Garth Langdon of Vancouver, B.C.

Garth’s wife Dorothy died back in the 90’s, leaving him truly bereft of the keystone in his life. To deal with his loss, he began to search every possible resource to learn how to contact her in the Afterlife, something he had not paid much attention to before.

Someone should have written a book about Garth’s search, but although many of his students and friends told him he should write about it all, he decided to leave that alone. His offering to history was going to be through those he influenced and taught as his own skills grew.

Garth is the only person I have met so far who habitually spent time at appointed hours, channelling movies and pieces of favorite music to his friends and acquaintances in the Afterlife. I had never heard of this being done before he talked about it. Since then I have tried to achieve that level of focus but failed.

To do this, it’s necessary to remain in meditative focus on the movie or music as you watch or listen yourself and at the same time continuously SEND the imagery you are receiving along to those gathered on the Other Side, who have responded to your posting of the intent to send a concert or movie of some kind.

He assured me that when we post this kind of intent, having chosen something we think is quite wonderful, that many, many people who have passed over will learn of the upcoming date and will plan to be there, and thus a crowd gathers to absorb this movie or whatever.

Of course Hollywood has no idea that its copyright is being broken in this way, and the FBI would have its work cut out for it if it knew that huge crowds of people were being shown private viewings of these films, not to mention how the composers of fine music or art would react to knowing their work was being thrown across the vast screen of the inner universe to millions without their permission. (OK, that’s meant to be a joke.)

Since Garth first told me of this skill, I have made small attempts to “send” something I really liked, but about ten minutes is my limit, then my mind of off and wandering.

To think that Garth Langdon came to these skills absolutely new and untutored, went out and found the knowledge he needed and taught others, is amazing. It’s the Power of Love in true action.

His beloved Dorothy and his personal Guide, Bartholomew, were his daily company in his old age. He spent vast numbers of hours working with Bartholomew to retrieve souls who were lost following death, wondering where to go and what to do. He worked on hundreds of healings for others, particularly through the Dolphin Energy Club at The Monroe Institute.

Garth took everything he did very seriously. As I leaf through the massive pile of papers, both copied from books and in his own careful, meticulous handwriting, I find healing for my own family troubles (which are too numerous to mention) and peace and self assurance arising once more from what is occasionally a morass of despair over my lack of normal family affections and sharing.

He has this morning put me back in touch with my Higher Self, my unique self, my Self that is okay and does not need the approval of any one person. I went to bed in despair last night and here at quarter past nine this Sunday morning, I am back in my full person, at ease again and happy with myself. After spending a half hour looking through his teachings and comments.

Thanks, Garth! Wherever you are, you and your much-beloved Dorothy. And Bartholomew. Your healing work continues. Thank goodness for the written word, which outlasts our fragile frames.

Back to the OBE topic. I will occasionally drop a word of what I am learning from Steve Jones and how it’s going. And when I once more stand outside my house in the street and know that I am actually outside of my body and in some other, more unfamiliar body, having done so at will and without the exhausting vibration method, I will intantly rush to the computer and let you all know.


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