Just in case you thought I had given up on the diet already, I have to make a brief post. Today I made it to Day 16 and filled out my journal, handily supplied in the rather large kit I received in the mail.

Each day I notify the journal how I slept the night before: goal is 7 hours. How am I sleeping lately? Since I started the diet, I sleep about 7 hours a night most nights. A miracle in itself and I fail to see how the two are connected. Weird. I’ve had trouble with sleep for…about half my life now, I guess.

Then I have to note what time I had breakfast, which should be within minutes of waking up! I usually have a snack then and then another snack after about an hour. Not sure if that’s ok or not, but it works for me.

I note down if I am taking my supplements and what they are. After sixteen days, I just write in ‘usual’ and note if I remembered the ground flax seed or not.

Wow, these people are real nags. Everything goes in that journal. It’s really a daytimer, supposed to carry it everywhere with me. My appointments, phone calls, small daily achievements or problems, all go in there. My menu ideas for tomorrow go in there.

And, of course, you guessed it, every single glass of water I drink from waking to sleeping goes in there. Two days ago I reached a lifetime goal…I am now drinking twelve glasses of water daily. No problem. Don’t know why I found it so hard. Well, one reason is, now that I have to write everything down, I drink very little black tea now, a goal I have been pursuing for months since I found out how much fluoride is in it. And in coffee, but I do have a little coffee some days. It has never been a big addiction for me, like tea has. I am pleased to see that I now drink herbal teas every day, something I could not tolerate before.

I am changing. This system is gently leading me along to life milestone changes. Small, and very personal, not world-shaking, but great for me.

Then there is the exercise section, and not to be fooled, they ask for the exact time I worked out. Well, there is the daily dog walk and every couple days a video cardiac thingy, the one I have done lately is 12 minutes of cardio, not very hard except the squats are hell. But getting better. Robert Ferguson likes squats and lunges…my two total least favorite exercises. My body has a little crooked thing from a car crash many years ago in childhood, left and right sides not quite symmetrical, so doing lunges is difficult. But I do it.

And today I graduated to the 24 minute circuit training. I geared up with knee supports, loose clothes, limiting myself to 3 lb wrist weights since my doctor currently forbids doing weight training (I have a terrible hernia and am on the waiting list for surgery. Have to wait for it, Canadian health care system, but hey, I don’t have to rob a bank to pay for it, which is good as I tend to get caught chewing gum.)

I thought, “I’ll do the warmup and just five minutes of workout and see how it goes.” Ended up doing the whole thing and my knee supports kept me safe from disaster doing those awful lunges. Actually, everything this guy makes you do is pretty manageable, even things you don’t think you can do. Apparently he’s been doing this work for a long time. And his mother helps him a lot with the whole thing, so he knows what he is talking about when he talks to me at 67.

After the workout I felt so elevated and amazed (Damn rights I can do it!! Damn rights I am getting better and better like my Silva instructor told me!)

Only thing is, my heart rate stays stubbornly low, which is bad for my metabolism. How can I get that heart rate up??? I used to jog for 17 miles in an afternoon, my great passionate love, and when my daughter was killed, many years ago, within days my hip and tailbone went on strike and I haven’t been able to jog since. Talk about Jacob and the Angel. I read about this phenomenon in a book long ago, called Iron John. About men and their milestones, many mysteries there. I forget the author’s name…quite a famous guy. I realized then that these milestones happen to both men and women. It’s a blinking nuisance. I wish I could jog, I wish I could jog. Then I’d be fit and happy and thin…but I can’t. That’s that.

Wish I could get my heart rate up! Anyway, the workout worked, I’m glad. After that, feeling so good, I thought, I’ll clear my chakras while I’m at it.

Steve Jones, author of the Out of Body course I’m doing on CD’s, teaches how to clear the chakras, and I like his simple system.

Standing there in my workout gear, sweating furiously, I raised my arms over my head and said “I allow energy to flow through me.”

Then I brought my hands together, fingers touching, in prayer mode, and moved them down over my major chakras.

First, the Crown. I waited patiently for imagery to appear.  Perhaps as a reward for my workout, a tiara appeared, cushioned in what looked like velvet. Thanks, you guys over There. Glad to see you’re keeping score for me!

Then down to my Brow chakra. I waited. I was surprised to see the throat and decolletage of a woman, wearing a fabulous lacy blouse and a pearl choker, the latch off to the side of the neck. Very classy. Maybe a little encouragement for me to keep it up? I thought maybe. I said Thanks.

On to the Throat, the source of words to the world and creativity being sent out to others. I waited. A peaceful, calm lake appeared, cool and inviting. So pleasant, after my hot workout. I waited a bit to enjoy the coolness and calm, gazing at the lake. Then the prow of a big canoe appeared, people paddling it quietly.

I saw before me in the canoe (which I was now in) the figure of a native man with two feathers hanging down on the back of his head. Then a moment later, he was in the water, clinging to a huge rock in the water. Had the canoe sunk? Above him, strangely, half-hidden by mist, was the Statue of Liberty, its arm uplifted with the flame.

I thought of immigrants coming to American shores and seeing the Statue for the first time, clinging to that Rock in hope. I wondered why I was seeing a Native man at the feet of that Statue, clinging to a rock. It gave me food for thought.

Then on to my Heart chakra. The imagery I was given was of a woman sitting wrapped in a Spa robe, enjoying self care and relaxation. I thought, I am being encouraged to continue on with my self care routines.

Down further to my Solar Plexus chakra, the source of more masculine energy and action. I was shown the yolk of an egg; like a seed; Then in the distance I saw the outline of a metropolis. I saw that I am very small in the scheme of things, but still part of a bigger picture, and my small beginnings were all important in that scheme somewhere, somehow.

Reaching my Sacral chakra, the source of sexuality and creativity, I wondered what I would find. I had a total hysterectomy many years ago so my endocrine system there is not complete any more. No ovaries. The image there was of a female tennis player, bouncing a ball and then lifting her raquet and hitting it hard. The message was: Don’t worry about anything. Just HIT THAT BALL!

And then finally to my life source chakra at the base of my tailbone. I was glad to feel strong pulsing, indicating that my will to live and prosper is strong! In spite of everything. Over the years since I was twelve years old, suicide has always called to me, every day. I have resisted for a LOT of days, let’s see, 365 X 67 = 24,455 I think.

I recall the favorite words of the guy I went sailing down the coast with in 1985-6 and almost got killed in a terrible storm:

“Hey. It’s gonna get better!” And I see, he’s still right, wherever he is. It is getting better!

(Read all about it in my life story, click on the Aug-Sept archives and find: Buster Goes to Sea, about a third of the way through Chapter Nine.)


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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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    Nice blog. Thanks for sharing your experience of food lovers diet program.

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