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II: Appendices continued…

MY BELOVED FAMILY HEALED My Brother and Father: My brother died in March of 2005. He died of alcoholism alone in his cabin. After he died, I contacted him by going to the “tunnel” I see when I shut my … Continue reading

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CHAPTER TWENTY: Where Angels Fear to Tread

As winter settled in, knowing that things were much more financially fragile than Jim would ever admit, I placed the business in the prairie papers. Winter was hitting them hard out there, and I knew many would be looking to … Continue reading

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The Power of Love led a dear friend now in sprit, Garth Langdon, to develop huge skills in the art of Afterlife Contact. Having kept careful journals of his learning path and how he used his new skills, he kindly bequeathed some of these writings to me before he died. A healer then, he continues to heal now through these detailed compendiums. Continue reading

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Well, I have worked my way through several modules of Steve Jones’ OBE training program. Today he took me through a description of tomorrow’s big moment…he will perform an 80 minute hypnotherapy treatment on me to teach me to go … Continue reading

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Tonight I take my first digital lesson in the art of successful and far-flung Out of Body Travel…follow me as I stumble, try, fail, try again, maybe succeed…and perhaps become a world-class OBE participant! Continue reading

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