Today on the news, a woman who suffers from the effects of electromagnetism emitted from wireless equipment of all kinds, told why she has gone to live in the “quiet zone” in Virginia. This is an area in which, for scientific reasons, no wireless appliances are allowed.

She develops everything from brain-fuzziness to chest pains when trying to live in the “normal” world we all inhabit nowadays. She wept as she mentioned that when living in normal areas, she can’t go outdoors, for example. She has to hide indoors to stay well.

A scientist, predictably, an elderly white male, came on behind her and explained that this wasn’t possible, as these electromagnetic emissions did not create enough chemical imbalance to cause these symptoms. (Sorry, after a lifetime of  old-paradigm stubborn elderly white males of academia refusing to admit they don’t know everything…well…hmph. I’m tired of these guys, really tired of them.)

While the old guard are busy denying her claims, writers and truly august scientists like Valerie Hunt are busy building the bricks of the new paradigm, brick by patient brick.

How much do we know about the effect of electromagnetism on the body? In her book she offers a library-size introduction to the new paradigm and how we humans really work. The book is “Infinite Mind”, 2nd ed., Malibu Publishing. Go to pages 28-31 to get the gist of today’s topic.

She has authored other books as well, but this is the tome I am currently trying to comprehend, not only piece by piece, which is easy, but in total, which is very hard, for me anyway.

For she creates a different picture, a holographic full-color tapestry explaining the results of a lifetime of patient, incredible, mind-blowing research.

She is a scientist who included, not only the Newtonian physics of her youth  in her research, but also subjects ranging from shamanic healers and polio victims, to dancers trying to demonstrate to her how they ride a wave of pure energy to create their moves.

Do you know what a Mu room is? You’ll find one at UCLA.  It’s a smallish room, about seven square feet, high enough to stand up in, and in this room, the electromagnetic energy can be manipulated and altered without altering the oxygen content or the gravitational force. What’s the point of that, you ask?

By placing people in the room and then messing with the electromagnetism so sometimes there is some, or less, or more over here and none there, or sometimes none at all, or at different frequencies from time to time, you can see how these actions affect the human energy field.

If you are the lady on the news today, you might be really interested in this research.

They discovered that when all electricity was removed from the atmosphere in the Mu room, the people became very upset. Their energy fields became disorganized (how unpleasant), scattered (really bad Monday morning feelings) and incoherent! (Remember how the lady on the news said that when she is around wireless things like cellphones, laptops, cell phone towers etc., her brain didn’t work properly?)

By adding more electricity to the room or taking more away, the researchers could see how terrifying such an experience could be.

They found that when the electricity was removed from the room, the persons in the room began to try to draw energy from each other’s fields in a desperate attempt to recover!

 Confusion reigned among the subjects in the room as the weakened energy fields struggled to interact with each other to repair themselves into coherence and order.

Finally, the disorganization of the human energy fields in the room was so complete the subjects broke down completely, sobbing wildly as they tried to find a field they could react to.

However, they did not report FEELING upset. They didn’t feel the way you’d expect when in the throes of sobbing. It was their bodies that were sobbing, feeling terribly threatened by having all electricity removed from the room.

If you are not curious by now to read more and learn about this phenomenon, you can’t be alive. Pinch yourself.

One dark thought leapt to mind as I read these passages…if science becomes skilled in the use of tools like the Mu room, no government would need to beat and batter prisoners to torture them…no one would have to have their fingernails pulled out, for example…all that would be needed could be found in a room in which all electromagnetism is removed, or manipulated, in whatever way the torturers wish. Heaven help us all.

As science breaks new ground and we slowly find our way into a new and unfamiliar paradigm of life and knowledge, it is to be hoped that research will offer ways of altering our minds and hearts so that torture and cruelty will be found only in history books.

Perhaps this kind of science is the golden pathway to the new world we so greatly hope for.

Perhaps this woman, Valerie V. Hunt, and others like her, will be entered in the books of history as the courageous and flexible pathfinders in whose steps we all follow.


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Blogging is not only a pleasure, it is a basic necessity...I don't know how I have lived so much of my life without a blog. It gives me a place to write, a motivation to write, lots of reasons for reading lots of mind-expanding and challenging books, plenty to think about and be happy about. It has become a centerpiece of my retirement life along with my friends and pets, my faith and my afterlife journeys.
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  1. laughingrain says:

    as I recall the early cell phones were causing reports of brain problems developing until they starting putting a shield on them..I’d be talking to my daughter and she say she had to hang up as she was getting a headache and blamed it on her cell phone. she now uses it less than she used to. I keep one only for emergency such as on a road trip.
    good post there!

    • gentlenurse says:

      Thanks, Alysia. It’s hard to do without these conveniences. I use my cell phone for safety when walking in the woods with my dog, and for calling taxis when I’m out downtown. Not much else. But I also have read that these electromagnetic emissions only harm us when we are very stressed about things, and when we are calm and “in control” (ha ha) they do not harm us. I don’t recall where I read that. My house has power lines all over it off of the back porch. I try not to sit underneath them too often. I also use speakerphone on my cell and home phone, rather than have the phone pressed to my ear any more. Because we are a business-oriented society, we are very slow (our government and scientists are very slow) to act on slowly growing evidence that some hugely successful business thing has to be curbed. We need to learn more about electromagnetism and find out how to shield ourselves from the emissions, perhaps, since it’s unlikely today’s young generation will ever be content again without wi-fi. Sometimes I am glad my time on earth is coming to its conclusion for this lifetime, it is all becoming too complicated to figure out. Let the young ones deal with it. Maybe that’s a cop-out on my part. Hmmm. Could be!

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