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II: Appendices continued…

MY BELOVED FAMILY HEALED My Brother and Father: My brother died in March of 2005. He died of alcoholism alone in his cabin. After he died, I contacted him by going to the “tunnel” I see when I shut my … Continue reading

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Love Your Dog? Love fireworks too? Here’s an answer…

If your family love fireworks but you have a dog, there seems to be no answer to this conundrum!! Dogs are terrified of fireworks, as most of us know. But I found an answer… Continue reading

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A few photos for anyone curious about beautiful B.C. Continue reading

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Mayday, Mayday, This is Blue Dog…

Lateral thinking isn’t necessarily all it’s cracked up to be. And speaking of cracking up, try dealing with the embarrassment of walking a dog with a furry, furry bad allergy problem. Pride is a terrible thing. Continue reading

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Man’s Best Friend and Fireworks

We have all watched helplessly with dismay and compassion as a dog goes completely mad at the sound of firecrackers being set off. Even one or two will do it, never mind a full scale firework holiday display! It is hard to imagine the suffering of dogs during these events. Not knowing any answers, we shut our minds to it and ignore these most beloved of furry friends. But wait! There is an anwer, and it is a simple one! Continue reading

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