This film shows a woman who has been diagnosed with a cancer in her bladder,  three inches diameter. It shows in real time a visible healing of the cancer…that is, it disappears before your very eyes in a couple of minutes…because three people, called in to perform this healing, have the training and skill to FEEL A CERTAIN WAY TOGETHER IN TANDEM regarding this bladder cancer.

This particular offering of the film is from Gregg Braden, however, this film is available on different websites by different people. The film has become famous, but not famous enough to suit me. I want everyone in the western world to see this video.

I went looking for this film this morning, having watched it once before a few years ago. I found it on Google today after looking up the reference in Gregg Braden’s book,  The Isaiah Effect.

Although we are thrilled and amazed to see the Arab Dawn, as it is called, happening across the middle east, we also are appalled by the Japanese disaster and so many other disasters happening at the same time. Our emotions are pushed and pulled topsy-turvy in all directions as we faithfully follow what is happening across our globe.

If you, reading this and watching this video from the link below, find it intriguing and want to learn more about this type of healing, you are setting your foot on a pathway. The path is varied and long, and will lead to more than one way of looking at this.

What came to mind as I watched this particular video, was a book I read quite a few years ago, The Maharishi Effect by Elaine and Arthur Aron.

This book is about studies and experience conducted by practitioners of Transcendental Meditation. It brings before our awareness one of the most important, potentially world-altering discoveries of the twentieth century. Yet, our culture is full of resistance to this discovery.

In fact, this discovery has been expanded on and displayed for hundreds of years by hidden, exotic religions. It is not so much that it is new, but that we are slowly becoming aware it is out there, that it conflicts totally with everything we have believed in western culture (or most of eastern culture for that matter) and that this is the answer to most of the overriding problems of our current world.

I just finished reading another novel which brings to mind the horrors of the sex-slave industry, a huge, billion dollar industry practiced world-wide. The suffering of these young people is beyond description, the destruction of hope forever in their precious human young lives. Over and over again, I read novels by skilled popular authors who clearly have researched this terrible phenomenon. Each time, I am made freshly aware of the problems of life today, when we should be celebrating huge advances instead of feeling overwhelmed by the presence of evil.

What’s missing? What can we “do” to change these things, when those who perpetrate and perpetuate such crimes against humanity are buried in secrecy, supported discreetly by fellow citizens who benefit, paid for by the billionaires in our world?

It seems nothing. We can do nothing. But that is absolutely not true. Trouble is, the most effective things we can do are things that do not appeal to our western “action” oriented culture. We prefer active sport to quiet meditative qi gong, for example. We stumble in bewilderment when we consider moving in routine, graceful movements, learning to manage our “chi”, learning to direct our energy field, learning about The Field at all, in fact.

It is in direct contradiction to what we experience and believe in our society from infancy up.

However, when we watch videos such as this, we are moved to face an unavoidable fact: learning to manage our FEELINGS and our THOUGHTS is the secret to managing our lives. No doubt about it.

How to actually learn these skills in self-management is a PATHWAY. It is not going to become fully available to any of us in a moment. We have to bypass many beliefs.

I suggest, after you watch this video, which some of you have seen before probably, that you place just one foot on that pathway. Cautiously, begin the journey. Ask your secret God to guide you deeper into this, not into scams and foolishness, but to the real goods: how to change your life and how to change the world.

This inner technology is ours today. Here is a beginning, a humble opening of the pathway gate to this favored and illuminated City. With Google as your resource, you can research The Field, Max Planck, Barbara Brennan, the holographic universe, a multitude of skilled and highly trained authors, many of whom are PhD‘s and teaching in our most illustrious universities.

Let us not waste the resources of our favored time in history. In the words of Nike…Just Do It! Start this moment.


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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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