Yesterday I carried out a Reiki healing ritual together with members of the forum I post to on Bruce Moen’s site, to perhaps retrieve a fragment from my sister W, she is the oldest in the family, and has dementia and is in a locked ward to keep her from wandering away. She started signs of brain damage very young, maybe in her early 50’s, and was institutionalized in her late 60’s.

She is the youngest in the dementia ward, I have done a few healings for her and see some improvement it seems to me over the year I have been working on her. My mother disowned her when she was young, she ran away at age 14 and never came home again. I don’t know all that happened. I am middle in the family so I know only a little.

Yesterday I felt much more armed for the task since joining The Conversation Board forum on Bruce Moen’s site, “Afterlife Knowledge”, and have gotten so much teaching from everyone there. This was the first healing I tried to do for her after joining the Board. I stated my wish to retrieve any fragments of her being that I could, and I made a clear request of spirit to bring any fragments for healing and retrieval.

As I draw energy up from my feet and send it up through my head, before I can do anything more I observe a collection of individuals, 5 or 6, arrayed at the top of my crown waiting to be invited in and I have now invited them in. They stand around me in a semicircle. I am standing inside my crystal circle. The person on the left is a gentleman dressed in a long robe with something around his head. He is my idea of an impressive looking Eastern teacher. He has stepped around to my left and has indicated he wants to hold my hand so I slip my hand into his.

He reaches out to his left to a small, dark haired woman, short hair, quite slight of build, large dark eyes, dressed in short cut denim overalls. She seems not terribly confident. She holds his hand and stands by him.

There is next a tall, elderly woman with long gray hair. She wears a blue, floor length dress. The blue in her dress is like the blue in the healers robes I sometimes see in the City in the Park, an area of the Afterlife. She is being very patient with me here and she has some sort of necklace, a string of crystal beads that resemble the crystal stones forming the circle I stand inside. She is putting this necklace over my head.  

Now there is another one coming but as another one is approaching to join hands the ones beside me are starting to move their feet in time to the drumbeats of the CD I have on.

And there is an element coming into the circle of healing, an element to do with the moon, a moon goddess or someone bringing in the qualities of the moon and of water flowing and before me is a picture of a dam with water pouring over it, a moon overhead of the dam, very large and heavy in the sky, I can see the markings of the land on the moon, it hangs so large and heavy over the dam. And this is part of the empowerment of the retrieval.

I am trying to see who is coming to join hands now. I see some of our group, that is, members of the Conversation Board forum, somebody just squeezed my left hand, the man in the long robe, and there is someone from our group, I think I am getting that it is Steve but I also see an image of Spooky, I know so few of the group members, but some from our group here, the long haired woman takes the hand, Spooky’s hand I think, Steve is next, I have this overwhelming urge to cry, who is coming next, a friend of mine is stepping in, it looks like one of my friends, Bet, but I don’t think she is interested in this sort of thing, and so I think that is supposed to be a signature for Betson, it is probably Betson who has stepped in I think.

I am getting a picture of a pretty engagement ring with a diamond in it rising in the air, from beside Betson, rising in the air, I feel it very keenly on the right side of my head, the energy is interacting with my energy, oh, I see it is a ring, like our circle here, a diamond ring, a diamond circle. the group. Let’s see who else comes into the group. There is a native person stepping forward, a male, feathers prominent in this image, looks like a native warrior, perhaps early to mid 30’s.

There is an image of huge truck, like a Mac truck, with its headlights on in the night behind our group, coming down the road.

Here, looks to me like Alysia, a slender fair haired woman, I think it is Alysia. My right hand is tingling now. I get the color green. I get this feeling of imminent importance, of something important going to happen here today, each person who is gathered here knows something I don’t know, something important, still another person to come, Alysia is waiting, she looks over her left shoulder, where is this other person still to come, I am waiting to identify who this last person is.

I see in the area where this last person will be standing I see the Plains of Africa and countless people in a long long line, filing along to where we stand, across a huge sunlit plain, toiling along. (I remember now that I am typing this, that Out of Africa was my daughter’s favorite movie.)

I can’t see who is coming. Someone is coming to stand between Alysia and myself. I am waiting. I am seeing a beautiful rose or flower, the gate of a cemetery standing open and this beautiful huge flower is hanging in the air beside the gate.

I would like to invite Garth and Dorothy (healer friends of mine who are passed over) if they wish and their Guide Bartholomew if he wishes, it will strengthen this healing for W, I still don’t know who this other person is we are waiting for.

I see a table with people sitting around it. They have a globe of the world in the middle of the table, and the globe of the world is spinning, whirling, very fast, spinning anti-clockwise, backwards. There is a Chinese man at the head of the table and the others are a mixture of races. There are guardians of the Earth arrayed above the earth, are moving in time to the drumbeats of the CD music as they watch the globe spinning on the table.

And we are still all standing here waiting for this last person to join the circle. I extend my right hand to encourage them in, whoever they are. It turns out that this is my daughter Lori, who has chosen to offer herself to help heal her Aunt W.

As you can imagine, I am overwhelmed with emotion at this turn of events. Of course, I remember, I specially invited Lori in and here she is at last. Lori is also wearing feathers and is identifying with Native healing at this time. She is also wearing the skins of animals around her feet, draped around her, and she is grounding herself as a sort of lightning rod for the whole group and she has used the feathers and furs to be the grounding for this group, grounding in the earth.

I ask for support from the Monroe crystal at the Monroe Institute also. I am going to ask for our forum leader, Bruce Moen, if he is available in spirit, to help with this retrieval too, to help us put W beyond the reach of the forces that have dragged her down and place her beyond the reach of these negative forces.

The woman with long gray hair steps forward into the middle of the circle. (I am now being shown a volcano. My brain doodling as it attempts to show me what I am seeing in terms I am able to understand.) Also there is a large candle burning, hanging in the air in front of me. So fire is important in this retrieval: volcanoes and candles.

A full fledged group of aboriginal people dancing with masks and full costumes, masks on their heads. Behind the group, red and gold costumes in the darkness, dancing.

I am seeing an image of a part of W, it is a little girl, very frightened, out in the dark outside the circle.

I am seeing my Mother and the little girl’s face and I am seeing huge conflict and terror and fear, more than W can cope with, W’s hair is standing straight up, she is a little girl, there is so much fear, this little person is out there in the cold, still terrified. I get the feeling she is hiding from her mom, hiding from mom.

This is the first time I have seen my mom in any of my visualizations or retrievals at all. (I had a hard time finding my mom after she died, and finally did find her. After today, I feel we have made peace with each other.) I am so grateful and totally stunned and amazed to see that Mom has come to join in W’s healing and retrieval. This is a great moment.

But the child feels that Mom is looking for her and will harm her. What can I do for this little girl, everybody? I don’t know what to do. I have not done this before.

I stand in front of her and try to catch her attention. She sees me. There is a birdhouse attached to a tree. It is a place she can hide in, has been hiding in. I reach out my left hand to her, say “I am your sister, I will keep you safe, come with me, I will keep you safe. Come and meet my friends. My friends will love you.”

She is dirty and ragged, skinny as a rail and her bones are visible, her clothes are in rags and filthy, beyond words, her hair is matted and dirty. I bring her out from where she is in the darkness. I very cautiously and slowly walk with her from behind the group, we enter into the circle.

I go down on my knees and put my arms around her shoulders, hold her tight, she sees all the group looking at her, I say to her, let us stand inside the circle of beautiful stones, you will feel safer there. I just pick her up, hike her up and step backward into my body which is standing inside the crystal circle, I say to her, see the pretty crystals there, nothing can happen to us while we are inside the crystals.

My friends can help you find all the rest of your total being, and restore you to your total person and you can be in all the warmth and comfort of your total person again instead of being out in the cold like this. Would you like this, would you like to be home?

She puts her head down on my shoulder. There is in this child exhaustion I cannot even begin to describe. The group, all of you, now step closer, closer, and I feel my daughter’s presence on my right hand as a very cooling element.

She comes into the circle, my daughter Lori does, she stands, she is full of light, her blue eyes are so beautiful, they are like blue crystals shining, she is cloaked in this incredible light and she reaches out to me indicating she wants to take the child from me, I give the child over to her arms and the child seems to disappear into Lori’s light body, I cannot see the child now.

Lori steps back into the circle and we hold hands again. The child is very safe inside of Lori, who is the gentlest of souls. She is being cleansed by the light that is in Lori, the light is restoring the child. Cleaning W’s dirty hair and body, restoring her clothes to full brightness and beauty. She is being healed in some mysterious way inside the body of my daughter. And all the group and the spirit healers and we all stand. There is huge protection in this circle.

I feel an energy fixing itself in my throat, my throat is filled with warmth, my chin and my mouth, feeling of heat in my throat and mouth.

Here is a birdbath with water, overflowing, water pouring out of the birdbath all over the grass, a feeling of huge abundance, more than enough, ample, overflowing, more than enough, more than plenty.

And the light encompasses us all into one great ball of light and we are all absorbed into this light. And I see lying on the floor in front of me is the body of what I would call Universal Woman, the woman at the centre of the world in Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing, in The Da Vinci Code, they put a woman at the centre of the drawing.

This body lying in the middle of our circle, on the ground, is the body of this Universal woman, and it represents my sister W. She lies there on the ground, unconscious. Her right leg is encased in a cast, she has had trouble with that leg for years. I see the cast on it now.

I see now my mother. W and mom never could get along in this life. Mom is very strange in her attitude to W. She is present now though, at this healing, she stands present looking down at W, looking at us, turns and looks at Lori, and she knows the child fragment of W is inside of Lori, safe and full of light and this she recognizes suddenly, and my mom standing there, mom fully acknowledges W is her first child, her first baby, and she sees the child fragment glowing inside of Lori and is so acutely aware, this is my Baby, my Baby, and in that moment my mom’s heart is reunited with W as her harmless, innocent Child. This is a moment of great nobility and there is a crown in the air above mom’s head.  Lori allows the child to move out of her body and the child is in the circle of Lori’s left arm and Lori moves her head down to the child who is looking fixedly at mom and Lori says, “Your mom would like to hug you and tell you she loves you. Your mom loves you. If you give your mother this love, you will be restored whole to the rest of your Being and all will be well for you.”

Immediately the child in complete trust reaches out her arms toward my mother and is in my mother’s arms, this little fragment of my sister W, clinging to her Mother, her face is buried in Mom’s neck. Her face is buried in the front of mom’s neck and her lips are pressed against that little soft cleft in the throat, just above the breastbone, that little soft cleft, her mouth is pressed to that place and she is drinking in some kind of nourishing energy from mom.

And this immense bird appears, between Lori and mom standing with this child fragment of W, this huge brown bird with great wings, protectively, defensively, it hovers there in the air in the middle of us all, and mom turns and looks at W’s body lying in the circle on the ground, and this is the energy of her first child and she gently approaches and kneels down by this body, the woman on the ground is still unconscious, mom’s eyes pass over W’s face with the greatest love, the love of a mother for her first child, and love is being restored, and we are all going to take time to build the love energy here for this broken woman, my sister W to be healed.

I am crying my eyes out, surprise surprise. Whew.

We all drop our hands from each other and raise our arms high in the air. Over this figure of W lying on the ground and mom kneeling over her with the child in her arms. The child is gazing thoughtfully at the figure on the floor in front of her. Mom puts the child down. The child is glowing with light. The figure on the floor is pallid, pale and looks almost dead, not animated at all. There seems to be no life in this body before us. Mom steps back to make room for the child and as we all stand in the circle with our arms raised, the child walks, she is trailing gold light, gold moving in the air around her, a gown of light this little girl wears, her hair is now shining gold and her blue eyes are the only thing not gold in that picture and she moves toward her full self, W, lying there. She kneels down by W’s head and looks at her thoughtfully. She kneels there looking at her. She reaches her left hand out and touches the area just above W’s right breast, between her shoulder and her breast, she lays her little hand there. She slowly lowers her head to W’s face and lays her face against W’s face and as we watch, with her hand in that spot between the shoulder and the breast and her face just lying against W’s face, the little girl vanishes from sight.

And the body immediately begins to be animated with pink energy, there is a lot of pink coursing through the air around the body, there is a fountain of golden light coming from W’s head and neck area, flowing down over her body, masking her body so we cannot see it and we bring our arms down and all hold our arms out for the offering of healing energy and here we all are, all of us and my daughter, standing in this circle offering loving energy and we are going to pump up the love energy for W, the love energy, which she has never ever had enough of and we are going to fill her body, mind and spirit full of the power of love.

We have built a huge bubble together, transparent bubble, and W, she is lying inside the petals of a giant flower, which rises floating to the centre of the bubble, the petals of the flower close gently around her, not tightly, just enfolding her so she is out of sight and the flower is heavily perfumed, I believe it is Jasmine and Jasmine is the name of one of W’s grandchildren, Jazz she calls her and inside that Jasmine blossom W is receiving all the universal love energy that is possible for her to receive, as we all stand with the healers and ourselves and my daughter below, watching the bubble with the huge flower within.

And we are pounding, pulsing from our hands, love energy toward the blossom, the folded blossom, and there are fireworks exploding in the air. W is now gone from the circle, she is lying on green grass in some lovely place where there are buildings off in the distance, in this beautiful field of grass and flowers, lying in it, dressed in this white cotton shift with embroidered flowers on it, W my sister, she now sits up, gets up, and she also begins to move to the drumbeats of the music that is playing.

As she dances, the northern lights are in the sky above her, she grew up in the Yukon, loved the Yukon, she dances in the midst of the Aurora Borealis, she whirls faster and faster clockwise, I can’t see her any more she is whirling so fast, the northern lights are moving through her and all around her.

Some sort of wand, or star, oh, a Wand, it is a Wand, for Wanda, it touches her and she is immediately removed from the aurora,

I ask her to return to the circle to receive our love in her full consciousness and she willingly does this, stands in the middle of the circle, looking at us all, her long white shift with the embroidered flowers on it, something a child would wear, and her face is covered in tears, she reaches out to me, puts her arms around me and there is like, an image of fairy, no a grasshopper, behind her, and there is a white horse with a man in armour on it, coming into the circle now.

Wanda turns and looks up at this knight on a white steed, I am aware of her distrust and deep negative feelings toward men that she developed as life went on and which had strongly influenced her as her brain descended into chaos, and I am guessing that is what this is about but she stands, and the horse is in the middle and we are all around, there are skulls, like cattle skulls on the barren ground now at our feet, we are standing, Lori is still on my left and the gentleman with the long smock is on my right and we are all still in our circle here and Wanda looking up at the knight on the horse.

She has in her hand a garland of beautiful wild flowers and she is reaching up and handing it to the knight, who takes the garland of perfumed flowers with a ribbon trailing from them, this most feminine symbol, he bows to her and acknowledges her gift, he takes the wreath and puts it up to his throat, there is some sort of clasp or something there he can hang the wreath on and the wreath hangs there against his shining armour, this beautiful multi colored flower wreath with the ribbon trailing from it, she has offered him her ribbons in the medieval tradition.

He reaches his hand down, his right hand down, does she want to come up on the horse. She puts a foot up on top of his foot in the stirrup, he takes her hand and helps her, she is up on the horse and sits in front of him on the saddle, I stand looking at my sister with her grey hair, sitting on the saddle, and she turns and looks up at her knight, as I watch, the knight and my sister both vanish off the horse’s back and the horse gallops off away from us, no one on its back at all.

I see now a torch and it is blowing in a fierce wind and the flags are flying and this battle, and the battle is formed, the battle is joined and I see all this group that we are standing here and all of them and the healers, all have raised our voices in song and we are all singing a song of battle, this incredible song we are singing and all our voices are raised together and it is incredible. It is a song of triumph, of victory. End of tape. Thanks to all of you who graciously participated in spirit in this event. If there are notable changes in my sister’s condition, I will report back to you for sure._____________ Note: My sister has since passed over due to Alzheimer’s Disease. How much good this healing ritual did her in spirit, I can not know. It was a wonderful experience for me to go through, a gift. If you want to read the story of her running away from home, you will find it in my life story on the blog, “In Pursuit of Love”, in Chapter Two (a) Growing Up Red. It’s in the August, 2010 archive. When I saw the Knight appear in the ritual, I recognized that Wanda was melding her feminine self with her masculine self in unity, and the Knight was chosen because Wanda, as a Social Worker, was obsessed with protecting children in trouble – a true Knight in shining armour.



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