APPENDICES: The Art of Rescuing Stuck Pilgrims


Young Woman Falls Over Cliff in Winter

Beginning my retrieval session, I settled down quietly, closed my eyes and moved into Focus 10, then 12, then 15. I offered to assist any Guide who could use my help with any deceased and “stuck” person.

after a long time, I finally was flying over a vast forest, I felt scared, it was really, really wild country and far from any place I knew. Then I saw and “felt” that I was scrambling for balance on the very edge of a cliff, the edge of the cliff was giving way, I couldn’t get my balance, I sort of tripped or something, and then I was a long way from the cliff and watching as someone fell and fell and fell, the mountain side was sheer and thousands of feet to the bottom. There was snow, it was wintry. I floundered around there in the air far above the scene for a few minutes, blocked by something, could not move downward, but struggled against the block and suddenly I was actually already down on the ground looking at a frozen figure, cloaked entirely in ice. It was sitting upright, its arms around its knees, its head half down, dejected and lost, very bewildered and very very cold. The ice was so thick it felt like I could not get through to the person but I approached and said, “Hello” and spoke very firmly and said they should get up, get to their feet, I would help them up.

The figure got up and suddenly the ice was gone and I could see the person, it was a woman dressed for the mountains, a young woman, perhaps in her thirties, she said her name was Kathy. Kathy Carreira. She was blonde with green eyes. I told her she had passed out of her body (hard to lie under the circumstances) and she flashed a furious look at me, she was very hard, this girl, athletic hard I mean, solid as a rock, very fit and healthy and very smart and no-nonsense. A lot of confidence, beyond my own experience.

She had on some sort of brown outfit, warm and expensive and made for adventures in rough places. The outfit also had leather belts, like around her waist, a wide heavy leather belt, a heavy leather strap going up over her shoulder, and so on, I don’t know the purpose of the leather strapping she wore. She was quite beautiful in fact and definitely an intimidating woman, used to power. I tried to behave confidently and kept hold of her arm and guided her out of the woods and took her to The Park. At this point I don’t know any place else to take people. She was indignant but didn’t know what to do but obey me. She was a bit confused but not about to take any nonsense from anyone either. I moved quickly because I knew if I fiddled around and tried to persuade her much, she would refuse to go with me.

I got her into The Park and, to try to help her understand she was dead, but in fact, still alive in a new but real sense, I asked her to stop for a moment and I lifted a rose branch toward her. “Smell these roses”, I said. “They’re great.” They were white, heavy, old fashioned roses. She smelled them and said, “They smell wonderful.”

We moved toward the Picnic Area and as we moved down the path to the benches and the people, a man stood out from the crowd, a dark man with a moustache, handsome and again, definitely a dominant, confident type, but very gracious, and moved toward us and said “Kathy!” She immediately moved away from me toward him, saying “Uncle Fargas!” (A name I have never heard in my life). I left her in his care and as I turned around and hurried away back down the path, I heard him say “Tell me what happened”.

If I had to extrapolate further on the experience of meeting her, I’d say my “sense” of Cathy was that she was some sort of police person, like FBI or something and was working when she fell. That is just a sense, and probably because she was a powerful young woman in herself and accustomed to being in control of things.

What I didn’t say was that as I flew over that forest and felt like it would go on forever, and felt a bit scared, I was relieved to catch sight of a wide clearing in the forest and a cabin away off in the distance, and then suddenly I was in that body trying to get my balance on the cliff edge, and my feeling is she had been staying in that cabin.


 In the distance there is a factory town, smoke coming up into the sky from the chimneys. There is a little boy riding in the back basket of a bicycle. He looks about 4 years old. Lots of traffic driving by fast. A man is on the bicycle. I don’t see what happens.

The little boy is suddenly somewhere else in space. I can see galaxies in the distance and possibly the Milky Way. He seems to have been knocked right out of his body by something. He is still in the basket on the back of the bike but I can’t see the front of the bike any more. I reach out my hand and put my hands under his arms and lift him out and put my arms around him.

He seems quite shocked, he is not fighting me.I get the name Foi. We are now in a home somewhere in China, a Chinese woman is preparing a meal, his mother I think, a square sturdy table with a white cloth on it, she is at the stove, she does not know what has happened. I have the boy with me.

An elderly Chinese man enters through a wall in the kitchen, he has a long beard and a brown robe, like pictures of very old Chinese men that you see, and he seems to be a relative of the boy’s, he approaches us and indicates, without words, that I should give him the boy, the little boy seems to know him and his face lights up, maybe a grandpa or favorite uncle, and he lifts the boy up lovingly and with serious expression on his face, and leaves via the wall with the child. I am left in the kitchen with the mother cooking the meal, she is unaware of anything being wrong.

Soon someone will knock on her door with the unwelcome news.Wish there were something we could do to assuage the incoming grief of those left behind.


OK, I think it is downtown NY, I recognize up the street the Nasdaq sign that I see on the news sometimes. Some guys have come out of a restaurant, some are fighting with others in the group, a guy is being pushed by the others, on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant, the one guy is wearing a tight black sweater, young, maybe late 20’s, Asian, good looking guy, maybe Korean or Taiwanese, someone grabs his arms, pins his arms behind his back, he is furious and wants to just have a go at this other person, I can’t see the other person, I seem to be way up high in the sky on top of a skyscraper looking down at this, they are out in the street in the traffic, yelling at each other, a yellow cab and another car both hit him at the same time, he is lying in the road, in the street. I don’t see anything else yet.

OK there is a policeman on a motorcycle just come up, more than one, two I think, there is a bus has had to stop, a busload of people, traffic tie up. I see this guy, he is scared, he is out of his body, very aggressive, can’t see who I am but wants to take a swing at me too, he feels very aggressive, he doesn’t understand what is going on.

For some reason he is sitting in a vehicle and he is wearing some kind of helmet. He is in a racing car, I think he is a racing car driver. Maybe professional, maybe not, drives cars for testing purposes or competitions. He climbs back out of the car and throws his helmet down in disgust, he can still see me there and I really don’t know what to do, you know, he does not welcome my presence at all, doesn’t seem to understand that anything has happened to him, he is sort of rubbing his forehead now, looking around, one hand on his hip, looking around, rubbing his head, looking at nothing, we are in a black place.

Someone has appeared, thank goodness, a light person, my first experience of seeing a light person in a retrieval, a long stream of light, and an arm is sort of out, like, you know, sort of stuck his thumb back over his shoulder, like a hitchhiker would, like, come on we are going that way, to the guy, and the guy is not looking at me now, he is focussed on this light being, the guide is speaking to him in a very familiar relaxed way, seems to be someone he recognizes and the guide is smoking a cigarette and wearing some sort of cap and wants him to go with him and he forgets all about me and steps out in step with the guide and now I am, for some reason, still present with them and entering a building somewhere, a sort of military seeming place.

I am not needed any more but being taken anyway, being taken along for the ride, entering the building up in elevators, men with rifles, at attention, military place and yet this guide is not exactly super-military looking kind of guy, our guy is looking around nervously, saying what is up, where are we? And they stand looking out the glass sides of the building, outside you can see either a dam or a huge waterfall, maybe a dam, we could even be in a control building for a large dam in a dictatorship country, I don’t know where this is, don’t know if they still want me to be here, um, the guy is kind of scared, obviously he is in trouble of some kind and he is expecting to be in trouble.

I am just going along to see what is happening, there is an awful lot of testosterone in this building! You know, I think this is Korea, I think his friend has taken him to a place in Korea that he knows, this is certainly a military regime, soldiers all over this building, he is being told to sit in this chair, he obeys and sits down, I think he is on trial, he expects to be in trouble I think, there he is, he is on trial, a courtroom here, going through some sort of process, he seems to expect this, reason he was fighting in the street, trying to get away from kidnappers to avoid this very thing, fighting to escape from them, facing charges, this is what he expects, doesn’t know he is dead, doesn’t know what is going on, a courtroom, men at a long desk in front of courtroom, a military person, man, approaches him with a sword, he is holding the sword on his hands, like, the sword is resting on his two hands, the hilt on the outstretched palm of his right hand and the end of the blade on the palm of his left hand. They present him with the sword, offer it to him and it is quite clear he is to despatch himself, execute himself instead of being executed.

He is very upset, overcome with despair and terror, leaning forward toward the floor, leans down, one hand touching the floor, and I see that he has been beheaded. He was already dead but for some reason, he created this out of his own expectations but he has been posthumously executed if that is possible and I was allowed to come along for the ride and see this strange event, now he is dead and he understands at last that he is dead and was executed. That is quite convoluted.

I am seeing a long, long, long rope bridge, quite impossible, stretches from one mountain across a huge chasm to another mountain, streams of Asian people going across it, we are in a place he expects to be, I wonder why they go to so much trouble for one person when there are obviously kazillions of people out there who are stuck and need to be retrieved, why spend so much energy on each person, anyway, who knows, I am quite tired out.

These people must be going from C1 (our current state of consciousness) to the Afterlife, but this bridge exists in his own mind after he has been killed, this is where he goes so he is creating all this. And he understands he is dead and he died in the way he thought he would die. My brain Interpreter is getting in the way. Now I see a stained glass window and a towering cathedral…I dunno…time to quit.


 I am seeing an old deserted mine on a rather bare hillside somewhere. The shaft is sunk into the mountainside and I see a long metal channel leading from the shaft down to the ground, which would have carried all the mud and dirt etc down from inside the mine. On the left side of the shaft a fence made of fence posts and wire comes down the hillside marking the mine boundary or something.

I am seeing various forms of bird life, small birds and large birds of prey, indicating difficulties encountered by the bird life due to the mine’s operation. This scene reminds me of the Zorro movie where they have all these captives working in the mine as slaves. The focus I am getting is the need for a hero to ride to the rescue.

Now I see a log boom and the sky above the log boom is full of northern lights, flashing and dancing in the sky. For some reason.

Now there is a circular shaped elevator which took men up and down the mine shaft. I see a slide has occurred inside the mine. There are signs of a slide right near the elevator shaft.

I am outside looking up at a high cliff. Mesa is the word that comes and over top of the mesa comes shooting through the sky,a shooting star or else a flare.

I see a man with a pickaxe beside him, sitting in the mine near the slide area. He is a rugged looking guy, sitting among the dust and rubble of the slide, coughing. He wears muddy trousers, covered in mud, and an old checked shirt, twisted around on his torso and the collar hanging open toward his left shoulder.

And there is an old fashioned train on a track which runs cross-ways from the front of the mine, some distance from the shaft and the train is waiting there, got one of those old boiler stacks or something, on top of the locomotive, waiting for a load or someone, or something.

Now foul weather. Sky is overcast, high winds, lashing rain.

I am seeing inside the shaft, the man sitting there with his breath heaving, he is exhausted, one of his legs is possibly broken, he sits with one knee bent up and the other is straight out. He is either exhausted or in pain, can’t tell which.

I can see down the tunnels, I can see there is a little track inside where the trolley comes and goes to deliver the “stuff” they have mined up to the shaft.

Does the mine have a name I ask? All I get is the word Lea.

(In looking up mine disasters and trying to find the name “Lea” the only mine I can find that sounds like that is LeHigh Mine Disaster of 1912. Don’t know if this is the correct one or not. But here is the link if you are interested to read about it:

There is a bit of light where he is, I think the lamp on his hardhat is still working. He is aware that someone is with him, namely me, but he seems to be drifting into unconsciousness, struggling to remain awake.

I see a flying horse come out of his dreams, his mind, a horse with wings, a beauty, it has flowers braided into its mane. In the darkness of his mind, it stands beside him on the floor of the shaft.

He is looking at this horse, thinks it is the horse he had as a boy, come to get him. He tries to get up but can’t because of his leg and I watch as he just rises out of his body, leaving a shell behind. He stands by the horse in spirit, so happy to see this horse, talking to it, he gets on the horse and they just streak off and I am with them to see what happens.

Looking at his body left behind in the mine, which has still got some life force left in it, and his eyes are shut, he breathes with difficulty, I think his ribs are broken, his body is failing fast now.

I see he has died, his body has died.

I see the mine shaft, resembling a tomb with a gravestone rolled in front of it.

And now there is a fire in the mine shaft, clouds of black dirty smoke pour out, it is a real fire in the mine.

I would like to know where the miner has gone on the horse.

The miner has taken on the form of the boy he once was, riding his horse once again, chosen this age immediately to be the boy riding his beloved horse again. I am with them, want to see where they go.

They are galloping around a globe of the world in a miniature sense, like the horse is a carousel horse and in the middle of the carousel is a big globe of the world, looking at the continents and cities as they go, in his imagination, when he was a boy he used to dream he was riding his wonderful horse all around the world. He is reliving that fun.

Here is a cottage. Nice little house. Got a little creek running in front of it, a wooden bucket there by the ditch/creek. You have to walk across a little bridge to get in the front gate, and it is all well and solidly made of stone, a good solid fence in front of the house and a vegetable garden, some sort of granite or stone in the fence posts at the gate, a little paved walk to the front door.

I see there is this gleam of blue white light in the house now, the miner in spirit in his house, no longer with the horse, horse has vanished, he is in the house, His children are asleep in their beds, he goes into their rooms and looks at them, I feel the warmth and orderly coziness of this house, he goes into their bedroom and watches his wife asleep in their bed, he thinks of their wedding night and the start of their lives together and how much they love each other, grappling with the sadness of having to leave them. I see an image of a white envelope on the bedside table with a red wax seal on it, he has put it there, an image or symbol, like a certificate inside it, that they did well, that they lived well and did good things and had a good life together. (I have a sense that the envelope contains something, perhaps a Will, that will benefit her.)

I see him looking at the house wondering what she can get for it on the market. He is just standing there. I see a bright light approaching him from the wall by the window, a bright light, he thinks about the diamond ring she wears, he thinks of the diamond and that it is forever, and he thinks of the diamond itself, and he looks at the light and thinks, I am going into a diamond, I am going into forever, and he hears the room full of music, coming from where the light is by the window, he is moving into a tunnel, a light tunnel, being swallowed up by the light.

And his memories of the mine and the mine shaft float through his thoughts as he moves into the tunnel of light, and he thinks of how dark the mine was, and how bright this is, a different kind of tunnel and he is comparing the two, and thinking about his horse, and I see him now on the other side, he is in a green, soft beautiful valley, with rising hills all around, he is up on one of the hills overlooking the valley on a horse, black and white patches, horse stands switching its tail contentedly, he is looking at the valley at the world he has created in the valley, a beautiful place and it strikes me how immensely courageous we are that we move out of all the hard work we have done with our lives here on earth and move cheerfully and readily into a new world and find ways to accept the past is the past and others must go on without us, and we wish to create something new and we go forward with our hearts in it, and we put our hearts in it, and

Wherever you go, Go with all your heart, and that is what he is thinking as he looks at his valley, and you must go forward with all your heart and without resentment and without arguing, and he is contemplating how easy it is when we move forward without fighting or arguing over what we must leave behind and how hard it is when we fight and argue and fight for the past to come back and that Life is not Meant to be a Struggle, and we are meant to move forward to betterment and more expansion all the time and it is the nature of things. And the tape ran out..

And this miner was/is a real philosopher…must have been a reader, a thinker in this life. Regret I did not try harder to get more of a name.

(After completing this retrieval, it struck me how often horses seem to play a part in The Afterlife and the fact that I have never seen an automobile or any gas-powered engine there yet. Wondering about that.)


I intended to go to the Australian fires or Oklahoma tornado or something obvious, but upon asking where I might be of help, I found myself standing in a used car lot somewhere, could see the rows of cars and the plastic pennants flying in the wind.

Then suddenly I was looking out the back window of a quite-nice car, and we had just exited a tunnel somewhere in a big city, it felt like. As I watched, the tunnel receded into the distance very quickly and I felt the car was just flying along at great speed, much too fast, but very smoothly. I knew I was a young person.

Then I saw the back end of the car upside down on the roadside and knew we had crashed, not surprisingly. I saw a young man’s body with legs hanging out of the back side window and I was inside the etheric body of an adolescent boy looking at the mess and at my body.

I thought with anguish, Oh no, I had so many plans. I was going to do so much. There is so much to do…I have to get back somehow. Then a great light expanded down from the sky and he looked at it, and was enveloped in it and was drawn gently up into a bright place.

But the awareness that he had lost his chance to do so much drove him back, and he turned and “fell” back to the earth, beside the crashed car. He made a conscious decision to go back to his school, where he had friends, all of whom were working together on some valuable project.

First of all, we were in the Chem Lab. He stood looking around at the empty classroom (weekend) helplessly. The he moved to a different room, forget which one it was. He was so frustrated and a very, very intelligent kid. He just wanted to work, to make something wonderful with his intellect and his huge motivation. Now it was all lost, all over. He was anguished. He thought about his friends who would need him on the project. He was powerless and frustrated.

He was dressed in a nice smart wool gray jacket of loose, knubby knit and gray trousers. Not a uniform, but for some reason, dressed that way for this day with his parents or parent (out in the car).

I moved toward him, suddenly aware I could do something at last. I touched his left arm, he was standing facing me, looking around the room.

I pointed out to him a scene that was developing behind him. As he turned to look, a lovely image of an old, weatherbeaten country fence appeared, one of those kind with two pieces of grayed wood horizontally and some stuck and nailed vertically, making a kind of casual fence, easy to climb over. There was a meadow beyond the fence, lovely, and behind the meadow a bright yellow, yolk-like sun arose above the earth.

I said to him, You know this place, Spence. I knew his name was Spence or something like it. You used to visit this place. Where is it?

He said, That’s my Uncle Oggie’s farm. I used to go there and play in the meadow by myself when I was young. He indicated the farm was not far from where they had been living.

As we looked, I saw a figure clad in a dark outfit, with dark hair, approaching across the far side of the meadow. Guessing it to be Spence’s Guide, I ignored him and turned back to Spence and said something like:

“You had a great future here on earth, and you had planned so much. You have an enormous, generous heart that throws out vast fields of electromagnetic energy to all around you. You have a great intellect and huge imagination.

You wanted to work with your friends to do a specific thing in life. But because of your strong motivation to do good, and your maturity, higher powers than you and I have decided that, if you are willing, you can do so much more for the world from a higher level frequency. It means giving up your physical body and adopting a more highly tuned one…one that will match your high level motivation and dreams more effectively.”

“Spence, can you deal with that, or are you determined to stay in the physical?” I asked him.  He stood looking at me and at his classroom with regret and confusion on his face.

How did I know to say these words? They were somehow transferred from the Guide’s mind to mine and out my mouth, as I was surrendered to assisting in this retrieval.
This boy had been wandering stubbornly around his school for perhaps years, unaware of the passing of Time in this realm.

At that point, the approaching figure stepped up to us. I could see that the Guide/Teacher had chosen the costume of a SuperHero for Spence’s transition.

His costume was black and grey and very official looking. He looked like a Superhero.

He did not touch Spence’s arm, but just stood in front of him, gazing into his eyes.

“Well, Spence,” he said, “what’s it to be? You can stay here and operate at a lower frequency and do certain good things. Or you can come with me and be my student, and we will show you how to do infinitely more good for the World and everyone in it, from the higher realms. You are needed at that level more than you are needed here. What’s it to be?”

The next moment, Spence, riveted on this dramatic, confidence-inspiring guy, made a move to reach out to him. They two of them vanished before my eyes.

I thought of Luke Skywalker! We have all these new archetypes in our subconscious nowadays, thanks to the great writers and directors of Hollywood in recent years…wish there were more of them today.


This morning, May 12, I offered myself if I was needed to help anyone.

This is what came through:
First thing I see is a deluge of water pouring down a steep hill, it is dark out, I can see the white, churning water ahead of me and it is pouring down beside a metal fence, chain link type of fence, I am standing looking at a corner of a yard, and beside the fence on the outside is a very narrow path, I follow the path uphill, quite steep uphill and come to a break in the path, there is before me a deep chasm, looks like the earth has fallen away and taken about half or two thirds of the house and property with it, leaving the front bit intact.

I feel nervous about the chasm, asking myself, is it an earthquake? Or an explosion? Maybe a volcano erupted? Or is it war, and this was a bomb that was dropped? I can’t figure it out. There is no one around that I can hear. It’s very dark, no moon but by starlight I can see quite a bit.

There is no way to go except over the fence, so I grab the mesh on the fence, hoping everything will hold and not collapse with me under it, and over I go landing on the other side. I don’t know how secure this piece of ground is. No idea where I am in the world.

That water rushing down hill maybe was a break in a water main or in a dam.

There is a man, I’m given the image of a man hanging on to the fence along the front of the property, his feet dangle over nothingness, he is trying to hang on and not fall into the abyss that has opened below the edge of this property.

He is dark haired with a dark beard and dark eyes, a big strong man, he reminds me of Fiddler on the Roof in his appearance and dress. Wears dark trousers and grey vest over a cotton light blue shirt, the sleeves billow out in the wind that is blowing. He wears black heavy-soled lace-up shoes. He is hanging on by one hand, then by both. He is afraid.

At first I think he is the one I am to retrieve, perhaps he fell and died.

That imagery passes now and I am being shown that when this thing hit, I am being shown there was a light strafing through this area and it moved around all over and brought harm with it, maybe a war zone, an explosion of some kind that split the property in two and actually left the one part of the property collapsed at the bottom of a newly created cliff.

This imagery is passing and I am being shown that when this happened, the family was moving to the table, I smell the warm supper smells, see the tablecloth on the table nicely, I can see stencils of red flowers have been painted on the table around the edges, there are painted boards around the table edge and they are decorated with these colored stencils, red, large flowers. The table cloth drapes over the sides of the table a bit, but at the ends, it just fits the table top and reveals the stencilled decor at the ends.

There are platters and bowls of food for a good sized family on this table. I see hands placing these containers of food on the table, I see a bowl of mashed potatoes, can smell peas, like pea soup, a dark roast of some kind on the table too.

I am being shown an aerial view of the city, looking down on the city somewhere in the world, thousands of feet up, looking down. A port city on the ocean, being shown some kind of cement block setup, there is a dock thing jutting out and the piers are joined along the ends, almost like a ladder effect looking at it from the air.

As I am looking down at the aerial view, I can see far away below little blue lights happening like small explosions around the pier area, coming from the water underneath. I don’t know what those are.

Now they show me a garden gate, the gate opens. A lady steps through the gate, wears a white dress and white bonnet, very dress up material, stiff and crisp billowing white fabric in layers with cotton and silk petticoats underneath, a wide pink sash around the waist and a bonnet on her head shaped like the kind of bonnet you see in fairy tale figures, tied in a ribbon under the chin.

The sleeves of her gown are puffy where the fabric meets the shoulder and it puffs down to the elbow, where it is less puffy down to the wrist. At the shoulder area, where the fabric comes away from the neck to meet the shoulder puffy fabric, there is inserted a crisp, starched piece of heavy lace which juts up high in a curve around the shoulder, very nice.

She is very pretty, short looking dark wavy hair, wears bangs, her eyes are wide and dark, a pretty pink mouth, she is kind of a Betty Boop figure to look at her. Too perfect.

She is wearing little shoes, very pretty, little jewels on her shoes. She is holding something in her hand as she slips through the gate and she joins two other ladies in the garden there, this doesn’t add up with that metal mesh fence which looked like a modern fence, wondering if I am looking at past history of this property in a different time period.

I am really trying to tie all this together and so far it makes no sense at all. The man dangling, the women in period costume, all the same property with different fencing.

One of the other ladies is wearing also a cream colored dress sitting out in the garden in a swing alongside another woman who is seated. The lady who came through the gate joins them.

They are talking about a catastrophe that has happened somewhere in the area, involving an explosion or collapse of the earth. Very similar to what is happening to the property in the current time where the man is dangling from the mesh fence.

This is an old event that happened that is similar. Somewhere in the world where there are either natural explosions from under the ground, maybe earthquake, or else places where the earth tends to collapse without warning for some reason.

When I saw the little explosions of blue light coming up from the water around the pier, I wondered if the city is sitting over an underground volcano?? Maybe. I wasn’t given any info about the source of the catastrophe.
I am seeing a tree uprooted and turned over on its side laying on the ground, some details of this event far in the past. At that point, in that previous disaster, this particular property and area of the city was spared.

OK, now I get it. This is a case of people who died in the “past” not leaving the house they died in. The three ladies dressed in white are in this much more modern day yard where the man is hanging on to the fence over a chasm, and I thought he would drop and be killed and these ladies from the past are approaching him with great concern looking at him.

I realize suddenly that this whole thing is backward from most retrievals I have participated in. The man hanging from the fence is the Guide and is drawing the women toward the fence so I can address them.

At some time in the past, these ladies died while living on this property, and they all three stayed after death and have been “haunting” the house ever since, unwilling to move on or not knowing how, perhaps unable to hear the Guides talking to them.

They have been dead for probably hundreds of years now.

The collapse of the ground has given an opportunity to draw these women out, since the house they have been haunting is about to totally disappear and they will be left bereft of their “place”.

Seeing the dangling man all of a sudden, they approach where he hangs from the fence, very concerned. How can they help?

This is my opportunity. I watch this going on and find that I am in the garden approaching them, wearing old fashioned men’s clothing, dressed in skinny type trousers, a powdered wig, maybe dressed like a business person or an assistant to a professional person, strange looking pointy toe shoes, a vest and so on. I approach these ladies who appear to accept my appearance.

Now my attention is fully on the women, I can forget about the dangling man, he was just drawing the women near to this corner of the garden.

The man disappears, the ladies think he must have fallen, very frightened, one of them says, “The property is falling away, we have been here forever, there is nowhere to go, what shall we do?”

I reply that it is necessary to escort them to a safer part of town where the damage is not so severe. We walk along to the other end of the garden, where the corner has been torn away, there is a path which has also been largely torn away, we follow what is left of it down to the street below which is still whole. I begin to lead them along this street, it is so dark out I can hardly see, a late summer evening, and  looking at the four of us from above, and I see the ladies following closely behind the other “me” as we proceed along the street. Some kind of old lamps light the street here and there, maybe old Victorian gas lamps or something like that.

A lot of trees and shrubs in the darkness.

As we walk along, quite suddenly there is, out of nowhere, the sun shining, we move across a demarcation point from the darkness into the sunlight, and in front of us, across a green lawn, is a brick building, it looks like some kind of business or educational building. The ladies are silent as this transpires.

I realize that they all three now know what is happening, and that they know they are moving forward into the Afterlife at last. I step behind them and place my arm behind them to sort of “herd” them up the single step into the doorway of the building.

I say, “Now we are coming to the big building where we have to sign in” and though they look gravely worried, they step forward and for the first time in a long time, they stand in full sunlight, warm and welcoming.

Some person opens the door of the building for us from the inside, and we enter the doorway into the building.

The ladies are ahead of me, I make sure I get them all in the building before I disappear. But there is no one to greet us so I accompany them down the corridor, the sun is streaming down onto us from tall windows on the left.

As we approach the end of the corridor there is a stairway leading up and someone comes down it to greet the ladies. I can’t see them very well. Dressed in some green material, can’t see if they are male or female.

We are now outside the building, some procedure is completed and there is pretty carriage waiting for the ladies. It is drawn by three white horses. The upholstery is new looking, cushioned and very comfortable to look at it. Green again, with small silver flecks in it.

They climb in and are beginning to enjoy this adventure now they know they are safe. They turn away from me and the horse and carriage draws away.

That’s it. One of the strangest retrievals I ever was part of. Multi-layered in time zones!!

I’m looking first at what I thought was a small group of African children. But then the picture changes to a mass of people standing in a crescent formation across a wide wide plain, could be an invading army stretched out across a plain. I’m seeing branches breaking into bud and bloom and flowers opening. Spring sap is running. Life is growing.

It’s like they are saying, since ancient times, wars, invasions, suffering up to today with all the children orphaned in Africa, alone with no one to look after them and the natural disasters too, everything in human history, it has been the Winter of our time and although I can’t see how this can be, we may be entering the first touch of real springtime in human history.

The scene switches to something else, I see black storm clouds, lightning, thick, deluging rain, black skies. There is a young woman walking along listening to a tape recorder, earbuds in her ear, she is holding an umbrella.

It’s black out, pouring rain, packsack on her back, a black shiny raincoat, long blonde hair, bleached, damaged, straw quality to her hair. Some sort of factory, long shiny metal tubes, turning, and like turbo prop is the word, long cylinders being inserted into other cylinders, above me is the keel of a boat in a shop, this is a boat building yard and I am in the shed with her. She stands looking up at the keel of the boat.This young woman is smoking. She is a hard nosed young woman. Old for her years. Am I supposed to be retrieving?? If this is not a retrieval, I need to get out of here. This seems to have no purpose. She is inhaling the smoke deeply, I can sense her lungs, see her body with the smoke entering her body, see the state her body is in. She is coughing and smoking. I see the light around her body is very close in to her body and very narrow, her aura is shrunk right down to inches only. What am I supposed to do?

I just felt the “shift” take place in my body, up my spine, my shoulders, head, eyes, I am in my third eye now finally. (Still struggling to find where I am supposed to be going. What happened to Africa?)

OK, now I am in retrieval mode. Wherever I was before, I’m in Africa now. There is a horrific scene before me of several huts in what was a semicircle, and now they are on fire. There are a lot of people inside the huts.

I ask to help one of the African children who has died. I am in a room, dark, full of smoke and flames. There is a little girl there and other children. I can barely see them through the smoke. One little girl, I can see her dark hair clearly. She is the one I see most clearly. It is so full of smoke in here.

There is a little pet animal, maybe a chicken or something, running around in a panic.

I see a man standing in one of the rooms not yet aflame, with a raised torch, looking around trying to see what is going on. I can see the flames in the room beyond. The children are in some kind of, not exactly a cave, but it is like a few homes have been built interconnecting, so to speak, long rooms, and this man (white shirt and black trousers) is going along one of these tunnel like rooms, corridors, to where the fire is in an effort to get the children out and he is carrying a torch.

He has in mind an image of a little girl in a red and white dress, a happy little girl, these are all African people. He gathers the children around him and I send out like a rope or something, and say hang on to this, and they all grab hold of this rope coming from my back, and it is so confused in there, and we are transported instantly, the whole group of us, to the green grass of The Park in the Afterlife, and they are sitting there in the sunlight, in the Park in the grass, all these African children, and this man, his hand is still up but no torch in it now.

I don’t know if I feel like this was very truly a retrieval or very successful but it is all I got this morning and now standing in the Park I am hoping a Guide will appear because I have no idea what to do with all these people.

I am being shown in the same focus level a city, I think it is the city I have seen in pictures from authors who have drawn pictures of the Afterlife, I think Sylvia Browne has some pictures of this city, statuary and marble, this is where I am to take this group of people, I can see the city in the distance shining, a bit away from this part of the Park.

I have not been in any other part of the Park except the Picnic area, so I am casting a beam of light to gather up these people, the man is just on his last legs, he is so tired, the children are all looking to him, I am putting some light around them and I tell them I will take them to the Sanctuary where they will be taken care of and I reach out to the man’s hand and throw light around them all so we leave all together, and we are now standing by a central pool with a fountain coming up out of it and the water splashing down. We are in the City and there is marble everywhere. I have all these people and the kids are dazed and looking at the fountain and this beautiful city and the marble and it is all full of sunlight. Now there is a troop of people coming down the stairs toward us dressed in blue and carrying stretchers, at least I guess it’s stretchers, it is for the victims of the fire to be just taken to a medical centre, checked over, ensure they are ok and the man is still very worried about the children but he is ready to collapse and I am going to leave them there and I am coming back home. The only name that comes to me is the name Abdelah.

I have to remember this, that Spring is coming. So it says. That’s it for today.




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