On the morning of Tuesday, March 1, I woke up in one of those fuzzy states in which we often experience a “vision” – imagery that seems unrelated to any remembered dream state, it seems to pop out of nowhere as we stir, begin to open our eyes and surface.

As I began to surface, it was still entirely dark. I often wake up around 4:30 so that was not unusual. But this time, as I wakened to the dark, I moved my left   arm out to the side of the bed and touched icy cold water. Right at the level of my bed, the room was filled with black, icy water. I sat up in a state of mindless terror at once. All I could think of was my cat and dog, asleep on the far side of my king size bed, up against the right side of the bed by the bedroom wall, still asleep on their fluffy green blanket.

Despair struck my heart as I knew immediately that whatever it was that was happening, I could not save my beloved pets, who depended on me.

In moments, my mind flashed around. The window: but no, if the room was full of water, then outside the window, it would be full of water too. No point in trying to get out. In fact, maybe the bedroom had filled with water from the open window. Ladder. Get them up high. But of course I was too stupid to have a ladder in the bedroom. Why had I never thought of that? Then I realized I should have had the cat’s carrier bag on the bed too. How would I manage the cat once he discovered the room was full of water?And in moments the water would start seeping over the bed, and I perhaps had only minutes left to live.

I didn’t have much feeling about my own death, apart from the awful feeling of helplessness and I did not want to die in the darkness. But the worst feeling was that I could not save these ones who depended on me. I was powerless to save them. They would die shortly, drown in the darkness, an awful death.

Darkness! Maybe the electricity was still working! I reached out and switched on the lamp! The light came on, the bedroom around me was normal, dry, no flood.

The relief was overwhelming. It was a dream…no, not a dream, for I was awake all the way through it, at least, awake enough to not be asleep! My pets snoozed on up against the wall on their fluffy blanket.
I swung my feet out of bed, full of relief and gratitude. Another day. One more day to live, and the nightmare receded as I moved to the kitchen to put the kettle on. Open the back door for the dog to go outside. Things were normal. My marmalade cat was waving his tail around my feet, saying, Feed Me Quickly Before I Expire.

As I went out to the bank later in the day, I chatted to the teller as she carried out my requests. I told her about my “dream” and how frightening it was. Her eyes opened wide in sympathetic response.

I was to remember that vision, or dream, this morning when I got up and turned on the tv, and the first photos and videos of the Japan earthquake began to roll across the screen.

Instantly I recalled the vision and realized I had been experiencing what some poor souls had already experienced in the full waking state as the tsunami rolled across their countryside relentlessly. The terror of the vision came back to me and I shuddered as I watched the screen. Inside those cars, offices and homes people had been carrying on with their normal day when hell broke out upon them almost without warning. Apparently Japan had 10 – 15 minutes warning. Not enough time to sound the sirens and evacuate people.

Later in the day today, I went into a quiet state and asked if I could help with retrievals.

To relax quickly, I used Bob Monroe’s siren sound which he recommended on some of his tapes as a way to quickly settle into light trance.

The sound quickly caused everything of the world to drop away from me and I stood, a speck of consciousness in the inner darkness, waiting for movement.

First, I saw a small boy, a toddler, alone in a room, leaning on a wall, crying loudly the way little ones do when they cannot find their mother. His mouth was open wide in a long wail, his face covered in tears.

I knew from childcare experience in years past that if you approach a crying, scared child quickly and try to pick it up, it will stiffen in your arms and scream louder. So I stood wondering what to do, with my hands stuffed in my jacket pockets.

In a moment, I felt something unfamiliar in my pocket and pulled out a tube of chocolate candies. Facing the child, I opened the tube and pulled out a candy and began to slowly eat it with the crying child watching. After a minute or so, he stopped crying. He was hungry.

I reached out, offering him a chocolate. He reached out his little hand but could not reach me. I stepped closer and he took a step toward the candy.

After a couple of minutes, he was close enough to reach the chocolate and I reached out for his hand, slipping the candy into his hand, and when he had put the candy in his mouth, I took his little damp hand in mine.

Being aware that picking him up would be a mistake, I walked slowly with him toward the door of the room, looking around for a Guide or someone. As we approached the door, I thought of various possibilities that might appear, perhaps his mother, or a grandparent, or a Guide, but we entered the doorway and the vision stopped. He was gone.

Then I allowed my mind to wander a bit and finally was able to refocus. The siren again. Quickly I settled in and saw a group of Japanese men in what seemed to be a business meeting, at a long table in an office room with wide, tall windows. They were all wearing black suits. As I watched, the water flooded past and the windows punched out, spraying glass all over everyone. The men looked bewildered and shocked. Water soon flooded the room and the table literally floated away out the window space. The men floated away, some struggling, some already dead.

My eyes followed one particular man in his black suit and the imagery began to drift in and out. I struggled to maintain focus. I doubted that I could do this. I am so unfamiliar with all things Japanese. How could I help any Japanese person?

I once more returned to the siren sound and settled in again quickly.

There he was, standing in his suit, perfectly groomed as though nothing had happened. He was standing a few feet up in the air before a glass-walled office building, the world around him in an awful flooded mess, churning around below his feet.

As I approached him, sailing through the air directly toward him, he watched me coming closer toward him. As I got close, he carefully stood very straight, like a soldier about to be addressed by a commanding officer. Then he precisely shot his cuffs, ensuring his dress suit was militarily perfect. Having straightened himself up to his ability, he placed his arms straight down by his sides and, holding his head high, gazed right into my eyes. Clearly, he thought I was a divine messenger sent to collect him for the Afterlife. In a moment of confusion, I laughed, thinking how very un-divine I am, then my humor crumbled as I realized that that was exactly what I was…a divine messenger sent to collect him for the Afterlife. The thought froze me for a moment.

Pushing myself to do this thing, still uncomfortable with my role, I approached him and tried to appear confident and blase.

I felt the need to put my arms around him and just fly off to safety. I was scared of the chaos as well, just as if I were there in real life. I could not detach myself from it.

Feeling it would be inappropriate to handle a Japanese businessman that way, I approached from the side and reached for his arm instead. He allowed me to take his arm and as we moved away from the flooded area, I said that my name was Vee and what was his name? I made gestures to indicate I was asking for his name, and then he spoke in near-perfect English that his name was something like Honshu or something similar to that sound.

I did not know where to take him, but suddenly saw ahead of us a group of shining persons handing out hot soup to a group of refugees clearly from the tsunami. They were sitting huddled on the ground wrapped in blankets, some eating hot soup, some just sitting waiting for their bowls to be handed to them.

He quickly and gladly, without protest or question, moved toward the shining helpers.

In the next moment, I was faced with a puzzling apparition.

Two rough looking Japanese men stood over the edge of a bluff of some kind. Between them they held the protesting body of a smaller Japanese man, and were swinging him in and out obviously intending to heave him over the edge. They were grinning maliciously as they swung his body back and forth. He looked terrifed, protesting loudly. As they swung him, I withdrew in disbelief. I was imagining this. Where had it come from? Was it real?

Then I pulled myself together and shot back into the picture. The man had already been killed and was caught up in the relentless memory of his manner of death. As I watched, I was moved to the astonishing sight of a horse track, a racetrack. In my ignorance, (I am not a world traveller by any means), I thought, surely they don’t have racetracks in Japan. Why I thought that I can’t explain, I have never thought of horse racing in Japan. Just plain ignorance of course.

I thought when this was over, I would go online and see if they had race tracks in Japan.

Then I was back and watching as the man was swung toward his certain death. As they swung him out, I approached him and reached out for his hands. He grabbed my hands and I quickly moved away from the scene with him. Meaning to fly off with him to a safe place, I instead found him gone from the scene and I was instead gazing at the amazing sight of the head of an Egyptian Pharoah. So there was a museum involved, a museum which housed Egyptian artifacts.

I wondered if there had been a museum in the path of the tsunami? I would go online and look.

After surfing around on the net later on, I found that there are several race tracks in Japan, and one of them is in Fukushima City, the Fukushima Racetrack. I was amazed. Right in the path of the tsunami, but not much damaged. The roof mainly as far as I could ascertain at this early hour. It’s so surprising that info can be online so quickly after an event.

I surfed around looking for the right kind of museum in the path of the tsunami, but after a while I thought, maybe the victim had worked in the museum, or maybe he had been part of a robbery at the museum and had offended his partners in crime. But I just don’t know what that was about, I am just speculating. And in all the confusion, of course, I did not ask his name or any identifying information.

So those were my retrieval efforts today.


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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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3 Responses to TSUNAMI

  1. hello Vee. here’s a retrieval of late. a friend at Linn’s forum asked for prayers for Japan and I decided I’d do a retrieval. it’s a lot like what Bruce was talking about, where you’re doing something else and you’re retrieving at the same time. I was conscious. I was on the coast and spotted a two year old boy as I perceived it, and in the water with other bodies. I scooped up the child to go inland. I saw a truck bed loaded with children all sitting in a row to be taken from the disaster. I looked around and thought I hope there’s not a school involved in this…but I was picking up that the children had come from the school. I saw a girl around 10 or so huddled in the truck bed and I asked her to attend the younger children. She frowned with the thought of the responsibility but I handed the child over to her, and I knew this would help her to help others, to forget her deep angst.

    then a few days later I was reading about an elementary school, where children had gathered on the roof. the article did not say if they were rescued, but I thought, this might be where I had gone.
    love, alysia

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