If you are wondering what a soul retrieval is, I’ll quickly explain. There are several such retrievals on this blog, most are at the end of my biography earlier in the blog posts, in the Appendix area. Check out August/September 2010 in the archives and go to the end of the book you’ll find there.  The Appendix offers a mix of soul retrievals and visits with my family in the afterlife, as well as other metaphysical bits and pieces.

A soul retrieval is required to help those of us who pass out of our body for the final time and who cannot move on to what is offered next. We may or may not realize we have died. We are “stuck” in a conscious space where we have ZERO time awareness.

Some stay stuck for hundreds of years, deaf to the efforts of our Guides and others to get our attention. There is no awareness that any time at all has passed. (Time, after all, is something we experience as a “fact” of life in the physical.)

We all have somewhat different expectations as to what will happen when we finally abandon our physical body. The one great surprise for everyone is that we are still “me”, we do not die in any sense that matters, except for those who are left behind. There is full consciousness, unless we choose to fall into a deep sleep, perhaps intending to sleep for eternity. My brother chose that experience when he passed, and you can read about it in the Appendix under “My Brother’s Retrieval”.

To work at soul retrievals is a great form of volunteer service.  More and more people are becoming learned in areas of non-physical travel and contact, and offer their services for soul retrieval.

To perform soul retrieval, it’s good manners and wisdom to approach one’s own Guide first in a quiet meditative time and ask if you might be of service in learning to help those who are stuck in this way.

You then wait for a few minutes, eyes closed. As time goes on and you become skilled in this area, you can perform retrievals and afterlife visits while doing other things, using your massive subconsciousness to do several things at once.

You wait and see if your Guide selects a training experience for you. Once in a while, nothing will happen.

You will not be alone during this event, your Guide is ever present waiting for your expressions of need. You will not get the usual kind of help-response. The help will arrive in surprising ways.

You may ask for help in how to assist some person you suddenly discover standing around in your Inner Eye.  There they are, what are you supposed to do? Panic sets in! No, just ask, “Please tell me what I can do to help!”

You will get an instinct, perhaps a natural push to do something very mundane like saying, “Hi there. Can I help you?” The person will turn their head or move in some way in response to your voice.

And there is the key. Your voice or your appearance before them. For a long time perhaps, Guides and other helpers have been trying endlessly to get this person’s attention. But the deceased person cannot hear them or see them!! No matter what they do!! This is because of the lifelong “block” we experience between the physical and non physical.

Now, not everyone gets stuck by any means. Most people are responsive to Guides and helpers and move right along after death to the next experience. But many do not. These need your help.

So you might observe this person standing in your Inner Eye, as you sit there in a quiet meditative space, and they respond to your voice and say something to you. They might say, “I’m confused. What am I supposed to do?” Or they might say, “I lost my mom. She was right there and she just disappeared. I thought she was dead. But she was right here. Now I can’t find her.”

Now you have to act. It’s your big moment. But what are you supposed to do? The answer will flow like a wave pouring through your consciousness. Just do what comes naturally. And what comes naturally might seem a little weird. But do it.

Suddenly you might see the mother standing nearby in total frustration. She has been trying to get her son’s attention forever!! He just can’t hear or see her, though he did at first for a minute!

So you reach out and take his hand. “Excuse me, I think I see your mom right over here. She’s waiting for you. Over here, look to your left.”

And you gently tug on his hand as he turns his head toward the left and there is his mom.

Why can he suddenly see his mom, after looking for her for so long? He can see her BECAUSE YOU ARE THERE INTERACTING WITH HIM!! You are the key.

This happens because you and he relate to each other as physical beings. Even though you both, at this moment are moving around in the non-physical, you are both focused on physical reality. He doesn’t get it that he is not physical any more. He thinks he is like you. (He isn’t though.)

As soon as he sees his mom, and I mean AS SOON AS he sees her he forgets all about you and moves off with her. Now, this figure may not be his mom. His mom may be elsewhere in the afterlife waiting for him. The person he “sees” as his mom may actually be a Guide in drag. They get into all kinds of costumes and body shapes and so on to accomplish a retrieval.

Once he sees this person and moves off with her, you have a choice. You can follow along to learn and watch, or you can return to your body and communicate with your Guide to say, thanks, or how did I do, or can you train me to do more of this stuff? Or whatever.

You did it, you helped to get someone unstuck, you moved someone along.

Wait to “hear” what your Guide indicates in response. Maybe you were a bit pushy, a bit too quick, maybe you even got in the way at some point. Maybe you insisted on following and watching when they actually needed you to return to your body. Wait to hear how you did. Try to improve each time you offer yourself this way.

Now is that volunteer service or what??? Pretty exciting, I call it.

I will now tell you about a recent retrieval I was allowed to help in. It was very confusing at first. You will note how difficult it is to make sense of what I was seeing and hearing. The first images seem to have nothing to do with the latter part of the vision, but may well be connected.

The experience starts with some image or other and gathers complexity and fullness as it flows along.

You are in a time/space wave, like a surfer, traveling along on your surfboard, surfing this wave, seeing where it takes you.  Just keep your balance, focus on the action, not on your own feelings of doubt or puzzlement. Clarity will grow as the retrieval proceeds and it may be only afterward that it makes real sense to you. I like to tape the whole thing as I always forget crucial bits if I rely on my memory.

After the retrieval, you can go online or to the library and research the event to see if you can identify the people involved. Sometimes you can come very close to finding these people in history, and that is a stunning, amazing discovery.

Here is my recent retrieval:

“There is an ornate, nice quality dining room chair and someone sitting at a table… (Long pause.)

OK at last I am seeing swirling water. I am seeing logs floating in the water, it’s swirling, it’s extremely stormy, there is lightning far off from heavy dark clouds, all I see is this water and logs swirling in the water.

There is a small rustic white church with black trim standing on the shore. (Long pause.)

(Heavy sighs).

I hear a bell tolling. I get a sense of someone climbing high up into the belfry of the church. There is water rushing toward the church engulfing the church on the shore. There are small houses, it’s a small remote community, small houses. Village. Fishing and logging maybe. The waters are rushing toward the village.

I get the image of The Falling Tower in the tarot deck. Clouds are black and heavy. There is lightning snaking down, looks like a dragon coming from above. It’s snaking down on the diagonal and it strikes the belfry of the church.

The church is the focus here. Earlier I saw the pulpit. Didn’t mention it at the beginning because I thought it was just some random image, dismissed it. But it was part of the retrieval.

(Long pause).

There is a cross on the roof, the cross has just been knocked off in the storm.

I see a lighthouse some distance away from the village on the edge of a cliff.

(There are a limited number of lighthouses throughout history, so the presence of a lighthouse may be a help in later research. This gives the lighthouse special importance in the imagery.)

I am seeking the name of the town or the region or whatever I can get.The location.

(Very long pause.)

(Heavy sighing).

I see the church when it’s full of people and a service is on before this storm happened. There is a man sitting at the back, he is bald. He reminds me of one of the actors in Little Mosque on the Prairie.

Must be a Catholic Church I think, I see a priest waving one of those incense holders that shakes incense out for the congregation.

Around the cemetery behind the church there is a fence and some of the fence parts have little ornate carved things on the top of the fence posts and some of those have just blown off in the storm. (We are moving back and forth in time here.)

I am looking at this imagery now, I am looking at the grave of a child buried in the cemetery by the church. Of course the cemetery is under water now, there is water in this picture because the water has come right up and washed over parts of the town and parts of the church area. The church is engulfed to quite a height. Someone ran up into the belfry.

The stone on the child’s grave is some kind of pink stone, pink granite or something.

It’s the morning after the storm. Daylight has dawned. The shoreline is back where it belongs. There is seaweed and sand and rocks and muck all over this place, all over the village, it’s just a real mess. This little remote fishing, logging little village. Community.

(Long pause, sighing).

Someone is still up in the belfry, I see a candle still burning from the night from where he lit a candle, it’s a male person in the belfry. And he is waking…and waking to this dawn of complete wreckage but he is alive.

I am standing in the belfry and he turns and sees me standing there. I actually think that he is not alive, I think he must have been struck by lightning, because he did make it to the belfry but there was so much lightning.

He feels the pull of the child in the grave so intensely.

He reaches out his hand to me, I reach out to take his hand and I see that it is scorched black and that indeed he was struck by lightning.

It is the bald headed man I saw earlier in the service sitting in the back row of the church during a service. He is connected with the church in some way, perhaps an usher or a deacon or something.

He is closely connected to the child in the grave below in the cemetery.

(Long pause, sighing.)

There is a whirl of light in the belfry, it’s the kind of whirling energy you see in some science fiction movies where you leap through into another world or something and this energy field is growing and full of gaseous or watery substance and it separates this man from something else.

I put my hand gently on the center of his back on his heart chakra and give him a gentle tiny push toward the whirling light and I say to him,

“She’s in there, Go Get Her, she’s waiting for you.”

(You understand I did not know this until I said it. That’s how the guidance works as you go along.)

He looks at me and he realizes this is like science fiction but it is real and above us comes streaking in an Angel of light and this Angel is like a pink cloud in the sky, there is a pinkness to this being that comes flying into the belfry. The Being is made of kind of shredded clouds of pink light. It’s not a very clear Angelic figure, but it is an Angelic figure.

The Angel figure steps close to him and puts its wing out so it is around his back and together they disappear into the whirling energy field of light. And there is somehow in this belfry, I almost hear this great big sigh, I hear this big sigh, it’s a sigh of relief. Someone who I can’t see has been relieved of a great burden.

It’s like >whoooooosh<  it’s like the whole church heaves a great sigh of relief. It seems this village has been carrying a burden about this child who died, and about this perhaps father, I’m not clear on the relationship, and now that the father has gone into the light, to the child, the whole village, coming, wakening from the storm feels the relief of some burden being lifted.

There is some story here that I am not being told.

(And this is where I was given a chance to do a second, mass, retrieval, but missed the opportunity because I assumed it was part of the first event. Live and learn!)

After a very long wait, there is someone in a shelter, maybe a tent, they are part of this story, but I don’t see how they are part of it, they have clothes hanging on the bushes, drying in the morning sun.

(You can see my conscious mind trying to take all this apart and make sense of it, you can’t help doing this but it distorts the message the imagery is trying to bring you. I really have very little information about this picture.)

I am asking now for information what region or place has this taken place in. What country, region, place, any information. (And I am taking for granted that this recent imagery is part of the original retrieval, which it may not be, it may even be the offer of a second retrieval, which I totally missed because I was trying to analyze it consciously as I watched it.)

(Heavy sighs)

The response I get is the strong sense that this is the West Coast of B.C., but I don’t feel at all sure about this. The shoreline feels familiar to me because that’s where I live, so that might be getting in my way. And there are now two separate images and the first may have been B.C. but what is the tent/shelter thing about?

I am going to now look for a year.

I am being shown that there is a landslide from above, this is what else is happening, a lot of the mountainous cliffs beyond the village I am now seeing have been stripped of trees and there is a swath of land that has no trees on it and there is also an image of gold, like there might be a gold mine or some kind of mine back there somewhere in the mountains. But this whole bare strip of land on the mountainside is moving, I can see it starting to move, the mud is starting to move down toward the village I am now seeing and I see this landslide beginning to happen.

The person in the tent who has been camping, back in the woods, for safety I imagine, I see the mud flowing down the mountainside and it’s flowing down and inundating the tent and there’s people running for their lives screaming, from the tent.

I get the sense that the person who led some of them into the woods away from the flood has been caught and buried in the mudslide. Inside his tent.

So this is a total disaster, a total disaster area. Floods, lightning storms, mudslides, all around this small fishing, logging village. I get the sense of maybe a native village, but not clear as to that. (Again, is this two separate events and locations entirely, or is it all one which became a double disaster?)

Still looking for more information.

I’m getting the year 1980something. Possibly 84? West coast BC somewhere perhaps, not sure.

And now I’m seeing a bridge across to a very peaceful place, a wooden bridge that crosses over a river into a very peaceful place, for some reason I am getting the town Lillooet, which is nowhere near the coast but that’s what I am getting. Very peaceful, wild country.

I’m going to stop now because I am getting too cold.” End of tape.


You will note that when it comes to location and year, I am not very sure of myself or of what I am getting. This is because I often forget to research afterward and gather some factual background. Practice makes perfect, and I need more practice.

Having spent a little time looking through internet files, I believe that while watching this imagery move along its course, I made some mistakes and jumped to some conclusions too quickly…which you can hardly help doing as you focus intensely on what is happening before your inner “eyes”.

If you go to the link,


and look around for a while (quite a while, especially if you follow the links in the text) you may see some clues.

It looks as though it was not 1980s, but 1880s, as to the date of the first event I saw. But this date may well be only referring to the second part of the retrieval exercise, which I think was a different event entirely. I can’t tell yet, I have to research some more.

When I was moved to the town of Lillooet, the Guides showed me a different scenario but I was slow to realize something different was going on. Afterward, I felt I probably was being offered a huge opportunity…a mass retrieval of many people from a totally different disaster at a different time in history. The imagery which moved into the tent/mudslide event was taking me back far into time, about ten thousand years ago, when great slides were obliterating villages of primitive people and shaping the landscape that we know today, including the formation of two large lakes.

And yet, there were huge time lapses and changes as I “saw” the Lillooet area way back in time and also in more recent times, all overlapping. Very confusing.

So as far as I can gather, the retrieval itself was focused on the first part, the flood and lightning storm, and the father and his dead child.Possibly on the ocean shore of the west coast of B.C…maybe.

The second part, which came in after a very lengthy pause in the imagery, and when I thought maybe the retrieval was finished,  and was about to switch the tape recorder off,  that part was in the ancient past when the Lillooet area was formed.

Interestingly, you will recall in the imagery I was given the picture of a bridge over a quiet river. There were in the 1800’s and 1900’s various mining activities and gold rush events with a place called Bridge River being important, near Lillooet. The famed Golden Cache strike was in that area. Eventually the Bralorne Mine was created, a mine where my own dad worked briefly during the Depression. My mom talked about making bean sandwiches for him to take down the mine for his lunch.

So after all, over aeons of time, and human tragedy, including massive loss of life from mudslides ten thousand years ago, to more recent storms 200 years ago, and perhaps more recently (after all there was that lighthouse which I still have to research which will help locate our time-point for the first retrieval perhaps) we have a lot of clues sparkling in the ongoing wave of historical imagery.

But the main point of it all was one particular human soul, the man in the belfry, trapped there for how long? as he  passed from his body, struck by lightning, and got “stuck” waiting for a physical-based fellow human to come along and move him along, with the help of a Guide (disguised as a pink Angel-figure). So that’s not a bad morning’s work now, is it??

I think I deserve to go to Serious Coffee now (well, after I walk the dogs) and get a nice latte and read some more of Bruce Moen’s book, “Curiosity’s Father”, which explains many things about event lines and how history is shaped by our dreams and desires…by beings working with us from another mystery-laden realm in what we call the Afterlife.

And on another morning very soon I will return to the Lillooet imagery in a meditative state and offer myself in the retrieval of many people still waiting to be “unstuck” after massive mudslides, thousands of years ago. Do you think you could help with that? I have to get on that very soon, maybe tomorrow.

Not a bad way to be useful in retirement.


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