Just a note to mention that I know I still need to go in and do the soul retrieval for the victims of the ten-thousand year old mudslides around Lillooet, B.C. as mentioned in the last post. Will do it SOON!

Other thing is, for anyone who wonders, I am ongoing with the OBE training work in Steve Jones’ CD course. I have had to set aside the workout machine from previous posts and my Food Lover’s Diet and kickboxing until I have had my surgery and recovered from it.

In case you REALLY want to know what’s wrong with me, here it is and I hope you have finished your dinner before you read this: I had surgery many years ago, which of course left my inner abdominal muscle weakened where the surgeons cut the tissue to get at my insides at that time. As commonly happens after such surgery, over time, the incision line tore open with everyday life and the forces of gravity. Once that happened, my intestines (you know, guts, right?) all tumbled out slowly over about two or three years until I now carry them in a large package on my front, commonly called belly.

And since our health system is under great strain (partly because thousands of those who carry B.C. Medical carecards are frauds living in many other countries and take up half of our tax monies set aside for our health care system) we are experiencing very long waiting lists, some people waiting for as much as two years. I won’t wait that long…it’s getting worse. This morning I measured the hernia and found it has grown by half an inch in the last two weeks. OK, I’m not puttin’ up with this much longer, believe me. It’s now up to 53 and one half inches. What a waistline!

And I can’t just blame the planeloads of people from other continents trying to get their own hernias fixed in an affordable way: I blame our useless security system which has allowed this to happen over time without enough checks and controls being in place.

Or is it all really just a giant government slush fund? OK, now I am getting paranoid.

To read about this problem, go to Times Colonist newspaper online and the archives, and type in something like, “B.C. Medical fraudulent care cards” or something like that.

Do you know, nobody in the media has even talked about this after it hit the Victoria paper headlines? What does it take?

Getting back to exciting and positive topics, l also found recently a site which sells a new kind of green food containing ORMUS, which is reputed to be able to help achieve OBE’s among other things. “Green Food with ORMUS” it’s called and you find it on the RawFoodWorld site, about $54 for a packet, which I am guessing is maybe a month’s supply.

This product intrigues me because they show clearly on their YouTube video (go to YouTube/ormus) that the fibres of the green food in this product actually stand right up on end, like the hairs on your arm stand up on end sometimes. This is due, I guess, to the amount of electromagnetic energy in the ormus-enhanced green food compared with other similar products with no ormus.

I am only beginning to learn about ormus, which is usually capitalized, being an acronym, I forget for what. Another site to go to and learn is Cherokee Gold, which explains about the stuff and why it works.

Something to do with the nature of atomic spin in rare earth samples, found only in a few places. The atomic spin is apparently quantum in nature as opposed to the usual atomic spin of everyday metals. I mean metals like silver, gold, titanium, copper, all normal metals. Apparently they can have two different states on the earth, quantum or ordinary. (My own humble wording as I struggle to absorb this information).

There is another site called Suble Energies by yet another person who knows a LOT about it all.

Anyway, my current plan is to buy a packet of the Green Food with Ormus from the RawFoodWorld site and try it in July, when I will report back on my own experiences with it. Of course, I hope that it will enhance my abilities to go OBE, go into next week in time/space, look at next week’s winning lottery numbers and win the lottery like Ann Moss. (see a previous post). (Fat chance, right?)

Ann Moss did not, I believe, require ORMUS in order to find the next week’s winning numbers. She did it all by herself. But I am not so gifted. I will use any crutch available to me. I am not proud (Ask anyone who knows my life story.)

By the way, if you wonder what happened to my life story, I have taken it offline, putting it where I can get at it if I need to for any reason.

After a couple days, I realized why I had felt the need to remove it from the blog. In writing and publishing it on my blog, I had been sitting around the campfire with my community, my tribal connections (you guys) and telling my WAR STORIES. Well, what’s the point of retiring if you can’t tell your war stories? It’s an important milestone to pass in life, and pass it did. Enough war stories already. So I took it down. If anyone wishes to read more of it, just let me know. (Very unlikely, but anything is possible.)

That takes me to the topic of my next post, which I have been preparing for for a LONG time, as I struggled to read Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert, PhD...VERY PhD.

It’s all about information substances which link our mind and body in a constant flow of information and biofeedback corrections, very like, as she says herself, like correcting the sails of a sailboat AFTER you have let the wind in them and seen how they need correcting.

As a book which combines rather deep science (hard going for me) with the compassion and empathy one experienced human being has for all others, it is very impressive. Here, near the end of the book (thank goodness, I am quite worn out with all this learning) she says:

(Page 265, Molecules of Emotion, Scribner, 1997)

“It is this problem of unhealed feeling, the accumulation of bruised and broken emotions, that most people stagger under without ever saying a word, that the mainstream medical model is least effective in dealing with. When people do seek help, often what is offered through mainstream psychology and psychiatry is what I call “talk and dose” therapy: lots of talking and even more pills, which are supposed to make the unacceptable feelings go away. ”

She goes on to discuss being antidepressed..that is, happy. Here is what she says about that in the next portion:

“What is not given much attention by the mainstream is what it means to be antidepressed, i.e., happy. I believe that happiness is what we feel when our biochemicals of emotion, the neuropeptides and their receptors, are open and flowing freely throughout the psychosomatic network, integrating and coordinating our systems, organs, and cells in a smooth and rhythmic movement. Health and happinessĀ  are often mentioned in the same breath, and maybe this is why: Physiology and emotions are inseparable. I believe that happiness is our natural state, that bliss is hardwired.”

I like that, don’t you?


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