PLEASE NOTE: This is my own experience, published for your interest only. I am not recommending any workout system to any person. See your doctor before starting any exercise system.


Someone asked me how I am doing with my Total Flex machine, which I’d written about some months ago. Well, in the meantime I stopped working out due to a medical condition, had surgery, am fully recovered, and got permission to start working out again about a month ago.

Since then, I’ve been working my way through the exercise system cards provided with the machine. Along with the CD, they provide together many different workouts including different levels of difficulty. This little, lightweight machine provides the most amazing numbers of exercises from everyday bicep curls to cross-country skiing and extreme workout sessions.

What I like most about it is the feeling of self-satisfaction (I admit it) I get from moving on from one level of difficulty to the next.

Today I became very frustrated and called the machine a piece of junk. Why? I couldn’t get the ankle straps to hold in place, they kept popping off, and in addition, the footplate, whose purpose and importance I failed to understand, didn’t seem to keep the machine from walking forward every time I tried to do a combination exercise, like, for example, what they call Tick-Tock (a fun thing to do).

So before I jumped up and down on it and threw it in the trash I recalled that I have a history of not reading instructions before I start things. So I thrashed around in my cupboards and found the CD that came with the machine months ago when I first took delivery of it.

Settling into my sofa I watched it from beginning to end, marvelled at how it all worked and discovered that, first of all, the ankle straps went on quite differently from the way I was applying them. Once I fixed that, they stayed on perfectly. Joyfully, I did some reverse lunges. Everything stayed in place.

Then I noticed that in the CD, they had the edge of the footplate set in front of the machine, not in back of the front bar as I had it. When I moved it so the front bar was behind the footplate edge, I realized that the weight of my body kept it from walking forward no matter what exercise I did.

OK, when in doubt, read the instructions. I’ll never learn some lessons.

I’m all set now for my next workout in two – three days. Determined not to injure myself like I usually do, I am waiting longer than I used to between workouts, and I fit a Nordic walking pole session in, in between, to keep myself loose and feeling high.

It’s so much fun to use the Total Flex, so far, I have to say, it’s worth every dollar I paid for it, a mere $250.00 U.S. What a bargain. I love it.

Only you really do have to read (or watch) the instructions!!


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