The Tipping Point in Everyday Life New Robbins-Madanes Video

Over the past few months I have been privileged indeed to watch several of the Robbins-Madanes free videos, which show the amazing and QUICK life-changing methods Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes use to help people change. Like watching miracles take place before my eyes. When you sign on with your email address, you will have the same experience of watching avidly while courageous and open people both make huge changes in their lives and also learn how to practice these unique techniques to help others. These videos take time to watch, so feed the family, the pets and yourself and make a pot of coffee before you sit down.


About gentlenurse

Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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