So it’s true…people have been time-travelling for decades and we were not invited!! How do you get an invite to this party???

In the movie Fahrenheit 911 with Michael Moore, you might remember his shot of George W. Bush being asked if he thought he was going to be elected President, and Bush replies with a very knowing and sharp-eyed look, Oh yes, I’m sure…or something to that effect. Well, here is the explanation: they have been checking out the identities of future Presidents and informing them of their upcoming date with destiny.

This is a very long video, between one and two hours long, but well worth the time. I’m not too worried about 2012 after listening to it. Good. I was thinking I should maybe move away from the ocean.

On the other hand…if they were time travelling and knew about that earthquake and tsunami coming to Japan, they apparently didn’t warn them. Maybe they won’t warn us on Vancouver Island either…

Well, it cleared up one thing.

In Chapter Twenty of my life story, “In Pursuit of Love”, which is called Sashayin, Assayin’ Women Prospectors, I talk about the day I was minding my own business, sitting in a coffee shop quietly when suddenly…

“One day a new kind of metaphysical experience crashed into my life. I was in a local coffee shop, having a break and reading the paper. The coffee shop was busy as usual that time of the morning, and I hid quietly behind my paper, treasuring the peace away from the front desk.

Without the slightest warning, I was suddenly male, at the bottom of a huge hole in the ground, wearing a hardhat, and looking up astonished as the figure of a woman, dressed for work, plummeted down into the hole toward me. She had misstepped and gone over the edge of the manhole I was working in.

I stepped so I was under her and caught her in my arms, breaking her fall.

Then I was back reading my paper, sitting in the coffee shop, stunned and shocked by the swift and unexpected exit from my body and into someone else’s…someone I did not even know.

I thought it was some strange trick of the imagination, and, quite shaken in fact, I was glad that no one in the coffee shop had noticed what had “happened” to me.

A few days later, I was once again reading the paper when I saw a column giving a brief account of how a woman, on her way to work in the morning one day, had stepped into a manhole and been caught by a worker down in the hole and saved from serious injury.

Again I was shaken. To this day, I don’t understand what happened there. Why me?? And what part did I play in that moment, if any?”

(To read this or any part of my book, go to Archives on my blog and click on August and/or September)

Well, in this interview on Coast to Coast AM about secret government Time Travel, a name is given to this kind of experience: SPONTANEOUS CRONOVISION. I understand that many people have experienced it.

I read about Paul Elder’s experience in his book “Eyes of an Angel” where he also found himself briefly in someone else’s body and it rang a bell at the time. I thought, “I’m not the only one these things happen to!” (Paul Elder teaches Monroe Institute courses about other such exotic topics. You can find his book on Amazon.com)

Well, I hope you enjoy the video. Make a pot of coffee or tea, whatever your poison is, and settle down for a long and fascinating experience.


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