Pause a few minutes and watch this video about what happened in Yellowstone when they re-introduced wolves back into the park. It will reinforce your faith that every life matters. Life is a hologram and we are all a part of it.
It’s a long URL…please copy/paste it into your browser window. It’s well worth your time.


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Take a look at this link! A quick read and it could change someone’s life.

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Little girl, Amira, sings like a nightingale

Wonderful little girl stuns everyone with her beautiful voice and rendering of an operatic favorite. Best of all is her dazzling smile of happiness when the crowd gives her a standing ovation. It’s nice to see the hardened skeptics lose their cool.

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If you enjoy my writing from time to time, you might also enjoy one of my free ebooks, posted on Free-eBook.net. Afterlife issues, life experiences, and my one work of fantasy fiction, Pagan Flames. Take a look, thousands of authors have their free work there. Maybe you yourself have penned some ebooks you’d like to offer for public consumption on the site. It’s nice to be read. You don’t have to always make money. www.freeebooks.net


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The Monsanto master plan is very slowly coming under public scrutiny. We need to pay attention to this before our world is altered beyond all recognition.


Some of the results of Monsanto’s plan to alter nature. This video demonstrates how vital it is that individuals take time out from our routine, busy worlds and pay attention to what is going on in the world of big corporations who have long ago lost their humanity. I was born into an incredibly beautiful planet and am leaving it in a frightening state of vulnerability.

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What happens in the brain of a Theresa Caputo or a Sylvia Browne or many others who act as go-betweens for us as we seek connection with our loved ones in the other realm? What happens to us when we use techniques taught at The Monroe Institute or by Bruce Moen (AfterlifeKnowledge.com) as we connect with our own loved ones? Take a look at this newspaper article on recent research into the brain’s activity at such times.

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Bill Alexander/Bob Ross painting course

In October I took four classes from a certified Bill Alexander painting course instructor. This method, known in the old days as alla prima or wet-on-wet, involves putting wet paint on wet paint, so an entire picture can be completed in a few hours. The colors are gorgeous, techniques make sense and I did turn out a picture on each of the class days…to my own amazement and disbelief. I now know that I can actually learn this stuff, so am set up at home and today getting ready to put brush to canvas, a frightening thought. If I keep doing this, I can say I have finally found something to do that will make me forget everything else around me, including the CNN news, to which I am normally addicted. The “everything else around me” includes food, which I have always loved, being a Goat in the traditional Zodiac and also in the Chinese Zodiac. As we all know, goats eat anything, including the washing on your clothesline if you forget to lock the goat gate. So it is my fond hope that I will lose a few pounds as I turn out pretty pictures.

Some students go on to make good money from home with this hobby, although the sheer joy if anyone offered me money for one of my creations would be pay enough. On the other hand, it’s nice to feel you have something of value to offer other people too. 

Did I hang my four pics on my wall in a WalMart frame? No. I am a novice, and I made that mistake about thirty years ago and won’t do that again. While operating my beloved spa in the UK, to which many well known and highly placed people actually came to enjoy the homespun atmosphere, I painted a pic of my golden lab, Paddy, and hung it over the fireplace where eveyone from the Lieutenant-Governor (Cdn sp) of Aberdeen and shopkeeping millionaires had to look at it. 

Not one of those graceful souls made any comment whatever about my novice effort. On the other hand, not one person said, Gee it looks just like her. Wow, you should take up painting for a living. Well, maybe that was a good thing. 

Each life has certain experiences that are best forgotten, but are always the hardest ones to misplace in memory. That is one of mine. Yes, there is more than one of those! I could tell you stories about embarrassing moments…some people call them teaching moments. Or opportunities for growth.

I am going to try to put my four pics here on the blog, but I am not sure I can do it, being technologically challenged. Here’s hoping.

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