II: Appendices continued…


My Brother and Father:

My brother died in March of 2005. He died of alcoholism alone in his cabin. After he died, I contacted him by going to the “tunnel” I see when I shut my eyes and focus on my third eye area. I went to the edge and shouted his name (silently) several times. In the far distance I saw something moving, very tiny and far off, coming toward me. I waited and it came close enough to see it was my brother, lying down flat, hands by his sides, his skin was grey and his eyes were shut.

He was an atheist in his life as far as I know. He probably had expected to just die and cease to exist, so when he left his body that is the pose he adopted, just shut himself down and lay still and grey. I called his name again and he saw me standing there. I took his arm and said, “Stand up, let’s go, I will take you to Dad. He’s in a place called The Park. Come on. I’ll take you. It’s easy.”

He stood up, accepting this strange intrusion into his death experience, and willingly let me guide him. He did not speak. He seemed to feel a bit confused but he stayed with me as we entered the Park, where I always picture it with grass and many rose gardens near where I always enter. We passed benches and flower beds and ponds and came to what I call the Picnic Place, by the ocean, lots of benches and usually many people there enjoying the oceanside ambience and eating and drinking coffee etc.  There always seems to be people around there.

I was astonished, nobody there to greet us. Then I was alarmed, thought, ok, I really have been imagining all this and now I have Tom here and I can’t find anyone for him. Help!! So I stood there and hollered for Dad and yelled and yelled for him, and was starting to really panic. Then I got the feeling the whole picnic area was some kind of stage set. Over at the end there were even the “wings” of the set. From around the back “wings” my Dad came. He did not look cheerful about this event. He looked like he had been dreading it. Anyway he came over to us and I said, well, here’s Tom, and neither of them knew what to say. So I said, uh, feeling kind of awkward, this had never happened before, I said Let’s go to Dad’s place, OK Dad? So we shot off to his lovely cabin where he lives with his two dogs and his fireplace and his nice set-up in some green rolling mountains. I walked in with Tom behind Dad. We stood by the fireplace for a minute and the two dogs were lying down in front of the fire. They didn’t seem bothered by us coming in.

Then my brother looked at my Dad and seemed to suddenly really come to life. He said “So, we can build things here?” He was catching on to the new reality fast. Dad said, “Yeah. We can build things.” I said I had to go and excused myself and shot off back to my home in beautiful B.C.

I take some pride and happiness in knowing I rescued my poor brother who really had a sad life and surprised him no end with some really, really great news…his real life was just beginning!

I have caught sight of him a couple times since then while exploring. He has been hanging out with a wide range of wildlife and enjoying the woods and forests there, he was a real outdoors guy when he was sober. He is loving the animals and helping them as they arrive there, trying to offer what healing he can.  I don’t know if Dad or anyone has introduced him to any healers or guides yet…anyway.

That’s my story of retrieving my bro. One of my happy things for sure. Used Bruce Moen’s method outlined in the appendix of one of his books. (www.AfterlifeKnowledge.com)

Since retrieving my brother and taking him to The Park, I have visited him a few times. I am not accomplished at conversing with people there much, and hope to improve in that area. A week or so ago, he “tapped me on the shoulder” so to speak while I was doing other stuff, I had not been to see him for quite a while, and so I took a few minutes to go drop in on him and see what he wanted.

First, he wanted to show me that he had built a home for himself, that is, a house type of home. When he first went to the park he built himself a forest, which is what he likes best, but now he has completed work on a cedar shake house, only he has left out one of the walls, overlooking the valley below his forest, so he can be in his house or he can move out onto his cedar deck by just walking out where the wall should be, you know? It’s kind of neat, only you could only do that in a part of the universe where you could control the weather!!

He was sitting out on his deck looking proud when I arrived and he mostly wanted to show me a couple other things, one is, he has of course been looking after traumatized animals since his “demise”, lots of wild and small animals, but now he has been given responsibility for a large herd of horses who have passed in difficulty. I could see them in the valley below his forest, and he had been sitting on his deck watching over them. They were very aware of us, kind of connected to him by some kind of invisible energy field, constantly aware of his caring presence there. One horse in particular drew my attention, must be the leader I guess, and this horse is sort of roughly a creamy color and has a black streak down his handsome nose, a very proud, large horse. The other thing he wanted to show me was, he is now growing marijuana and enjoying it. I guess alcohol does not work very well in The Park so he has been looking for an alternative, I guess to satisfy his cravings, I don’t know since I don’t converse well with them there yet, but he was happy and pleased and also kind of wanted to shock and maybe annoy me a little. Still a brother, ya know?

I have read somewhere that alcoholics who pass over still crave alcohol for a long time and it doesn’t work the same way on that body, which is very frustrating for the addict. I am guessing that my brother has started using marijuana as a way of settling himself down since he craves alcohol and it won’t work for him any more. They grow all kinds of plants there, so why not Mary Jane, I guess.

When you stop to think about it, addiction is a product of our imagination, just like astral travel to the Park is, and responses to sugar pills, and probably pretty much everything, so if I were an addict and went over there, and discovered how easy it was to build things using the power of imagination, I would for sure start trying to use my imagination to get my substance and enjoy it the same, but of course that body wouldn’t necessarily process any substance the same way as this body does…or this body has been trained to, by our imagination…this is where it all goes off course since our imagination is probably an imaginary thing anyway…I never seem to get any further than that, it implodes right there.

I also don’t know if my brother used marijuana in addition to alcohol while on earth. He did smoke all his life and deliberately sat down in his cabin alone to drink himself to death after a cancer in his kidney recurred, his body must have been in pretty awful shape when he began this next chapter of his life in the Park.

I haven’t been given any info on any healing time or hospital time or whatever he went through after I left him there the first time.


Now my sister Lorna has just passed away, she was in care with dementia for a few years. I am so relieved she has passed over . I went in for a few days to try to find her and see if she needed help. After about four days I finally connected with her. I took her, as usual, to the Park, where my brother and dad are.

I went to the tunnel (behind my third eye) and found her nearby, almost waiting for me, (I had taken her to the Park previously when she was in care quite a while ago, maybe she remembered it) and we found ourselves walking through the rose garden and to the picnic area, then I took her around the pathway curving to the left and to dad’s house.

Dad mentally telepathed to our brother, to tell him to come over, Lorna has arrived, and I left them there, it felt kind of confused and jumbled, I could not settle properly. Later in the morning, as I was dropping off for a dark-morning winter snooze, I found myself in a subterranean cavern with a large crystal clear pool in it. It felt familiar, like one I saw years ago during a reading for someone, but it was smaller and had only one visible storey.

The pool was very clean and clear and I walked around it and onward and felt a presence, looked to my right and there stood my sister, smiling at me. She approached me like, she had left dad’s house to go wandering and exploring and had gone into the cavern to look around. We hugged each other hard and walked out of the cave back to dad’s house and I told her how much I loved her and appreciated all she had done for me from childhood on.

At dad’s house we hugged, the three of us, in a big bear hug, felt great, my dad needs lots of hugs, and as I dozed there in my bed in my body, half asleep, suddenly I was looking at the flames in the firepan in dad’s fireplace, and realized they resembled gas flames of some sort, and we were sitting around the fire, my dad and sister and I, and my brother was there also, and we were having a hot drink and feeling like real family feelings, so good.




Yesterday, July 18, I had a telephone reading from a popular and effective Medium. (At time of putting this post on my blog, this person has since passed over, himself.) I’ll just mention the parts of the reading pertinent to this forum. You may have read about my brother’s retrieval and then about how he has been taking care of a herd of horses over the past year. I had mentioned that I could not find my mom or my daughter in the park, and couldn’t figure out where they were.

My dad was in the Park when I first went there, I didn’t take him there though, someone else must have done so a long time ago. Probably his own Guide, most likely.

Recently I took my sister Lorna to the Park when she died last December.

During the Medium reading, it was so amazing, the medium asked me, What is all this about Horses??? I replied I liked horses but didn’t know much about them. He said, your mom is here, she wants to tell you about the Palomino. Do you know what a Palomino is? I was not sure. He said, it is a Golden Palomino. I said, Like Trigger? He said Yes!! Exactly like Trigger!!

He said, your mom wants you to know she rides this golden Palomino. I was stunned!! My poor old mom, now full of vibrant good health, sitting tall and strong, riding a horse! A horse of her own, of which she was clearly very proud!!

At some point in the reading he mentioned the name Pegasus, the name of the legendary flying horse. I am guessing that is the name of my mom’s horse.

And then I remembered that my brother has been in charge of a herd of horses for a while, and I saw the connection!

I said that I had not been able to find my mom or my daughter since they passed, and I wasn’t sure they were even in The Park.

He replied, your mom and daughter have been so busy doing things, they have not been around when you were visiting.

The other interesting thing is, he said, Your mom says, Your father is still a Pain!! I laughed but I was surprised. I had somehow thought when we moved out of body at last we left all our differences behind. Apparently not! I have visited my dad a few times over there, he lives alone I think with two dogs, though he spends a lot of time with his family.

The medium said that my mom and my sister Lorna have been spending time together in order to try to resolve many of Lorna’s issues. She had a difficult childhood. She and mom were estranged for years.

Those were some of the highlights! Interestingly, today I happened for some reason to be going through a little box of ordinary jewellery, bits and pieces of stuff, and rediscovered a favorite ring I had not worn for a long time. It is a silver ring in the shape (quite lovely) of a beautiful horse, galloping along with mane flying! I was thrilled! That I should rediscover this ring a few hours after my mom telling me about her Golden Palomino!!

I was wearing it today when I went out for coffee, and couldn’t stop looking at it!! My mom felt very close to me.

My mom and daughter, through the Medium, have asked me to consider writing the story of my life. I feel it is impossible. I have no idea how to do it. They said they would help. But I still can’t see how to even start.

I am tired today. Sort of numb and very tired and just sitting staring at the wall. My cat is missing after the move, I had hoped the Medium could tell me where she is, but he said she might come home eventually if I keep asking her to come home.

There is no way in life to keep from experiencing losses. It is so infuriating. Last week I was throwing chairs and stuff at my guides mentally and emotionally. I am surprised they are still talking to me. Really it is insufferable, that no one looked after my cat. Including me.

(Later on, some time after I made the above post, I had a message from my brother in The Park, telling me that my  little black cat was safely under big brother’s wing!! Nice, eh??)


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 The Fallen Soldier and the Nurse
Before I type in this retrieval, I just want to write a reminder to those who read my note before about the Medium reading a few months ago.  I had been wishing there was some confirmation that the family information I was receiving during retrievals was genuine.

I finally did receive that confirmation, during the Reading when my mom (passed over) informed me that she had a golden palomino called Pegasus.

This helped to confirm the previous information, that my brother had eventually been given charge of a herd of horses as part of his continuing healing journey. I had wondered if I had imagined that but since no one in my family, including my mom, ever had anything to do with horses, I took the Pegasus information as confirming the other retrieval info I had gotten.

Today’s retrieval gave me more than I expected as I went “in” to just try to connect with my darling daughter, Lori, who passed over after a car crash in 1988.

After about fifteen minutes or more of messing about in general stuff, I observed a very high red-coloured mountain range, very wild and remote looking. It was high up, the clouds drifted around the top half of the range. I flew up and phased across the terrain, thinking it was like flying in a small plane over Vancouver Island where I live, astonishingly rugged and indescribably mountainous. It doesn’t seem like that down here where we all live, in agricultural and softer countryside.

After the retrieval was completed, I thought it was probably “Afghanistan-there”, which would explain the mountains, though I am not sure if Afghanistan has mountains that high. Or if the soil is reddish.

After flying over these mountains for a while, suddenly I noticed a change in the formation below me and saw what appeared to be the shape of a hut roof. I flew down and emerged into what was I guess an army hospital hut, very long, with beds running down the length of the hut on one side.

I had requested a connection to Lori before I started. She appeared before me in the hut, her beautiful blue eyes full of amusement as they always are when I am so stunned to see her.

I asked, Are you a nurse??? I was a nurse and found it very hard work. I had always suggested she do something different, and she had become a secretary. Now, it appears, she is into healing work.

She said, well, sort of. She led me to the bedside of a soldier who had been killed in action a very short time ago. The initials I got were Fr, like the first two letters of a name. That was all. He had one leg amputated. He was lying on his side looking depressed. He clearly did not know he had died and thought he was still in the army hospital.

When working with those who have died and don’t realize it, hospital staff “over there” often create a fake drama which gently reveals to the person that they are now on the other side and, usually, there are loved ones there who have died earlier, and are waiting to greet them.

Lori explained to him that they had a new way of restoring limbs. She said to him, we can get your body to actually re-grow your leg. A surgeon has just perfected the technique and it has been used successfully on several people. He wants to try to restore your leg.

The soldier was thrilled. Lori got him up, helped him on with his housecoat and one slipper, into the wheelchair and put a blanket over him. She wheeled him, myself following (the soldier could not see me I think), to a room where a male and a female surgeon stood waiting for us.

The male surgeon explained that this new technique was successful only if the patient were willing to be put into a light coma for a few weeks. There would be an IV supplied to ensure nutrition and fluids would remain balanced during the coma. During this time, the limb would regrow. The body needed all its resources to recreate the limb, and full consciousness would hinder the process.

They put him through a period of imagining his limb back in place. They showed him photos of himself taken previously, with both his legs. It was natural and easy for him to imagine having his leg back.

This was part of the fake “drama” the team had decided upon to help the soldier understand that he had died, and his new body would be whole.

The solder agreed to the coma. He was placed in bed and injected with something and drifted off to somewhere else. In fact, he was only unconscious for minutes and they woke him. His leg was back, whole, as before. He got out of bed at once, laughing and eager to try his leg. It was good as new, of course, as it was all etheric in fact. He still thought he was alive in the physical at this point.

Immediately, his grandparents came into the hut. Both had passed over and he had been at both their funerals years before. His grandmother was a very pretty woman with silver hair and a gentle smile, very slight and tiny. His grandad was short and wiry, with a good head of grey-white hair.

He said after the hugging stopped, but I was at your funerals. I don’t understand…then they told him he had in fact been killed in action and they were all here waiting for him. “We can go visit your mom and dad later”, they promised him. They walked him out of the hut and they dispappeared from view.

Lori and I were alone together and I asked her if mom was around. She said sure, and we were transported to a group of young women, some in Muslim headdress and some western women, sitting in a semicircle. My mom was talking to them. Her job was different from Lori’s but she was still involved in healing work, but with women. I interrupted her to give her a hug and look into her beautiful (now young again) face.










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